Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mute Monday: Year 2009 in Review





sparringK9 said...

reminds me of a famous Lenin poster in composition and content. good post; economy is a virtue. happy MM.


Taxes are "revenue enhancements".

Wasteful spending is "investment".

The term "jobs saved" is invented out of thin air.

Happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

I went back and looked at all of the key events I have in my mute and Obama has a hand in just about all of them - one way or another. So what I did in 10 pictures you did in 1. I hope you don't have to use the same picture for the 2010 year in review.

Happy MM!

Jenny said...

I wonder how this year will end up in the history books? We seem to live in "bizarro world" right now.

Happy MM!

Pam said...

I couldn't even bear to think about this year so I thought of another one instead. Happy MM!

Kymical Reactions said...

I reject the President. Can I do that? have a good mute monday, cause this theme sure isn't a happy one.

Joanna Cake said...

He certainly is a WonderBoy. And it is an amazing achievement.

I do wonder what the future holds for him tho. There will still be people out there who want to do him harm.

Happy MM and a Merry Christmas x

fishy said...

Too bad we can't impeach all of Congress and O'Bummer for selling our nation. Really, what is the actual definition of treason?
I need to go look that up.
Have a joyful Monday.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Obviously a racist.


Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

"IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" it truly is. If it were not for the ignorance of his supporters. He and his comrades would not be wrecking the country as they are now.

Have a Happy Solstice!