Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mute Monday: J is For


sparringK9 said...

juke joints! do they have any in NM? they do in jawja. happy MMM (mute monday moi)

h said...

J is for Roadhouse? Grrherhahahaha.
I like the first and fourth best but they're all good.

Happy Mute Monday!

The Java Junkie said...

Juke joints! Excellent, Moi! Happy MM!

NYD said...

DAmn! I am proud of myself. I got this right off the first picture.

I felt like I was playing 'Name That Tune'

Very cool pictures.

Jenny said...

these are excellent! Lost worlds in the backwoods - jammin' and jumpin'. Great pick and I love the music at the end.

Happy Mute Monday!

czar said...

J must be for Jumping the Gun. What day is it out there in NM? :)

Aunty Belle said...

heh...very cleavah! Love this!!
Blue Front Dafe? Well, that so say it all--howlin'g funny.

But , uh...drat it all, I missed the Emperor's new clothes make-up, face preservation thread? Ya'll, please come git me when I'se missin the funnest stuff.

do not smoke
do not wear base make-up ever' day
drink lightly
take yore vitamins
eat no less than 1400 calories per day (less and the building blocks fer new skin is missin')
do not swim in chlorine
Sally Beauty Supply Vitamin C cream is 5 bucks
If youse rich buy cold pressed apricot kernel oil (12 bucks) an' pat it over an exfoliated and wet face.

Aunty...who is a hunnert and ten, but only looks 89.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Yay for Jax beer!
My father tells how he used to hide from his father and the Priests at school by climbing to the roof of the Jax brewery in N.O.

I also likes me some Rickie Lee long as she sings and doesn't speak.

Aunty Belle said...

uh, thas' CAFE...and Rachel Zoe oughta jes' pack it up!

Aunty Belle said...

Iamnot, huh? I think my Mama's brothers went to school in N.O. wif' yore Daddy.

Karen said...

Ok I admit I wasn't quite in the loop with all of them...not familiar with the term juke joints. Joints...yes....Juke

I loved the old rickety buildings. Well done Moi.

Happy Mute Monday.

czar said...

buncha night owls, huh?

nyd and i look frighteningly similar. or similarly frightening. no offense intended, nyd.

j is for juxtaposition.

Bear said...

J is for... for... Just terrific. Love the picks and the clip.

Happy MM.

Joanna Cake said...

I was thinking Jumbalaya... But Ive been educated. Love the clip. Happy MM x

moi said...

K9: No, just "bars," none of which have near the personality.

Fuji: I guess "roadhouse" IS what you'd call our versions here in the west :o).

JavaJ: Thanks!

NYD: Well, you are awfully clever.

A.B.: Lost worlds is right. Although sometimes, if the cards are right and you aren't looking for it, you can get there.

Czar: Huh. I just now noticed the "separated at birth" thing with you and NYD. He may even be from the same neighborhood.

Aunty: I was wondering where you were. I figured you were just deep in a deadline.

Iamnot: Nothing like a Jax beer experience :o). Rickie Lee is highly underrated, but I agree. She should not speak.

Gypsy: Is there an Australian equivalent?

Bear: I love the old photos, too.

Cake: Jambalaya's in there somewhere, too, I'm sure!

Vixen said...

Oh I love it. Such a great idea, hehe. Plus some really great pics! :)


h said...

In the Florida of Mr. Troll's youth, places that looked like those were called "Beer Joints"

"Beer joints" were different from "Taverns and Night Clubs" in that the proprietors rarely bothered with things like Business licences, taxes and checking IDs. And didn't need a Alcohol Licence cause beer wasn't alcohol.

My favorite became known as "The Vanishing Point". This was because of frequent newspaper headlines that would start:


VintagePurseGal said...

HEY! How about "J" for "just like you'd expect"? Guess who I saw at the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica yesterday?


I immediately thought of you, Moi.

She's verrry skinny, was dressed like a hobo, AND I could see the deep wrinkles around her mouth, even though I wasn't that close to her.

She was outside, having a smoke.

Just like you'd expect.

Jenny said...

Fugi/Troll's last line is cracking me up and WENDY!!!!!.....

I bet she was out soaking up some rays while she had her smoke, too.

Doris Rose said...

reminds me of scenes from The Color Purple and a lost weekend in New Orleans...1st year of college...Mardi Gras...Jax beer.omg.

moi said...

Vixen: These places have an atmosphere the average city bar just . . . doesn't :o)

Fuji: Bars for libertarians!

Wendy: No. Effing. Way. Was she also holding a Starbuck's cup?

A.B.: Breaking all of Aunty's Golden Rules of Smooth Skin, I'm sure!

DorisRose: Lost weekends in N.O. are the BEST!

h said...


I doubt they contemplated Locke versus Rousseau but...

Yeah, redneck bikers are libertarians, in their own way.

Hey, you're my source on all things "punk"! Was something called "Drive Like Jehu" any good?

moi said...

Some of Drive Like Jehu's songs remind me a little of Sonic Youth (like, "Bullet Train to Vegas"), which I like. Others flirt way too close to Emo for my taste, but I can't think of which ones off hand. You Tube or iMusic 'em and see what you like.