Monday, December 28, 2009

Dancing in the Desert Blowing Up the Sunshine

"The one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked."


Come on.

The only reason this plane didn’t blow up to high heaven is because the “terrorist” was incompetent.

I wonder: What in the holy heck fire have we been spending our money on these past eight years? Tactics that mean nothing, that do nothing, that cannot possibly under any circumstances ensure our safety?

S.B. says our government is making this shit up as they go along, and he's right. First, it was no shoes. Then no water. Now, what? No going to the bathroom? No blankets? No movies? No iPods? No talking? Tinfoil hats? Spin around three times and dance a jig to keep the Boogeyman at bay? Or is the government going to conscript some "green" scientists into inventing teleportation in the next 2.5 seconds so we won't have to fly at all?

The one thing our government IS mandated to do is stand as a bulwark between us an all enemies foreign and domestic. And guess what? They suck at doing it.

And we want to trust these folks with our health care?


h said...

Wonderful. I'm stealing your quote!

Jenny said...

S.B. is right.

The only that's really different is passengers will no longer sit down when they hear as long as they do as they're told, everything will be OK.

other than that, I don't feel the system worked. The Dude got on the f-ing plane.

Pam said...

What system worked? The system where passengers pay attention and react when something is amiss? That's the system I'm all about. To fly these days, it takes a willingness to jump into action if needed.

If it takes full body scanners, as much as I'd hate it, I might be for it. Because we do like to travel internationally to see family. I believe SB is right about making it up as they go along -- reacting instead of proacting. If that is a word.

czar said...

"closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out" describes the U.S. response to these more recent acts of stupidity (shoes, firecrackers). i wouldn't dignify them, so to speak, by calling them terrorism.

banning box-cutters . . . like a lot of people always took box-cutters on planes with them. you know what you can file down to be as sharp as a box cutter? a credit card. are they going to ban credit cards from airports? not in our lifetimes.

it's also a matter of where you enter the system. you know who the first line of defense is at Tri-Cities (TN) airport -- the one who checks IDs and boarding passes? you know the old lady on sundays who doles out the punch in the fellowship hall, who's been at the church for 60 years? it's her mother.

sparringK9 said...

i wrote this at troll's already but they are incompetent and that is to their advantage. by letting these things happen they create the excuse to restrict citizens more than ever under the fear heading of "terror" . its all bullshit. i disagree with SB - they know what they are doing: they are expanding the control grid.

im not flying anywhere. when i come to see you? i am coming in "apocalypse; the big white blazer" grrrrrhererhaha

i love that shit - now for the last hour of the flight you cant hold anything. grrerhahahahaha

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

christopher hitchens feel about the same, it would seem

h said...

Apparently Czar has his own personal definitions for "firecrackers" and "terrorism".
And the latter is dignified.

moi said...

Troll: Careful, the NTSB may outlaw it.

Boxer: Well, that's all these measures are for, really; to give us a false sense of security so that the gooberment looks like it's doing its job.

Pam: Stoooooopid NTSB won't let Moi take my .38 on the plane. That's okay. I'll just wear my stilettos.

Czar: The bomb's a firecracker, the first line of defense no longer has her teeth, and we can't get up to use the bathroom on a transatlantic crossing. Welcome to "Monty Python Does National Security."

K9: Hah! Burn that gas, girl. That'll show the forkers in D.C. Whaddya mean, GREEN? We can't fly, so what other option do we have?

Pirate: Ah. Hutchins. He sure does know how to put the "fun" in curmudgeon, doesn't he? He's also right.

Troll: 10 Ways to Have Fun While Traveling 30,000 Feet Above the Ground: Pop two pieces of Watermelon Bubble Yum. Chew thoroughly. Blow a big ass bubble. And pop it.

VintagePurseGal said...

Ohhhh, yeahhh. My dad--who is the Smartest Old Dude on Earth--and I had a great conversation about this incident. He made some really good points about how effed up the system is, and how airport security will pull old ladies out of line and strip-search them, but in the interest of political correctness, they won't "profile" someone whose OWN FATHER reported him to the authorities. Damn, I wish my dad blogged.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

The implementation of security since 911 has been one knee jerk reaction after another. Much of it is an ineffective nuisance.

Our biggest security issues are our own political correctness and bureaucratic ineptness.

Unless we start saying: your passport says Muslim country, you go to this line. Eventually one of them is going to get it right and the bomb is going to go boom, instead of burn.

moi said...

Wendy: Maybe we should run your dad for president in 2012. Call it the Smart Old Dude Party.

Karl: Unless we start saying: your passport says Muslim country, you go to this line. Eventually one of them is going to get it right and the bomb is going to go boom, instead of burn..

You pretty much nut-shelled it.

Aunty Belle said...

the answer is fer us'uns to STOP flying.

When the airlines are folding the message will finally git to D.C. : we ain't playin' yore game.

I mean it. Drive or take the train or bus or...heh...stay home an make your own community better.

fishy said...

Did I understand it was other passengers who subdued the would be bomber and put out the fire before the airline staff had a clue?

Did I understand the would be bombers father warned authorities and was ignored?

Did I understand correctly the idiot Obummer appointee is bragging about the outcome of this debacle? Did I understand this idiot to say if we make everyone load their britches THAT is her recommended preventative action?

God help us.

moi said...

Aunty: Remember how we all traveled in the Fifties? Cruising merrily along Route 66 in gleaming automobiles of shiny chrome and lux leather, radios blaring, the landscape of America whizzing by in Technicolor alongside us? That's what I'm hoping for. Either that, or flying cars.

Fishy: I'm beginning to wonder if Janet Napolitano and GW Bush weren't separated at birth. Both of them just say the darndest things!

Gnomeself Be True said...

The only good thing is that the more Janet fucks up, the less likely she'll end up as a supreme.

moi said...

Gnome: Well that makes me feel better. Gal don't look like she can sing.

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