Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Still Comes

"President Obama, sir, that leg's gotta come off, but I don't have any more copies of Federal Form 345-B authorizing me the use of the bansaw, so all I can do is wrap it in some gauze and hope it holds until he makes it home. So, um . . . am I gonna get sued for this?"

You know, I've always wanted a reason to try my luck in South America. Looks like Tom Daschle is about to give me one.

According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.”

Furthermore, according to Daschle, under his proposed "universal" health care system, sure, the elderly will suffer from lack of access to state-of-the-art care but that's okay. It's about time the old farts "learned" to just accept the aches and pains and other ailments that come along with the aging process.

Fucking old people, man. Who needs 'em?

Except, ya think Daschle and all his big wig buddies in Washington are going to "accept" getting old and go ahead and do the "natural" thing and DIE on us already (you listening, Ted Kennedy)?

Nah. You can bet they'll jet themselves off to whatever clinic in whatever's left of the free world that is still smart enough to practice "autonomous" medicine.

Look, Party People, this isn't rocket science. The only way to ensure that everyone – you, me, our children, our parents, the poor and the indigent – have easy access to high quality medical care is to return medicine to the free market. Listen to me now or suffer later: Insurance companies and the government do not provide care. Doctors – highly trained, competent, and with an incentive to succeed – do.


Anonymous said...

we're we separated at birth? i read the full thing last night. see? a tv ban and no AI = enlightenment. i wrote a long synopsis of it at enemy's blog this morning but i mean, damn. so daschle thinks old people have to suck it up and oblige to die? and like, they gots to accept that when they break down, well the state just cant afford to finance their health care. how dare they be so selfish.

so, you think teddy kennedy got that memo?


Jenny said...

Bwahahah to K9's Kennedy comment. Isn't it time for him to kick the bucket? I mean, he's OLD.

I was just telling Mr. Boxer last night that Costa Rica is looking pretty good to me right now. I used to worry that I'd need to be near quality health care as I age, but in the New World...... it won't matter.

Anonymous said...

you may recall that the big dog was born in chile. well its be difficult to get the consulate to approve us. see, unlike the USA, you have to prove that:

you will never draw on any social services

you have your own business and/or means of support

you can never vote or protest in any form against the government

much more.

you know what i plan to do? take real good care of myself. do as much of things i want to do (like get together with some cool people in the PNW!!! weeeeeee) live out in the country. grow a garden. have some animals. not work too hard. make friends with doctors. develop skills and or items to trade. and when times up? times up. cest la vie.

im not leaving. im staying at chickory. i decided this firmly in the last few weeks. of course if it turns into warsaw ghetto i might feel different but no im pretty sure im the type to make a last stand. but my lifestyle WILL be changing.

Jenny said...

New Zealand has the same requirements. You have to show that you have enough money to support yourself. What a concept.

I love your idea K9 - shred the things that make us a slave to life and enjoy!

moi said...

As a good friend of mine told me earlier today when we were chatting: "I'm not political or a-political; democrat or republican. I'm RESPONSIBLE and therefore do believe I'd like to be left alone."

Dream on sista, I tol' her. Get ready to be fitted for Soviet Grey! To which she replied: "Aw, shit. Means we're gonna have to stand in line for toilet paper, too."

Hell, all we can do is laugh.

sparringK9 said...

grrrrrrrherhahahahaha boxer you looked into new zealand? so did we. but...its not tenable. besides, thats where all the brits are going to avoid all the violence they endure from all the.....ahem..immigrants. oh yeah. they cant have guns to defend their racist-ass selves. grrrherhaha not too mention england is now big brother central. the kingdom of CCTV and mega endless CONTROL.

h said...

Amen, Sister.

Rare serious post at the Troll Report today too. Quite sobering.

Jenny said...

K9 - the best place to "hide" is in place sight. I think that's your game plan and it's not a bad idea.

P.S. I look like crap in jumpsuits. No matter what the color.

sparringK9 said...

grrrehahahahaaaha. paging dr. zhivago. "what do you mean we will now be living in the bathroom of our own home?"

Bretthead said...

I'm still reminicing about about holy water (from your last blog). All I can think of for this blog is how I miss playing that game Operation.

Aunty Belle said...


heh heh.

Less youse a Soros or a Maurice Strong or such, ain't gonna be no way to be self sustained in a foreign land--the dollar being raided, shredded and cloned at a billion a minute.

We have to REFUSE to go along with this--remove their fuel!! (Thas' us--the producers)

ain't all that into Ayn Rand --her havin' a number of ideological flaws, but tarnation! When her characters figger out that iffin' the true producers stop working the whole House of Usher they's built will implode.

