Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gonna Find Me Someone to Share a Common Disaster

Best use of music in a movie in the past twenty years:

Not even five minutes in and we got Leonard Cohen AND L-7. How could I not love this.

What's your favorite movie musical? Or even your favorite use of music in a movie?


Karl said...

Good Evening Moi

After that clip I feel a little weird saying, West Side Story. Followed closely by The Music Man.

moi said...

Karl: Don't feel weird . . . West Side Story doth indeed rock!

Head Basher said...

Three movies:

"Eddie and the Cruisers"
I'm from Jersey, so what do you expect?

"Streets of Fire"
Just good, fun rock and roll.

And last, but not least:
Vin Diesel's "XXX". Excellent, hard-driving, head-bashing metal.

Head Basher said...

Oh, can't believe I left this one out. Sorry have to make it four movies.

"Dazed and Confused!"
Absolutely perfect replica of middle school and high school years.

Jenny said...

Headbasher! Where's your Blog? :-)

OK, too many to list because I am such a huge fan of all things musical. Here's my first;

Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo in Raging Bull - putting brutal fighting with some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard, was masterful. Makes me weep.

Bretthead said...

Stealers Wheel doing 'Stuck in the Middle With You' during the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs is forever linked in my mind. As gross as it was, I thought it was brillian. Tarantino is something else man...

sparringK9 said...

well you certainly got the best 6.5 minutes of the entire movie. in fact stopping right there works for me. i love the horrible wiggly florescent key lime pie bites. juliette lewis! she rocks that scene.

musical? tommy. it still scares the crap out of me from the dead pilots poppies to the acid queen to claptons marilyn cult church to ann margarets descent from fresh widow to repulsive dragon lady. its a neck clutcher.

enjoyed the clip moi.

czar said...

1. Guys and Dolls.

2. Royal Tenenbaums. Greatest soundtrack ever:

1. "111 Archer Avenue" by Mark Mothersbaugh
2. "Hey Jude" by The Mutato Muzika Orchestra
3. "String Quartet In F Major (Second Movement)" by Ravel Ysaye Quartet
4. "Sonata For Cello And Piano In F Minor" by George Enescu - performed by The Mutato Muzika Orchestra
5. "Look at Me" by John Lennon
6. "Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)" by Vince Guaraldi Trio
7. "Margot Returns Home" by Mark Mothersbaugh
8. "I'm Dying" by Mark Mothersbaugh
9. "These Days" by Nico
10. "Something's Brewing" by Mark Mothersbaugh
11. "Look At That Old Grizzly Bear" by Mark Mothersbaugh
12. "Police & Thieves" by The Clash
13. "Wigwam" by Bob Dylan
14. "Mothersbaugh's Canon" by Mark Mothersbaugh
15. "Gymnopedie #1" by Erik Satie
16. "Lullabye" by Emitt Rhodes
17. "Raleigh & Margot" by Mark Mothersbaugh
18. "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon
19. "Scrapping & Yelling" by Mark Mothersbaugh
20. "Pagoda's Theme" by Mark Mothersbaugh
21. "Billy - Main Title" by Bob Dylan
22. "Judy is a Punk" by The Ramones
23. "Needle in the Hay" by Elliott Smith
24. "How Can I Help (a.k.a. Sparkplug Minuet, 1st Movement)" by Mark Mothersbaugh
25. "Fly" by Nick Drake
26. "She Smiled Sweetly" by The Rolling Stones
27. "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones
28. "Stephanie Says" by The Velvet Underground
29. "Rock the Casbah" by The Clash
30. "I Always Wanted To Be A Tenenbaum" by Mark Mothersbaugh
31. "Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)" by Vince Guaraldi Trio
32. "Rachel Evans Tenenbaum (1965-2000)" by Mark Mothersbaugh
33. "Chas Chases Eli" by Mark Mothersbaugh
34. "Sparkplug Minuet" by Mark Mothersbaugh
35. "Rooftop Talk (a.k.a. I Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum, 2nd Movement)" by Mark Mothersbaugh
36. "The Fairest Of The Seasons" by Nico
37. "Everyone" by Van Morrison
38. "End Credits (a.k.a. Sparkplug Minuet, 3rd Movement)" by Mark Mothersbaugh

Buzz Kill said...

