Monday, February 23, 2009

Right, Said Fred

Just back from the Great PNW Blog Summit of Spring 2009 and am happy to report that each of my homies revealed themselves to be exactly as absolutely fabulous as I knew they would be.

Lessons learned:

1. While waiting in line at Pike Place Fish Market and half a salmon suddenly goes flying over your head? Duck.

2. If you think there's a limit to how many times you can laugh at a joke involving Halibut(t) cheeks . . . you'd be wrong.

3. I have walked many a great city's streets in pursuit of happiness of one sort or another. Now, I can add the entire length of Seattle, one end to the other, up and down fifty gazillion steep-ass side streets, and then doubling back another forty gazillion, to my list. (Boxer: "Huh. I could have sworn Top Pot was around here somewhere.") Never fear. It eventually was.

4. Despite K9's oh-so-valiant and terribly erudite effort to esplain to Moi why-oh-why Jackson Pollack is, indeed, a most Important Painter, alas, I still think he sucks ass. But the Seattle Museum of Art has other works to recommend it, most notably "the rat" and a suit of armor perfect for K9 when she takes over the universe as Supreme Commander of Us All. Don't mess with her. She feisty.

5. I was so inundated by the head-spinning sensory gloriousness that is Seattle as a whole that I was somehow able to walk right on by both Nordstrom's AND a Sephora without incident. Well, Shamu helped. By dragging me away. And into Sur la Table instead.

6. The words "bangin'" and "smokin' hot" can equally be applied to just about everything totally awesome that crossed our paths. Except this season's crop of dumb-ass palazzo pants. "Pee U" was the universal, across-the-board pronouncement made by all the Summit Homies. Word.

6. When life hands you the opportunity to grow big friendships out of little kernels, don't ask questions. Just grab that opportunity with gusto and clutch it to your full and happy heart.


Big Shamu said...

I think I need to mint a medal for you bypassing Nordstroms. Espcially AFTER having been all sugared up from the doughnuts. I'm sure all you old time friends won't believe it but I'm always ready to testify in your behalf.

Aunty Belle said...


Well, I'se tickled ter death that y'all had Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Reckon them side stairs burned the doughnut calories, and I'se wif' ya on Pollack--his work is es' juvenile ick. (Sorry, Pup!)

KUdos to Shamy fer keepin yore halibut outa trouble, and
yea! Boxer Babe fer bein' the hostess wif' the mostest fun in her heart...

y'all is somethin' else!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

A blogger's summit - wow - I cannot imagine such a thing happening in England!

Seattle sounds groovy, though I would have to sue if someone threw half a fish at me - can't stand fish!

Yes those 'pants' look pretty icky. I hate culottes with equal venom.

moi said...

Shamu: And don't you think we were a paragon of restraint, spending only 30 minutes in Sur la Table AND getting out of there for under thirty buckaroos each?

Aunty: You were with us in spirit. I don't think an hour went by when one of us didn't wish out loud that you had been able to make it.

Poet: Seattle is muy groovy! Culottes? Not so much. And we Americans? Seems we'll do the darndest things for a bit of fun.

fishy said...

Hey Moi,
Glad you had yourself a fine time at the Bloggergirlsfest in Seattle. Sounds like space needles, and hiking for doughnuts and dodging flying headless fish ( ick) looking at good/bad art in the companionship of an "erudite" self proclaimed attack dog plus encountering bad fashion on the streets was a fine way to do the in person meet and play scenario.

Glad everybody seems safely home.

Anonymous said...

the white rastafarian pierced rag tag arty person is the new hippie. they were there, especially in the design bookstore i went to sunday afternoon. it wasnt henessey and ingals but it was good and esoteric just like i like it.

top pot top pot top pot top pot.

chocolate sandcastle!!

it was a great time with some of the best people you could ever hope to roll with -a treasure of an experience which is the ONLY thing that could make me submit to the tyranny that is travel by air. swear to GOD unless it is im not going unless i can go in my car.

cause, "im too sexy for this plane, too sexy for this plane, so much its insane." grrrrherhahahahaha

Gnomeself Be True said...

Oh to have been a fly....

Love the flying fish photo. Is that yours? Nice wide lens.

