Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Was It the Cure? Hope Not.

Michael Jackson everywhere today and I'm beyond sick of it. I never liked him at all and that's the honest to goodness truth. Really. Not even when he was little and still such an innocent little puppet. "Billy Jean" is one of the creepiest songs ever and we won't even go there with "Black or White."

Sorry for those who did love you that you're dead and gone, bud. Sorry you messed it all up like so much spoiled rotten spilled milk you can't get back in the bottle. Sorry you did what you shouldn't have done with all those little children. Sorry your death has become yet another opportunity for our media to go hog ass wild in the only way it seems to know how these days because it sure isn't giving us anything of substance about Iran or the greedy bastards in our senate rubbing their bloated hands over the fatted cash cow of Cap and Trade.

I'm grumpy today.

But I like this song very much.


Doris Rose said...

I think it must be the "Black" glove huh? Totally agree about the whole mj debacle, aaaargh.Sick of it.

h said...

Hear hear!

Jenny said...

and how about the 4 million dollars the city of L.A. is paying for the memorial? PFFFFFTTTT. The only nano second I felt bad today was hearing his adopted daughter say she loved her father. I'm conflicted about how/why he had children, but THAT little girl is hurting, so that's sad.

Sorry you're grumpy, but you sure do write well when you are.

Come over and watch some Adam (the longer version is up.) You'll feel better.

sparringK9 said...

ive already written in several places my thoughts on michael jackson. for me he is an object of pity and an american tragedy. i wasnt a fan in that i had any of his records, but i didnt hate him either. not at all.

i spent a year working in a video warehouse -the precursor to blockbuster -when thriller came out. i learned it out of sheer boredom and still bust it out now and then but ONLY at my invitation only all girl dance night. i also sorta learned the les grossman dance (performed by tom cruise in a fat suit at the end of tropic thunder) but thats another story. maybe i will perform it for you next summit;-)

far more disturbing is the celebrity worship that is rampant in the USA. people who cannot be bothered to pay attention to the cap'n trade noose slipping around their necks are glued to the tv. we get the news we deserve. not we on this blog, but we the nation. the ratings define the programming. if enough households tuned out, the networks would adjust. but no, they have tuned in en masse for the every detail of the MJ death. its repulsive. voyeuristic. and its commodified death.

media failure to alert the american people to the worlds greatest shakedown (with the banker bailout theft scam being a close second) and the loss of american sovereignty giving the UN un heard of control over individual lives is treason - but they wont hang just like paulson and geithner and a zillion hedgefunders and US congressmen and sentators because there is a general lack of will to STAND. if you want to know where the new jobs are, they will be the new green stasi coming to a thermostat near you real soon.

its obvious to me americans arent going to do shit. this response to MJ proves it. they are going to curl up and let the carbon trading snake oil salesmen al gores of the world roll over them like totalitarian machines.

kill your televisions. and dig in. grherhahahaha

sparringK9 said...

btw. i would like "shine on you crazy diamond" to be performed at my funeral. any volunteers?

Jenny said...

amen to K9.

Pam said...

K9 has picked a great song for her funeral. Must give some thought to that very subject.

I'm MJ'd out too. Had the day off and went to Garden Ridge and didn't even remember that the memorial service was on ... I might have watched. Did watch a few clips tonight.

Meanwhile, love the video and Jools Holland. Do you have his birthday CD? The husband got it last year for his b-day from his sisters in England. Love that CD. And I've been listening to The Cure a bit today... Lovecats and Just Like Heaven on a playlist. You pick ubercool tracks for posting!

Big Shamu said...

Coke or Pepsi?
Lemons or Limes?
Mountains or beach?
Hotdogs or burgers?
Beatles or Stones?
Joan Jett.
MJ or Prince?

What's sad is that this only means a new Graceland for folks to visit on the anniversary of his deathday. Yeeha.

moi said...

Doris: So much other important stuff to cover. All those celebrities self-aggrandizing. Yuck.

Troll: Or is is it "here, here?"

Boxer: I didn't even think about how brilliantly stupid it is for broke-ass El Lay to cover all this. Good point.

K9: Notice how no one in the gub'mint talks about capping celebrity and sports star salaries? Think of the revenue we could raise. Speaking of C&T – I wrote all my senators succinct and well argued letters why C&T is criminal. "Thank you very much, but we Big Gubmint Boys, You Widdle Polluting Prole. We know what's best. Now run along." Fuckers.

P.S.: Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

Pam: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are about the only contemporary band I'm really grooving on these days. Great sound. Cool, non-dumb bunny chick singer.

Shamu: Well, maybe the CA gubmint can tax the heck fire out of the new pilgrimage spot and make itself some money. It's always been Prince por Moi, too. Always. And I don't give a damn about my bad reputation, either.

Haiku Master said...

A princely sum spent
honoring Caligula.
Deficit goes "POP!".

Gnomeself Be True said...

The spouse was all over watching the coverage yesterday...wanted to show me the re-runs ad nauseam last night.
Just a few days ago she was wondering, in rare agreement with me, why they were spending so much time on a medium talent child molester. Now, she's caught up in all the media noise.
It's amazing. As much as we disagree, I think of her as an intelligent person...then she does stuff like this and I'm forced to question that assessment.

Milk River Madman said...


moi said...

Haiku Master: You are, indeed, the master. Haiku on . . .

Gnome: And here I thought FOR SURE you'd have something to say about the brunette singer in the mini dress . . .

Milk River Madman: And it eclipsed Farrah's death. I liked her much, much more.

VintagePurseGal said...

Nothin' to say about MJ. Love the video and especially love women who can wear red lipstick without getting it on their teeth. I have a weird Jools Holland connection... met some of the guys from Squeeze at the Whisky-A-Go-Go... I think I was 16. Cool for Cats!

moi said...

Wendy: I bet you did all the cool L.A. clubs!