Thursday, April 1, 2010

Livin' On Tulsa Time

For a few days. To run a race, tour the town, and maybe have a Peeps moment. Hopefully also have time to scout out Cain's Ballroom. Tulsa's a seriously rockin' city. Seriously. Eric Clapton knew. Because he went there in the late 70s to dry out from a heroin addiction. Which, if you know anything about Tulsa, is pretty ironic. I'm not much of a Clapton fan, but I do love his version of this song:


Heff said...

I love Clapton, but NOT that song, lol.

Culinary Smackdown details are up.

Jenny said...

Happy Trails! Have a great run and enjoy that after food even more!


Pam said...

Loved it! Now to me, that is an under-rated classic Southern-style rock song. And that might just have been Leon in the background on piano? Wouldn't be a surprise, he is a Tulsan as well.

While you are there, have these restaurants on your radar:

(918) 582-1551
1742 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK

The Chalkboard at The Ambassador Hotel
(Cute Cute CUTE Boutique Hotel downtown)

I'll be waving back at you as you fly by ... I'll give you a building tour next time you are out this way. Happy Easter and enjoy that race! Post pics! Don't fall over any drunk college students!

sparringK9 said...

Clapton with the blues greats is cool. i saw his acoustic tour and loved it. Him as the elder statesman of guitar works for me Enjoy Tulsa. ive never been there. so could you please be our paul theroux and exploit the trip for your blog?

Dani said...

I remember this song from when I was little, but it was a country style. Wish I knew who sung it.