Friday, April 23, 2010

April Showers

This might be the best of both worlds?

* * *

How awesome is it to live in a country so far-flung wide that you can leave one place at noon in sub-tropical heat and arrive at another at six in a snowstorm?

It's good to be home. But I got a piled-high plate of work in front of me and likely won't resurface for at least 2-3 days. Still, tell me: what's new and unusual in your world?


sparringK9 said...

welcome home! good to see you back. nothing new here...cept i am moving into my studio to work today....with and extension cord into an unfinished shell. i dont care. its too dark in the cabin. show has to hang in 9 days. have to complete 2 more paintings first. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Milk River Madman said...

Nothing new here. I continue to exist. I do get to go to Billings and play cards and golf, so that's something.

moi said...

K9: Yay to the studio! Boo to two more paintings in nine days. I'm in a similar boat with a manuscript. Only in my case, it's craft first, art second. And speed, most of all.

Milk River: I miss golf. I haven't played in over a year. Sniff. Glad you had the opportunity.

Jenny said...

Oddly, I'm FREEEEEEE this weekend, nothing planned and that's making me very happy. So, I'm boxing and will spend some time at work clearing out the company van that is full of my personal schnizz. A trip to the dump is also scheduled and that always makes me happy.

I'm glad you're home and I'm so happy your trip was good, both personally and professionally. Still, totally "jealous" you got to meet LaDiva and we really need to consider Miami as a meeting point next year. Have a wonderful weekend, don't work too hard. xoxox.

h said...

I have an opportunity to become "Professor" Troll, believe it or not.

I reworked the Football post so you could understand it better.

Enjoy home!

Bretthead said...

You! Okay, maybe you aren't new, but you are certainly unusual! Must be why I likes ya!

czar said...

New and unusual was five days last week in a Trappist monastery. Old and usual, sorry to say, re-reared its head very, very quickly.

Crank out that book, Moi! I need more work I won't be paid for.

Did you have a present from me awaiting you on your return home? I know it'll be awhile before you open it.

fishy said...

Tell me you loved that grand collection of Art Deco architecture!
Tell me you loved, loved, loved the giant leafed tropical folliage, loved, loved, loved, the little houses along the boulevard with coquina infused stucco to sparkle in the sunlight. Tell me you laughed like a child at all those clay roofed sherbert colored houses looking like a tropical fairy tale. Loved the scent of the ocean as you fizzed down the causeways in search of more? Loved sitting oceanside at dusk watching the inglorious water landings of beak heavy pelicans! And the food, the foood! Black beans and rice with boliche and platanos? Tres leches custards? Divine!
Did you get to jog on a morning beach passing other six packed, sun bronzed athletes? Did you parasail, windsurf, and hip hop? Learn to appreciate Gloria? Did you love the sounds of this foreign city within our borders?
Can't wait until you meet your deadlines and then dish on the blog!

Pam said...

Awwww, that snow? I think it was thunderstorms by the time it reached us last night~! Glad you are home safe and sound with lots of productive work to do. Nothing better than coming home, even from a great trip. IF you taped Project Runway finale, come snark!

moi said...

Boxer: Cool. If anyone deserves a free weekend, you do. Even if you have to pay for the vodka.

Troll: Details! And: look out, freshman girls.

WTWA: Last week you made me feel like Tom Jones. This week, it's Cyndi Lauper. Must be why I likes ya back.

Czar: Don't tell me you pulled something talking to God? Yes, prezzie is here. Thanks! It will be, I'm sure, a blog post at some point.

Fishy: I love, love, LOVE Miami. Even though it's the urban equivalent of an inappropriate boyfriend. You know, the one that wears his shirts too tight, his cologne too loud, and gets drunk and stumbles over himself at parties. But I am seriously going to try to win the lottery so I can have a second home there. Posts will follow . . .

Pam: I'll be around this evening most likely. Glad I sent you only thunder and not snow!

Big Shamu said...

Yaah Moi, so glad you're home safe and mostly sound. Sorry about the snow. No, don't miss that schnizz at all.
This weekend, garden, blog, work photos, spring cleaning.

I second Boxer's suggestion of a Florida getaway.

Glad you're working. It's a good thing. If only for the shoe budget.

LaDivaCucina said...

I miss me some Moi! We just got started and you had to go!

The "good" thing about coming back to snow (it's almost MAY for Christ's sake!) is that you won't feel bad about getting stuck into the work, like you are missing out on some sunshine! Besides, cucarachas no likey snow.

For La Diva: Two events down, two to go and this time tomorrow I'll be sleeping in and then making a quiche for breaky wondering where we will wander with hubby's new bike.

Hmmmmm....Miami as host city for the blogging summit sounds faboo!!!

Have a good weekend dear!

Aunty Belle said...

Welcome home!

Ho, snow?????gheeeeee.

Well dahlin', iffin' ya have to meet a deadline, warn't Miami a fun gig? hoo-whee, I wann hear EVERYthang
Moi and LaDivaC done--why does I imagine a synergistic whirl a'tween the two of y'all?

P.S. Czar in A Trappist Monastery? Mega cool.