Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Make LEMONade

Welcome, Party People, to another installment of Haiku Monday. I hope you're playing along this week and have come up with an homage or two to the theme, which is LEMON.

Me, I'm like Bubba Gump when it comes to this fruit. I love anything that tastes, smells, looks like, and/or otherwise utilizes the ingredient of lemon, including but not limited to: lemon icebox pie, lemon custard, lemonade, lemon chicken, gremolata, 7-Up, Fresca, and any perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette with a lemony accord, the ne plus ultra of which is Dior's Eau Savage, a scent I'd bathe in if I had the financial means. (Any of you currently trying to woo a member of the opposite sex might try dousing yourself with a little of this stuff, it's just that gorgeous.)

So I'm looking forward to reading what you crazy kids come up with—on Tuesday, because I've decided to blind judge this contest just like Czar did his. Which means, in order to be considered for the win and prize, you'll at the very least need to post your haiku here in this post's comment section. Miz Chickory has been kind enough to volunteer to copy and paste all entries and email them to me tomorrow evening after the contest closes (9pm PST) or first thing Tuesday morning. At that point, I will choose the winning haiku, announce it sometime on Tuesday, and bestow upon the lucky ducky author a copy of Clyde Casey's cookbook, Red or Green: New Mexico Cuisine.

So get crackin'. From this point forward, I WON'T be around to visit your blogs nor will I check in with mine, but feel free to post your haiku(s) with images at your own blogs as well, so your fellow participants can come by and ooh and ah at your literary genius and Google Imaging Search skills.

Ciao for now!


K9 said...

yeah, it's beautiful
but that automobile is
bad yellow citrus

czar said...

Not for judging, as it's not an original concept:

God grants you lemons:
Drink deep frustration’s nectar,
Or find a new god?

czar said...
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Anonymous said...

Lemons like Ligers
are big bold hybrids with bite.
What IS Natural?

Pluck, squeeze, shake, Yo Chill!
When it's ready, it's ready.
I ran out of beer.

Zellwegger had me
wincing with that face. Hello?!
Don't eat whole lemons!

czar said...

In Costa Rica,
Yanquis taken by surprise.
Asked, “Lemons?” Got limes.

Useful meta-fors:
Acid star of 30 Rock.
Auto sputters, sits.

A delightful fruit,
From which its pulp nor juices
Must emerge: Think zest.

Boxer said...

Citrus infusions
chemicals never replace
the taste of nature

bwahaahh to K9

foam said...

scrunched up little nose,
wide startled eyes, puckered mouth ..
thppt! lemon arcs far ..

fishy said...


Within the silence
lies a smoothly fork'd rhythm;
pie to mouth, pie to


Poolside Summer teens
streaking our hair with lemons
we smell'd like sun pies

Aesops Table:

Grill'd octopus on
lemon coriander dressed
mesclun bedded bliss

Princess said...

Never tried a haiku but her's a couple of goes...

As lemon scents go...
Dior's "Eau Savage" is fine...
For attracting same sex too!

Judge me, judge me not
I can be as sour as lemon
bitter to the end

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Awesome entries by all so far. Too bad I remain haiku-less - that cookbook sounds terrific!

Pam said...

I have two this week!

Yellow like the sun
Sour, tart, tangy, bitter so
For ade, add sugar

Restaurant water
Always floats a slice of it
I prefer a lime

fishy said...

Joy of Lemon Desiring:

My very tongue doth
yet yearn for but one more sweet,
acidic kiss'd tart

Pam said...

Italian café
Outdoors dinner divine ends
with Lemoncellos

Anonymous said...

Fragrant like napalm,
tween bombshell's heady weapon
of Love's Fresh Lemon.

K9 said...

killer fleurde Leo! you just hit my tweenhood spot on

czar said...

I told you Fleur would be tough. Hers and Fishy's by the poolside are great. Moi got some good stuff waiting for her.

Karl said...

Liquor may be quicker
But on a hot summer's day
A Shandy sure is dandy

Edsel or Gremlin
and 6.0 Power Stroke Diesel
Ought to be a law

You're packing your kit
And preparing to survive
Now don't forget scurvy

Look on the corner
Entrepreneurs get started
Lemonade 50 cents

Mitzi said...

John and Mary
In The Dairy
John pulls out his hairy lemons.

Kymical Reactions said...

The Edge won my heart,
schoolgirl crush never faded.
Sings, she wore lemon.

Pam said...

I thought of the u2 song but thought ibetter not... But thats my girl

Anonymous said...

Thanks, K9!