Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Don't Give a Damn, They're Done Dead Already

You know what else fall means?


Big Shamu said...

So this is what the movie industry has evolved into? Movies that blow crap up, vampire movies and zombie movies?


Pam said...

Hmmmm, I think I will wait for cable on this one, but am sure I will scream with laughter when watching. Looks a lot like the premise of Sean of the Dead ... classic classic stuff, that one.

Buzz Kill said...

The early buzz (from IMDB) on this is that it's really funny. The director, Ruben Fleischer, who seems to be new at directing, said he was inspired by - Shaun of the Dead. I'll definitely check this out.

moi said...

Shamu: Whatsa matta you? You don't likka da zombie movies?

Pam: I like zombie movies of all kinds, from creepy scary serious (28 Days Later) to funny (Sean of the Dead is about the best so far).

Buzz: Zombies + Woody Harrelson + snakeskin jacket = Moi in the Movie Theater.

chickory said...

right on shamu!

i watched the devastating "a place in the sun" recently and wondered by monty cliff didnt win an oscar heres why:

that same year these movies came out:

an american in paris
streetcar named desire
quo vadis
african queen
strangers on a train
the day the earth stood still

(bogart won the oscar btw)

hollywood is weak. pitiful movies tied to products. bad bad art. horrible art.

i havent seen a movie i thought was really good since "michael clayton"

i loved woody when he met up with "el friendo" in no country for old men.

watched the trailer for "the road" on the net last night. looks a lot better than the book. a lot.

NYD said...

Looks like it will be a "Three spliff flick" can't wait for the pirates to upload it.

chickory said...

i meant todays hollywood. just like music. recently on this page we discussed great older music. and now? now we have kanye. i rest my case/

Doris Rose said...

Gotta go with Chickory on this.

moi said...

Chicory: I agree about Hollyweird – they certainly don't make them like they used to, but I'll watch anything Woody is in. As for The Road, while I can barely abide Cormac McC's writing (or is it list-making, I'm not sure), his books are tailor made for translation into film. I'll be in the theaters for this one for sure.

NYD: In my case, a three Fresca, one bag of Cheetos flick :o).

Chicory Again: Would that Kanye turned into a zombie so I could bowling ball his head . . . what a puffed up bag o' nuthin' he is.

Doris: Okay. So, I'm alone in my madness. Fine.

Milk River Madman said...

This looks like a good matinee. I like Woody.

Kanye West said...

Yo, Beyonce's movie be better than this, yo!

Jenny said...

"A Place in the Sun" - LOVE. And that's one hell of list of great movies that were up against "Place in the Sun". I mostly appreciate the old horror films. The news one creep me out too much ... they always kill the independent woman who drives alone... or people who visit friends in the mountains of GA. eek?

But if Zombie makes Moi happy, then I'm happy.

Kymical Reactions said...

Woody is on my list of 5 and the husband just can't understand it. and I can't explain it. He just is.


chickory said...

grrherhahahaha! to boxer. i'll protect you.

actually, this movie looks fun. if NYD finds it free on the innertubes then please let me know.

Big Shamu said...

A good year for movies? I like 1939.
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (with my beloved Maureen O'Hara)
Dark Victory
Gunga Din
Wuthering Heights
The Young Mr. Lincoln

What a freakin' year.

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

wait. is that banjo music? run, boxer, RUN!

Big Shamu said...

What ever you do Boxer, don't squeal like a pig.

Moi, the chile bird has landed, I repeat, the chile bird has landed and is safely nestled in the fridge. Hmmmmmm.

Heff said...

I detest this current vampire craze, but Heff LOVES him some Zombie movies. Woody Harrelson took enough time to temporarily stop smoking pot to do a Playboy interview this month, too !

Pam said...

Let me just jump back in here to discuss Montgomery Cliff (or is it Clift?) and his divine handsomeness in Suddenly Last Summer .... anyone? anyone? My mom was a big Liz Taylor fan and seems like I remember her telling me that it was really MC that Liz loved all those years, too bad about that gay thing.

Jenny said...

I've learned to sleep with one eye open.

Jenny said...

and I'd like to stop at the hardware store on our way up for a hatchet, please.

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

say, you shore have a purdy mouth. yee best getcha a compound bow miss boxer.

"aintry? this riva doan go to aintry!"

Jenny said...

**packing Mickey** Nephew has met his match.

I just looked at this poster - it's totally NOT your average slasher flick. I love Abigail Breslin.

This is fun bogarting Moi's blog.

moi said...

Milk: Woody's pretty iconoclastic so for that, I heart him.

Kanye: Dude, don't go away mad,'kay? Just Go. Away.

Boxer: Hard to equal Miz Liz Taylor's beauty, either.

Kym: I know, huh? There's just something about him. Smart ass sexy.

Chickory: There ya go. Come over to the zombie side.

Shamu: Dark Victory is one one my favorites. Wuthering Heights, too.

Burt: Between you and Woody, I think we're covered.

Shamu: Oh, thank goodness! I nearly went postal on the postal service yesterday and I thought to myself: Not. Again.

Heff: The vampire craze sucks big time. Goth-style navel gazing is just not my cup of tea, and I curse the day Anne Rice ever put pen to paper.

Pam: I forgot how much I like Suddenly Last Summer. Waaaaaay ahead of its time. That Tennessee Williams had his plays performed on stage, much less on film, is surprising, given the subject matter and the times. Liz is simply luminous in that film. Too bad she now bat shit crazy.

Boxer: I think you could drop kick a lil' nephew ass.

Nephew: Jeez. Cry a little zombie and look who comes crawling out from under the porch. Shoo. You smell.

Big Shamu said...

Yeah and it ain't that zombie smell. You been visiting the pig pen again ya filthy bastid?

Aunty Belle said...

Oh dearie,
I think Woody H is weirdly scary. Gur! I mean--in No Country for Old Men??? A smart-A--, killer-tron? Eyes is a vacant blue. Gur.

Wait--WHAT?? MOI, doan say it! ya doan like Cormac? (holds haid in shock) Is ya read The Crossing? (Avoid Sutree an' Child of God, much to harsh fer normal folks)

Will somebody please hep me? What is WIF' all this vampire/ zombie fixation? What is the kulture tellin' us?

Boxer, I'se gonna hide in Cohotta an' wait fer ya.

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, dern it why wuz I late to this thread?

KMWTHAY, how can it be? Woody's mouth is, well, jes' WRONG, somehow, ain't it?

Did anybody check his wrists--a man wif weak writs is jes' ...ah.. jes', whatever.

Aunty Belle said...

I never checks ankles, though. Might disqualify a passel of protein.