Americans need to stage a two day work freeze--do not work, do not buy. Shut the poor battered country down an' let them see we ain't goin' along wif Daschle and minions. We ain't going to provide the taxes to fuel the Stim Pac.

We have to be drastic --it will take a big board to hit that donkey in the haid.

On health care: yesterdy Aunty were at ophthalmologist's office jes' to check on "floaters" (all is well). Here's the thang--tech made me read eye chart, looked fer glaucoma, dilated eyes (10 minutes), the doc took a penlight to eyeballs, told me of his recent fishin' trip and said all is well, 10 minutes. Bill? $450 (yep Insurance picks up 8/9ths of bill)

Does y'all see? the "cost" of mah visit ain't 450 smacks fer 20 minutes, cause there warn't no amazin' techo machines or liquid gold drops in eyes. Point is, the "cost" of health care is inflated so that the gubmint "must" step in and decide who can live who cannot.

Baloney. The black market health care system will operate in the New America where folks refuse git their gubmint veri-chip under the skin.

moi said...

Boxer: Nobody's ass looks good in a jumpsuit. Did you see Paula's forest green job on Tuesday? Oy. Vey.

K9: I'm hoping I get to live in my kitchen.

WTWA: You got a steady hand? That's going to be good enough for me . . .

Aunty: Long ago I realized that the cost of the actual visits I make to the doctor in a year – gyno, eye, two dentist, let's say a couple more just in case I do something stupid – don't add up to the cost I pay on a yearly basis for medical insurance. And that the only medical insurance we should buy is catastrophic. In other words, we pay out of pocket for our doctor visits and then a much smaller monthly premium for catastrophic to take care of the big stuff like broken bones and/or god forbid cancer, heart disease, etc.

Now, I'm no math whiz, but look here:

I make five visits a year at 30 minutes to 45 minutes each. Times, say, $200 a visit. That's $1,000 a year I pay for health care, or roughly $100 a month. Add a $40 or so monthly catastrophic insurance plan, and now you're up to around $1,500 a year.

But what do I pay in insurance premiums a year? Close to TWICE that. The gap between them is called INFLATION and it's what keeps medical costs artificially high so that few people can afford them.

But eliminate the bloated middle man, i.e. the insurance companies, and suddenly, health care is just another cost of living, like groceries or toiletries.

Speaking of which, unless you are seriously ill or just broke a bone, you can live a month without health care. But you can't live a month without groceries. Do we want the government to buy us those as well? Maddness.

Aunty Belle said...

New Strategy:

Purchase used medical equip. Black market docs will have basics and we will have health care.

Gnomeself Be True said...

And the media is where on this? Shit like this is going to have a huge effect on what this country becomes and we're not talking about it except on blogs.
It's about time for the freakin' revolution.
The liberty tree is in need of blood.

So, other than that, how's everyone doing?

Aunty Belle said...


yore health care method IS the best. We used to do that too.

But the rules of engagement change when ya hire folks who want coverage--and youse required to cover ya self and them as the same. So, now we have all this co-pay crap.

BUT the new economy is about to change all that. Now folks jes' want a job (we's let all but skeletal staff go) yep, they jes' want a job. AN' they will take one wif'out all the padding.

Long ago we tried to convince our workers that we would pay them sufficient to buy own policies.

Oh NO!! said no no ...they have mindsets that if youse payin' the insurance they's gettin' it "free"...

though the more savvy admit that if their paycheck did not hold out their insurance, then they themselves lacked the discipline to pay their own premiums--

now thar' ya have it: Babified Americans who want nannies--the employer must nanny them, then the gubmint must nanny them. THey never leran to discipline theyselves---and that mah Moi, is MORE depressin' than even the stim pac.

MommyHeadache said...

I don't know moi, its almost like -and I hate to say this [sarcastic tone]- that you are saying that most politicians are totally self serving hypocrites who want a shitty standard of healthcare for everyone else while they get the best! Which is so untrue. Politicians care, they really do! Like a few years ago all the politicians here were encouraging people to join the military when hardly any of them had a son in the military...because guess what the drawback is you're going to be maimed for life! that's okay for other people's sons but not for us! For that I suppose I respect Palin because at least she has a son in the military....

Hmm, I think I need coffee and a jelly donut

moi said...

Aunty: Yes! WTWA has steady hands, so I think we can count him in to doctor.

Gnome: Here's the thing. The gub'ment sucks, yes, it's true. But life doesn't. So one must learn to walk that tightrope.

Emma: Ooooo, you closet lil' Libertarian, you!

Doris Rose said...

pssst, Tom Dascle withdrew his nomination. But, carry on.

moi said...

Doris: Yes, he did that a while back. But his health plan is still being considered.

Aunty Belle said...

please post a plate of cookies post--I HAVE to finish a column an' I keep sneankin' over here to see what's beeing lobbed...