I feel I should never disagree with K9 over maters of art...but Jackson P eludes me, to the point that I have a tough time calling his drips "art."

As an aside, I'm also glad to find that no one in that group turned out to be a fat bald guy living in his mother's basement.

moi said...

Fishy: I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few Seattle folks fashionably decked out.

K9: You should have done your Fred dance in the aisle :o) My flight was so bumpy I couldn't get up once to pee and then when I got home, there was a story on the news about the utter filth lurking on airplanes. Yay.

Gnome: No, darn it, that first photo isn't mine. Shamu brought her big ass camera and took a mess of photos – I only had my little Cybershot. Top Pot and the Needle are mine.

Aunty Belle said...

ok... lookin' at them coulazzo pants,
jes' tell me, who dresses like that model? Who over 15 dresses like that?

MommyHeadache said...

You walked past a Sephora and didn't go in?
Are you sure you're not coming down with something like maybe rabies or diptheria? Get better soon. My thoughts are with you

h said...

I agree with K9 that the filthy dreadlock wearing whiteys are the "new hippies". A "hippy" to me is defined by their level of uselessness and spinelessness. Not hair-style.

I had originally thought that there was an actual LARGE sponsored "blog-summit" in Seattle and that y'all were attending it. Now I have the impression it was just the four of you.

Which is correct?

Heff said...

"halibutt cheeks", LMAO !!

Big Shamu said...

Paragon you were. Thank goodness I still needed to shop for dinner or I would have been taking some copper pots home with me.

K9 - DESIGN BOOKSTORE????? How the hell did I miss that? Good thing I did, between Sur la Table and a design bookstore, I would have needed to knock over a liquor store.

My flight wasn't too bad. Full. But let's face it, the seats are designed for the K9's of the world, not the Shamus.

Troll. 4 of us. There was a hot tub. There was a video camera. There were chocolates. That's all I'm saying. I've been sworn to silence about the "rest".

Jenny said...

"What happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle",

... but all I can say is I was surrounded by some of the best of best the world has to offer; creative, nuturing, intelligent women. I told K9 it felt as if my favorite paintings had come to life and were talking to me.

I returned home Sunday not exhausted, but inspired and energized and that rarely happens after spending four days with anyone.

I have to say, Moi did register true pain as she realized she was walking past "mecca", or the ORIGINAL Nordstrom.

And for the record? I REALLY, REALLY thought Top Pot was closer to the Needle. :-)

Jenny said...

and I still have a stitch in my side due to K9's version of a certain song.

moi said...

Aunty: It is the trend I most love to hate these days.

Emma: I know, huh? Can you believe it? So I have a visit planned to the one in ABQ on Thursday :o).

ChefTroll: Just the four of us. Yes, hippiedom is a 'tude, not a 'do. But I have to say, everyone there looked most industrious. Either that, or I was in a major sugar haze.

Heff: I know. It's the joke of the year, I think.

Shamu: Please don't tease the Trolls. Bwahahahahahah!

Boxer: And, how hostess with the mostest were you, letting us all tromp into that gorgemous house of yours? You are one seriously cool chica.

BoxerPartDeaux: Had I actually been wearing my 4" heels at that point, I would have fallen off of them and broken something. (Yes, folks, I spent four days in FLAT BOOTS.)

Romeo Morningwood said...

That is a fabulous idea..taking the experience to the next stage.

I have no doubt that most of my blogpals would be utterly enchanting in the rw...the others would be so bizarre and exotic that I might need to run off and hide at Twitter for a while.


Bretthead said...

Since I don't what you all look like, how will I know if those 'Wanted' posters in the Seattle post offices are you or not?

Pam said...

Too fun! Where's the group photo that is bound to exist somewhere!!??? Sounds like a glorious time and the donut shop is worth the trip just for the photo of the sign!

moi said...

Donn: Howdy and welcome to Moi's Blob. It all could have gone so terribly, terribly wrong. That it didn't I think is testament to just how long we've "known" each other virtually.

WTWA: Dude, they're the ones of the four chicas looking smashingly, fabulously hawt.

Pam: Lots o' group photos, but I'm not sure they'll make it to the innernets in original form.