Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Donde Está Nuestra Libertad?

I swore, just swore, I was going to spend the holiday season ignoring our Federal Goobermint's latest shenanigans, but this one really bites balls.

As many of you know, I don't care if it's the Fundie Republitards or the Limp Noodled Demobrats who are in power, they all smell like rotten eggs to Moi. I believe with the utmost sincerity and the reasoned arguments to back it up that our congressional leaders, our president, and his minions as they currently exist no longer work for our better good in any way shape or form. We are instead on a long and slow but ultimately inevitable march towards totalitarianism, and I for one just don't have the outfits for it.


Wanna know our Fed Gooberment's latest bit of idiocy?

Apparently, because New Mexico has long done the right thing by refusing to comply with the REAL ID Act (basically, a national ID card – yay! Not.) passed during the El Regimo El Busho, those of us who quietly mind our own business in this here Land of Enchantment will no longer be allowed to board a plane starting January 1, 2010 without a passport.

Read about it here but one of the reasons for the REAL ID act (other than storing all our personal info on a centralized database – yay! Not.) is that it's supposed to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the United States by making it impossible for them to get a driver's license.


Is everybody in congress sleeping with Whitney Houston, because that's a whack-on-crack excuse if ever I heard one.

That's what these folks wonder, too:

The REAL ID Act may satisfy the many anti-immigrant groups that believe every measure no matter how irrational or unsafe for the public should be implemented to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. Of course, the REAL ID Act will have no such effect. Immigrants will continue to come to the United States illegally and when they get here they will not hesitate to drive illegally. After all they are illegal. Is it really going to deter them from coming to the United States that they are now slightly more illegal?

Then again, when does our government EVER pass any bit of legislation that basically isn't tossing the baby out with the bathwater?


Big Shamu said...

Do you have a nice passport picture?

h said...

I haven't yet made up my mind on this issue. Citing sleazoid leftist Immigration Lawyers as a "neutral source" didn't help in swaying me to your side.

Seems to me that States that do issue Driver's Licences to Criminal Illegals who's backgrounds (and real names) can't be known should be punished in some manner.

Essentially, New Mexico is imposing a huge cost on the rest of us. Sacrificing OUR Right to operate as Sovereign States on the altar of political correctness and shameless pandering.

On the other hand, there's NO DOUBT that the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth and the Obamanation are not using the "REAL ID" Act as intended.

moi said...

Shamu: Yes, unfortunately. I should get it redone, flipping the bird.

Jenny said...

does this mean you won't be able to get into the Duty Free Shops anymore?

It is crazy and while I guess I understand the need for passports into Canada/Mexico, this seems extreme in all all the wrong ways.

moi said...

Troll: Sorry, blobber is acting up and I can't see all my comments. Easy peasy: don't issue a driver's license unless you can produce a green card. What's so difficult about that? As for the rest of the country, ain't our fault they're getting in line with this stupidity.

Boxer: Somehow, I think it will be easier. Twice now, I have gotten away Scott free with duty free loot because the sales gal thought my boarding pass said Mexico. Imagine if I flashed the ol' El Passporto? And I'm always getting mistaken for a Latina. Whenever I travel overseas, people bark at me in Spanish, not English.

Bretthead said...

I love all your political rants. I like to read them while drinking tequila with my illegal immigrant friends.

Big Shamu said...

Would that be a free speech issue if they didn't allow you to have your passport picture the way you wanted? I bet the ACLU would back you on that.

Jenny said...

bwahahah to your comment to Shamu about how you'd re-take your passport photo.

h said...


That would be easy-peasy, I guess. But it's not what the people's republic of Nuevo Mexico is actually doing. And "traffic safety" is just a red herring for the REAL reasons for the policy.

First, they should STOP giving driver's licences to criminal illegal aliens. Second, they should stop letting criminal illegals VOTE in Federal Elections. Third, they should STOP giving illegal aliens Welfare Benefits, Food Stamps, Rent Subsidies, etc...

Until those things happen, Nuevo Mexico is SCREWING THE REST OF US because we pay for most of that stuff.

THEN we can discuss alternatives to "Real ID".

Don't you WANT to know that Officials elected in your State received votes ONLY from those legally allowed to vote?

moi said...

WTWA: Orale, ese. Afterward you guys can pile into my El Camino and cruise the Dairy Queen.

Shamu: Huh. I smell a lawsuit coming on . . . Mas tequila for everybody and Diet Cokes por vous!

