Monday, November 23, 2009

Mute Monday: Locals


Gnomeself Be True said...

Little Doogie makes me feel old.
Shirley was sexy...but then, I've always had a thing for head cases.

h said...

I guess you didn't have strong enough Invasive Species Laws to keep Julia Roberts out!

Good theme!

Happy Mute Monday!

moi said...

Gnome: I've spotted Shirley quite a few times at the airport. Last time was at one of the magazine kiosks. She looks absolutely terrific for her age.

Troll: Her spread is next door to Rumsfeld's. When she first moved to Taos, she pissed off a lot of people with her driving habits. But everyone seems to mostly agree she's a good egg. Just a little, well, nutty.

Buzz Kill said...

I don't have any famous people living near me that I know of. You and Trol must live in really upscale areas.

Happy MM!

Anonymous said...

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Aunty Belle said...

heh...subtitle, the Good the Bad and the Ugly, wif' a few beauties fer leverage.

Nice job on yore local scene.

Happy MM!

Dani said...

I loves me some Freddie Prinze Jr.! YUMMY!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Celebrities usually equal headaches, I hope none of them live too close to you.

Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Little Doogie makes me feel old tooand Freddie Prinze Jr. brings out the cougar in me and that's bad too.

Julie Roberts - I just like to ignore her as much as I can.

Very clevah Mute and I had no idea how many celebs were local to your locale. Happy MM.

fishy said...

So Moi, I am curious, do yu have a favorite local?

ree said...

I almost went this direction, too, but I got lazy and really - there aren't that many famous locals. At least not true locals.

Happy Mute Monday!

sparringK9 said...

you mean Julia left fabulous Smyrna jawja for the wild west? grrhahahaha. she went to HS outside the ATL. if i did a famous locals for my town theyd all be rappas.

and blue ridge? nobody.

happy MM@

Gnomeself Be True said...

Freddie Prinz Jr? Really?

I'm a guy, so I'm not supposed to see it...but in his case, I REALLY don't see it.

moi said...

Buzz: I live in the mountains east of Albuquerque. If we're upscale, it's only geographically. But I'm surrounded by other kinds of upscale communities: Gallisteo, Santa Fe, Pecos, Taos.

Aunty: Our local scene is nothing if not diverse!

Dani: Me, too.

Karl: Thankfully, no. Because, yeah, as down to earth as some of them are rumored to be, the fact of celebrity inevitably trumps everyone else.

Boxer: They buzz like flies out here. Oh, that Johnny Depp would have taken up residence among pinons instead of frogs.

Fishy: My favorite locals are Gary Johnson (former governor, now perhaps 2012 presidential candidate) and Bart Prince, iconoclastic architect.

Ree: Yeah, I had to stretch a bit on some. Some are definitely carpetbaggers.

K9: But YOU be in Blue Ridge!

Gnome: That's because you're a guy. Believe Moi, it's there.

Vixen said...

I was confused until I read your tag. ;)

Pam said...

I totally missed your Mute Monday. So sorry. I'd be totally a groupie of your local celebs. We don't get anyone here. They leave as soon as they get famous. Meanwhile, I still like Julia, but I don't think she is aging well. She looks a little puckered lately.