I remember the 1st time I watched Natural Born Killers - I didn't get it or like it at all. The jumbled imagry threw me off because it was like nothing I had ever seen before. But I watched it again a few months later and saw it as a completely different movie and really liked it. Now that you put it back in my mind I'll have to watch it again.
To answer your question, I always liked the Layla scene from Goodfellas where all of Jimmy's henchman start turning up dead. I think of that scene every time I hear the song.

moi said...

Basher: I will so totally give you Dazed and Confused. Most excellent movie. Wasn't the same dude in Eddie and the Cruisers also in Streets of Fire? I get confused with those two. Yeah. That Jersey thing. I'll just la, la, la, la, la myself on Springsteen, thank you very much.

Boxer: I love asking these questions cause y'all come up with such good stuff. Raging Bull. Word.

WTWA: My musical brotha from anotha mutha! An over the top but at the same time completely poetic scene. I don't like all of Tarantino's stuff, but when he's good, he's great.

Czar: Good one. You ever have the experience of watching a movie with a bunch of people and this totally rad song comes on and you're totally psyched because who would have THOUGHT the director would be so hip as to include it? And the people you're watching it with look at you like you're out of your mind? That's what happened to me with this movie. Also, the only film in which I could abide Gywnnie Paltrow, bless her twee heart.

Buzz: Yes. Most excellent use of sound bridging. Despite Oliver Stone's high Hollyweird Annoyance Factor rating (man gives Bono a run for his $$), NBK is a hands down masterpiece of American cinema.

moi said...

K9 and Shamu: Sorry, how did I skip over you guys?

K9: That's interesting, Tommy scared the beejeebus out of me, too. I don't think I've seen it since. Notice how it never comes on cable? Great choice, though. Oh, and here's an interesting tidbit. You know who's pushing hard to direct the movie version of Atlas Shrugged? Oliver Stone. Bwahahahahahahaha!

Shamu: Roy Scheider's finest movie, I think. What a performance. I keep forgetting what a sexpot he was. RIP.

Good thing winter is coming. Now I gotta long list of movies in my back pocket . . .

h said...

The two best were actually TV shows, not movies.

1) Miami Vice

2) The Shield

Among movie movies, I thought "Goodfellas" did a solid job.

MommyHeadache said...

I love Leonard Cohen but why is he always so depressed. Isn't he a millionaire. What more does he want?

Gnomeself Be True said...

All I could think of was that nasty looking key lime pie.

Woody's best acting was in Cheers. Pretty much downhill from there.

moi said...

Troll: I need to remember to get the Shield on DVD next spring, when smelly vision goes into summer reruns.

Emma: Bwahahahahaha! That is the eternal question isn't it? Don't think I'd bury myself in worry worry. Except over which cocktail to order for the evening pool party. Although, I would like to think I wouldn't go all yippee skippy libertine-ey and save some of it to Help the Children or something.

Gnome: Lurid for sure. That's what you call cinematic license, right there. And come on now, don't be hating on the Harrelson.

chickory said...

roy scheider in marathon man. he's hawt

moi said...

Chicory: I need to do an Unexpected Sexpot of the Cinema poll soon.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Actually, I think Woody's new zombie flick might be the perfect vehicle for his "talent."

They've mis-cast him though. He should be one of the zombies.

chickory said...

unexpected sexy: benicio del torro in traffic.

yes moi do that post i wanna see what allthe girlies have to say.

fashion week in new yoke!

Doris Rose said...

for me, "The Big Chill"

Jenny said...

