Friday, November 27, 2009

We Interrupt This Holiday Weekend Blog

To make a special announcement.

It's my homie K9's birthday!

I send you hugs and smooches, a wish for peace and prosperity,
and virtual art.
And cake, lots and lots of cake.

Happy Birthday, Grrrrrrrrrrrl!


Jenny said...

Yay! It's an art show birthday party over here. I love that last painting of the cake.

xoxoxo to our K9.

(now get back on that couch, Moi.)

Big Shamu said...

Just for K-9, a little Pollack.
Happy Giant Rat Birthday (didn't anyone get a picture of that thing?)

sparringK9 said...

awesome! you hit all the right notes moi! thank you a million times over. i did make a lil pocket change today and tonight ol betty his having a little dinner for me. so...yay!

you must really like put up a pollock! or as yall always say pollack. grrrrrrhahahahahaha

moi rhymes with *mwah* big rottie kiss.

moi said...

Boxer: Too bad we couldn't have had a real party, with K9's art. And real cake!

Shamu: Ja. For the amount of time we all hovered around that thing deconstructing its various meanings, you'd think SOMEONE would have taken a photo!

K9: Yay! Sounds like a perfect day. A little $$, a little pahtay! Smooches back at cha!

Big Shamu said...

Sorry my bad on the Pollock. I soon went into a tryptophan coma soon after making that comment.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

OH !#$#$#$##$# I've tried twice to put in a link.


Private Nutz said...

Does this K9 understand the importance of getting 30 minutes of cario in everyday? That cook looks like it has too much sugar.

Everyone get down and give me 20.


moi said...

Shamu: Actually, I'm OKAY with Pollack from here on out :o)

Boxer: Aw, there it is! I had a couple rats as pets as a kid. I wuved them.

WiiBiatch: You need to go eat a burger. Your food-deprived rage is showing.

Big Shamu said...

Snort...Moi said Wii Biatch...HA!

Make that a double cheeseburger.