Boxer: Well, mooning would be a little impolite, don't you think?

Troll: I don't deny that some of that is happening, but it's not just happening here in this state. Besides, the bottom line is that regardless of what it does or doesn't mean for illegal immigrants the REAL ID Act means more gooberment intervention into the private lives of we legal citizens. Driver's licenses have always been issued by the state. They should not fall under Federal control, regardless of the reason.

czar said...

I don't usually chime in on matters political, but the idea of requiring people to present passports to board domestic flights is wrong no matter what. I wonder what's going to happen with people who've already booked flights for, say, mid-January, and who don't have passports, and who now will have to harass their congressperson and pay rush fees to get one in time. Sounds like a buncha crap to me.

moi said...

Czar: You and I agree on something poleetikal? That sound you just heard was me falling out of my chair.

czar said...

presumably you have cleaned up yesterday's dog hair.

Pam said...

Oh, we get this issue coming up all the time. Impossible to please all the groups. There are the groups who don't want any real ID information on your driver's license. There are those who think it doesn't go far enough. There are those who think it will be used for other information, such as checking insurance verifications on the general population (like that would be a bad thing). There are those who think it is implanted under their skin already and are seriously ready for the aluminum foil hats. And on and on. The anti-RFID people are very vocal.

The thing is, your passport provides the same info. So really, probably only a matter of time until it is on your D.L. anyway. Yep, liberty is a goner.

Be glad you didn't have to deal with the folks for AND against the Trans-Texas Corridor highway, which is a vague thing anyway.

moi said...

Czar: NO. And I fell off anyway, that's just how historic yesterday was.

Pam: Yes, We the Entitled have a lot to account for. If we were more liberty-minded, more responsible for ourselves, less punk-ass whiny, we wouldn't have government walking all over us. I feel for anyone TRYING to make a difference in a public position. May it pass quickly.

sparringK9 said...

its a part of the larger picture: they are building a control grid. im sorry to be the CC (conspiracy chick) in here all the time, but it is true. If you look at how the UN plans to manage the climate crisis, monitoring the movement of people helps them stay on top of your earth crimes...your carbon footprint. in addition to the ID, they would like to install a box in your car to track and tax you by miles, and a box to track your energy usage. dont believe it? look it up.

my policy will be once this goes nationwide, if i cant drive i cant go. but of course, because of terrorism, i will probably have to pass through checkpoint charlie. grrrrrrhahahahahaha you know, for my safety and all.

MommyHeadache said...

Darling darling....excited about tonights final - I hope Jennifer will win.

Kymical Reactions said...

welp. I suppose I'm glad I have a passport.

Missed you.

Gnomeself Be True said...

They checked my passport last time I visited Santa Fe. I just thought that was normal.

moi said...

K9: I count on you to be the Voice of Conspiracy. Oh, and didn't you hear, it's official now: the Climate Crisis is bunk. Wait, what? Oh, sorry, the news channels are clogged with the story of a stepping out Tiger Woods.

Emma: I'm pulling for her, too. Go, Jenn! I bet SHE has a passport.

Kym: Hey, welcome back! I have a passport, too. And I'll have no trouble using it when I decide to jump this sinking ship in favor of some anarchic island paradise.

moi said...

Gnome: Well, it isn't nicknamed The City Different for nothing. Andale, homes . . .

K9 said...

ha! i had the same gripe on my post today. TNN: tiger news network.

moi said...

K9: Why on earth women still think they can tame men like Tiger with a house in the 'burbs and 2.5 chillruns is beyond me. Pfffft . . . I'm surprised it took him this long to get bored.

sparringK9 said...

i love it when cocktail waitresses come out of the woodwork with their tales of long affairs. when it rains hos it pours! look, if you are a big shot, you need a big shot mistress. havent these dolts heard of mutually exclusive destruction?

i wish once in my lifetime an unrepentant person would refuse to say the usual about his transgressions or make his way to counseling or rehab or whatever. just say, yeah, i did it now get off my dic...er, back. grrrrrrhahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!!

think of the new endorsements!

ky tasty gels
brake line cutters
cell phone jammers
get out of doghouse free cards

i invested in helmets with horns.

oh my goodness.

moi said...

K9: Sweet jeebus. All of Moi's friends are gonna be vikings (cue Led Zeppelin).

Seriously, though, you hit the nail on the head: A. Quit with the tacky ass 'hos and B. Quit apologizing. "I transgressed against my values." Gimme a break.