Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sky is a Hazy Shade of Winter

Two days ago a cold front slammed into us with the force of a semi truck to the back end of a Ford Focus, and today I smelled winter while out on my run. Not fall, winter. That peculiar, acrid blend of organic matter already rotted and wood burning in cast iron stoves and moisture in the air that's heavier than rain. Last week we were swimming outside beneath azure skies and full on sun. We were sweating in shorts and tees on long runs and throwing off the covers at night. This week, the pool water churns untouched beneath its protective cover and we're bundling up for runs in hat, gloves, and long tights. This morning, we woke with the comforter tucked up over our faces and a dog wedged between us.

Right now, outside my window, I'm watching the wind churn and the sky darken to that wispy, steel grey sheen that portends snow. In the garden, my tomatoes made it fine thanks to a fleecy covering of sheet, but a couple more nights like this and my sunny summer yellow marigolds will most definitely fade to black. The number of hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder has been reduced by at least half. I haven't seen a robin since last week and this morning two baby lizards were belly up on the porch, victim either to Maddie or last night's near freeze.

Yes, it's way too early to be this cold. But I've learned never to discount the vagaries of weather out here in the East Mountains. One morning, we can wake to this:

And the next, to this:

So, what's it doing out your way?


sparringK9 said...

wow/ that is a radical shift. well, you know what it is here. water water everywhere. however, the sun finally came out. rain again for saturday. that first sky looks like winter in the georgia mountains to me. thats your summer sky?

i tend to be better at getting exercise in the winter. summer just makes me want to lay around.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Winter...I'm jealous.
We pretty much just get Summer and Not-Summer.

Jenny said...

Freakish 83 degrees AGAIN today. Did I read snow in Colorado? W.T.F.

Seattle has the most beautiful Indian Summers and I would feel cheated if we didn't get. Sorry yours switched so fast. :-(

Pam said...

We finally have some sunshine after a very wet September. Trees haven't started changing colors drastically yet, just a glimmer of change. Sunflowers are still out. No frost yet, but definitely cooler temps. I hope we have a long, lovely fall, with lots of colors. However, will probably get a quick freeze and then bare trees.

h said...

93 Air Temp. 85 Gulf Temp. 89 Lake Troll. In other words, warm.

moi said...

K9: Radical Shifts R Us. That can be a summer or a winter sky (I forgot when I took it), depending on the cloud coverage.

Gnome: Y'all don't have weather. You have the meteorological equivalent of White Noise.

Boxer: Ah, so you're the one who stole my summer!

Pam: S.B.'s not working OKC so I'm out of touch. Usually, it seems your freakish beats our freakish and I can feel at least a little bit better :o)

Troll: Show off.

Big Shamu said...


sparringK9 said...

grrherhahahahaha! your comment to Gnome. brilliant!



moi said...

Shamu: Woke to snow on the Sandias. I don't know whether that's totally cool or totally not okay.

K9: Coming, coming, coming! I was not allowed to take any photos, so I'm trying to find picks elsewhere of the fun things I saw!

fishy said...

Winter is my least favorite season. My spirits fizzle in the long gray gloom. I need light! I need color! I need to be warm because cold makes my bones ache fiercely.

Like K9, we've been experiencing heavy rains and serious flooding.
This morning is bright, clear, with a slight breeze. My flower garden looked better this morning, starting to revive from the blunt force trauma of the relentless days of rain. I even picked a few yellow pear tomatoes that had not split from too much wet. But.... more rain is coming this afternoon and tomorrow. There is the anticipation of a beautiful weekend. Now if my weekend doesn't get confiscated by wisteria chores...

Doris Rose said...

Don't know how I missed this, but beautifully captured.

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