Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mute Monday: Touch(ed)


Buzz Kill said...

I think most people interpreted this theme as a literal touch. Not surprising (to me) that female figures have touched you. Ant there's that Courtney Love again.

Happy MM!

moi said...

Buzz: Women who have touched me in some way, yes, that's part of it. But, go further.

pam-o said...

I thought of going this way -- a bit tetched as they say around here .... great idea! But, touched by crazy or touched by genius? hmmmm.

Ayn Rand's Angry Ghost said...

I eat pseudo-punk-rockers for breakfast!

h said...

Velly clevah original take. People who's work "touched" you. The first 3 were tricky.

Happy Mute Monday!

Jeane Kirkpatrick's Angry Ghost said...

Where's my picture, Toots?

moi said...

Pam: Women who were/are considered touched in the head – some, unfortunately, really were.

Ghost: Bummer. Those Mohawk hairs must be a bitch to get out of your teeth.

Troll: As is the spelling of Boudicea. Bodicca? Boudica?

Jeane: Had you worn combat boots into the United Nations carrying a spear, maybe.

Kymical Reactions said...

tee hee hee!!! They all be touched in some wackadoodle way!

Happy MM Moi!

Aunty Belle said...


Heh...I'd line up in the sleet an' snow to be teched like Joan and Teresa. Confessin' right now that I'se been where they own feets were, but reckon not much took. Le sigh.

However, long AFTER JK's day, I done tried to git into the UN wif a spear, but had to settle fer a pen. Think the trouble was I left off the combat boots? Or mebbe I needed Ayn Rand wif' me!

As fer Tallulah, c'mon! Iffin' yore daddy named ya that, you'd be a mite touched too!

Thar's days when I feel like I'se under a Bell Jar my self, so whose I to throw stones?

Terrific line up.

Happy MM!

Pam said...

Here's a portrait of Jeane Kirkpatrick for you. Native Okie, she was. Now why her angry ghost showed up here to discuss things, I know not:

Meanwhile, I do know a little girl named Talula. I think the name is making a come-back.

Pam said...

Ooops, sorry, here's the link, but take out the spaces

Jenny said...

Frances Farmer. She was touched and a tragic character. I read her biography in my 20's and found her haunting. I'm tired but wanted to see your Mute. XOXXO.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I was thinking "Tetched"too.

Buzz Kill said...

I get it now. Touched and Teched. I had a bunch of St. Pauli Girls last night so I was a little "slow-witted". Excellent double MM.

Vixen said...

Excellent. That one of Margaret Bourke is....WOW, amazing.


fishy said...

Well, you had me at the Boudicca sculpture... angels and horses, I love being touched by either.
I read Ayn Rand early, about 12, and just loathed her depressing view of the world to come. I recently had a conversation with my Mom about her, she mentioned she may have let me read this too young and if I could get past my aversion and read her again, from my current perspective, I would probably love her work.

As for Coco, I would be pleased to be "tetched" like her any day!
Interesting collection Moi, have a great Monday.

moi said...

Kym: While some of them did turn out to have a wee bit of a problem with mental illness, I was thinking more along the lines of how women who think/live/work/love outside the box are often punished for it by being called crazy. While men are simply called ambitious.

Aunty: Firmness of belief is often thought to be a form of mental illness. Why, I don't know. The flip side of a tolerant, flexible mind can also be a gullible one :o)

Pam: Thanks for the link. Very interesting woman, I do concur.

Boxer: Wasn't she just, though? Haunting and tragic. Too bad.

Gnome: Do you southerners have your own dictionary?

Buzz: Well, given what you have ahead of you on Thanksgiving, it's prolly a good idea you start drinking NOW.

Vixen: She had amazing courage and talent. To me, though, getting up that high? Truly crazy.

Fishy: Funny, I don't find Ayn Rand's world view gloomy at all. She's unsparing in her illustration of what the world COULD look like given the success of collectivism, but I find her almost childishly naive in her optimism over humankind's better impulses. As for Coco, yeah, gimme some a dat crazy for sure!

sparringK9 said...

i might have added diane arbus who would have fit in well. i dont know who all of them are, but , i trust you. grherha happy MM!

Making Space said...

Coco Chanel. OMG. Coco Chanel.