I watched the clip last night, so sound at work yesterday - chilling and I think I would have need valium to have continued beyond six minutes. BUT, I loved it and it made think Oliver Stone wasn't such a douche.

All That Jazz! Amen. Roy? H A W T N E S S

AL (big score) GORE said...

Love Story. That was written about Tipper and I.

An Inconvenient Truth. Proceeds from the groovy far-out hep sound-track album sales go to what I describe as "science education".

moi said...

Gnome: Okay, that's it for you, Mr. Cranky Pants. Your next comment is going to be something positive, ya hear?

Chickory: I think I remember standing up a little straighter to pay attention to Benicio in that one.

Doris: Good one. Especially the opening sequence.

Boxer: NBK got a little rough at the end, but it featured a most excellence performance by your crush, Señor Roberto Downey Junior.

Al: So, what IS it about you that keeps Tipper staying? Huh? Tell us. Your one sexy little secret that we'd all be shocked to hear. Does it involve an outfit from 1973, I wonder?

VintagePurseGal said...

This is going to sound crazy, but I loved the Jackass (first one) movie soundtrack.

moi said...

Wendy: Yup, that's pretty crazy. But I think I remember thinking the same thing . . . (blame the Spousal Unit - why do men always like jack assy things?)

Milk River Madman said...

Blue Oyster Cult singing "dont fear the Reaper" in the original "Halloween".

All of the "moon" songs in "An American Werewolf in London" (also has one of my favorite lines "life mocks me, even in death".

AL (revealer of secrets) GORE said...


I really am "stiff-as-a-board".

h said...

I second MRM's citation of "American Werewolf in London" for good song selections.

pam said...

Ooooh, I'm late getting over here today to weigh in on this one. I'm with Doris on The Big Chill and those who said American Werewolf. And yes, Tommy is freaky scary. I remember seeing it in the theater in 1970-whatever when it first came out. I was the only one in line for the movie who wasn't stoned.

And for my best music in a movie (classic) ... A Hard Day's Night. One day I will be over my Beatles obsession.

moi said...

Milk River: I wish filmmakers would have stopped at the original Halloween and just let it stand as the ne plus ultra of that particular genre. But, no. Hollyweird has to beat everything to death.

Al: Gah! My eyes!

Troll: I think AWIL was one of the first of its kind – funny hah hah horror.

Pam: Hard Day's Night is one of my favorites, too. Did you ever see Head, the Monkees' movie?

fishy said...

Well, this will make you all laugh but my all time favorite is Disney's Fantasia .... the synchronizing of music with art ..... unequaled genius!

h said...

Everyone has good ones, really. I don't think Fishy's is silly. "Fantasia" is studied in Film School because of the music/animation synch.

Looking forward to Accidently Sexy post or whatever it's called.

moi said...

Fishy: What Troll said :o).

Troll: It will be really interesting to see what the guys come up with.

pam said...

Moi, I know I saw the movie Head, but honestly I don't remember it. I know it was very un-Monkee like!

Weighing in on unexpected sexpot of the cinema: CLIVE OWEN in anything.

judy in ky said...

I liked Dave Matthews in Because of Winn Dixie... a small part of the movie, but I loved it!

Also West Side Story... amazing soundtrack from Leonard Bernstein!

chickory said...

i just saw the song remains the same -the led zepplin movie? horrible. but but - wow the boys in the band's lives as country gentlemen in england was a nice juxtaposition with the concert footage. it was obviously made for people on acid.

i recently saw on PBS great performances "cream". that was good.

moi said...

Pam: Sorry, what was I saying? You mentioned "Clive Owen" and my brain went all slushy.

Judy: Hello and welcome to Moi's blob! I haven't seen Winn Dixie, but I likee the Dave Matthews Band. My spousal unit and I have a couple "soundtracks" to our early courtship and DM's first album is one of them.

Chickory: Mercy, that movie is TERRIBLE! But I remember diggin' it in high school. Uh, yeah.

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