Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Have They Done for us Lately?

What if I came up to you tomorrow, pointed a gun at your head, and told you that if you didn't give me all your money, I was going to blow your brains out? And what if a cop just happened to have witnessed my actions, pulled a gun on me, forced me to give up, and then arrested my happy ass? Most likely, I would go to court, be found guilty of attempted robbery by a jury of my peers, and locked up for a good, long, time.

Then riddle me this: why are members of our Congress still walking around free?

Y'all ever hear the words "taxation without representation"? That's what happened last week. The American people spoke NYET to the bailout and Congress la, la, la, la, la-ed themselves to the point of puking and passed the bill anyway.

That's YOUR money they're stealing, Party People. You happy with what they're doing with it? If so, well, it must be nice living over there on Fantasy Island. If not, wake the heck fire UP: You don't have to pay . . .

Just go ask Alice . . .


sparringK9 said...

i agree. i am going to go to a cash business like the people that pull up at the county seat square up in BLue RIdge and sell whatever they grow or make for cash or barter. but thats because i am already a bottom feeder. i dont know what i would be thinking if i was deeply invested in the system. like my poor husband.

now the globalization mask is really off. sarkozy calling for the new world order post credit crash

moi said...

Cash. Barter. Suitcases. Mattresses.

And keep protesting . . . keep calling. Tell your representatives you have NO CONFIDENCE in their abilities and that YOU have your eye on THEM.

czar said...

What I can't understand is why all the solutions I'm hearing about are geared toward loosening up the credit market . . . making it easier for people and businesses to start borrowing again. Did I miss something? Isn't that why we're in the present condition in the first place?

Let's go biblical. Jubilee year. Forgiveness of all debt every 49 years. Starting, well, tomorrow.

Another thing biblical: in the debate last night, every big number that was thrown around: $700 billion. Bailout = $700 billion. Assistance to foreign governments = $700 billion. Amount already spent on Iraq War = $700 billion. Does this seem slightly suspicious to anybody else? In the Bible, seven essentially was a code word for "a very big number." I'm not sure what my point is here, but continually hearing that number made me think (or continue to think) that no one really knows WTF is going on anyway.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Brilliant brilliant posting Moi! We're not far behind you in all the fiscal fisting that we're being subjected to!

And thanks for reminding me about the 'no taxation without representation' slogan - it's been too long since I last heard it.

Love the image by the way - too true.

Jenny said...

I really like that picture, glad to see it again.

I'd like those m-f'ers at AIG to be the first ones arrested. My contempt is deep.

I'm with K9 - while I have a Mister who is up to his eyeballs in this whole crappy system, I am reworking my bidness... getting ready for the future.

Gold. Guns. Heritage Seeds.

czar said...

A follow-up (sorry to double-dip). I just watched Alice. Good god, what passes for journalism these days. Some film school grad cutting and splicing Potemkin-style some mamaw reading an email she sent to a congressperson? And those gripping (pardon the pun) black-and-white closeups of her hands holding a piece of paper? I'm on the edge of my seat. What's going to happen next? Is she going to turn a page?

Weren't there any particularly juicy DUIs that day? Public intoxications? Cops posing as hookers? Hazing incidents (it is football and fratboy season, after all)?

Side note in this election season: I guy I knew back in the late '80s was working for an incumbent congressman in North Georgia. His opponent bought a half-hour of TV time for a paid political advertisement following the news. What did the incumbent do? Bought the two minutes of commercial time between the news and the challenger's half-hour and ran a test pattern. Everyone thought the station had gone off the air. Brilliant. F'ing brilliant.

Bretthead said...

Excellent points Moi. However, I'd like to know what YOU have done for ME lately? Cuz even though you I may say it's all about you, it's really all about me. So?

moi said...

Czar: I can't find it now, but I remember reading last week about the "origin" of the number $700 billion as regards this mess. Upshot, though: Pulled. Out of. Their butts.

Poet: Yeah, y'all are in the middle of a similar shit storm. Even Iceland, fer cryin' out loud, isn't safe. And when Iceland goes, so goeth the rest of the free world.

AB: And plenty of sunscreen. And M.A.C. gloss. Gotta have the gloss.

Czar: No, silly, the MESSAGE! Revolutionary!

WTWA: Why, just yesterday, I bribed you with Dunkin' Donuts. What more do you want? Photos of my shoes?

sparringK9 said...

yes. photos of your shoes.

Jenny said...

I'd love a picture. Or pictures.

sparringK9 said...

i guess everyone cept us is "over it". i have become a harpy on everyone around me to vote out whoever voted for the bailout. but most people just care about if their money is okay and dont look down the road. im disappointed. i guess the US will go down with a whimper -the water getting increasingly warm.