Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sun is My Drug

After four days under grim grey skies in the Great White North, I was anticipating coming home to some of that bone loosening New Mexico sunshine. No. Such. Luck. Six inches on the ground already, and counting. We're supposed to get a foot and a half by the time this is over and done with tomorrow afternoon.

So. Just a few things I learned over the past four days:

1. Grand Rapids is a rockin' ass city, despite the chill.
2. I should have grown up to be a librarian.
3. Frank Lloyd Wright was beyond genius.
4. It is possible to fly through a snowstorm without once begging the Southwest Airlines flight attendants for the entire bottle of vodka I know, just KNOW, they have squirreled away as their secret stash.

More to come. For now, I continue to exist in the land of Grim.


Big Shamu said...

Well that hardly seems fair, coming home to more winter grayness. Still happy dog faces are just as good as sunshine.

Pam said...

We have battened down the hatches here in OKC as well, I don't think they expect this much snow but certainly a good ice storm. No, it isn't fair to not have beautiful NM skies of blue. Best day this time of year: One of those cold and windy ones with sunshine that warms you through the car window to the point where you have to take off your jacket. Hope your trip went well and can't wait to hear more about it!

Boxer said...

Welcome home! Gray skies? Welcome to my world, 300 days a year. :-)

OK, maybe it's 285.

I was watching a show on HGTV about a couple looking for houses in Grand Rapids and it didn't look bad to me at all. Especially the house prices.

(Two of my cousins are librarians.)

TROLL Y2K said...

Welcome home. I didn't know it snowed in the Nation of New Mexico.
The commercials all show smiling tourists sunning on Ocean beaches.

Aunty Belle said...

GO on down to Meh-he-co fer the sun...

Ah... that kind of assignment? FLW? Close by is Florida Southern College which wuz done by FLW--they's real proud of it. But...the ma was pretty short, and even a shortcake like me feels hedged in under them low roof buildings.

Onc't I see FLW--doan snicker, Moi--I aint THAT ole...I was a tot, lemme say right now...but it were in Wisconsin- fer punishment by the gods of sun -- an along a city lake side Granny said to us young'uns "see that fella thar' a strollin' along the edge of the lake? Remember I pointed him out to ya...he's real famous fer building modern thangs that Southerners doan much feel comfortbale in, but they is important so looky hard at the fella an' remember that ya seen the man."

He had on a coat and hat an' I doan member much excpet Granny's insistence that some day I would wanna say I seen I'se gettin' mah chance now, I reckon.

SOrry fer yore shivvers. Come see me--we's done wif' them days in the 40s, and up to 70s again. Come on down--we'll go hunt up the Troll. THen git down to hep DivaC shop --I'll stiff the panhandlers so you gals can shop.

moi said...

Shamu: Dog were happy to see me. Plus, S.B. hadn't eaten all of the chocolate cake I'd baked for him before I left, so, yes, it was a good homecoming.

Pam: I get grumpy if I go without sun for much longer than a day. Five days is a record. I'm surprised I haven't shot anything.

Boxer: I forgot to pick up a real estate book. I like to do that when I travel, just out of curiosity. Cute, cute houses everywhere.

Troll: I live in the mountains behind ABQ. They are part of the Rockies and stand two miles high. That's after you figure in ABQ at 5,000 feet. So, yeah, we get snow. Some winters are worse than others, though. This one is pretty stormy.

Aunty: Awesome story! FLW's Midwestern homes are indeed low ceilinged, but the rooms are strangely large. I think he was very much into the cozy/cave concept of living – most probably due in large part to those winters. So, when is the best time to visit FLA?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Glad you had a good trip.

Don't worry, the sun will come out tomorrow.

K9 said...

hey guera!

that image has a very vintage feel to it. i think that snow storm is due here tomorrow night! snowed lightly monday night..big fluffy flakes that only lasted until noon the next day.

grand rapids is a happening town? who knew. cool about the FLW stuff. and dag no camera.

glad you are back!

fishy said...

I totally am on your page, 5 days without sun makes Blowfish flee my presence.

Grand Rapids is an awesome tow. Did a project there long years ago. Had a great time...I went in the Spring!

Did an early Blog on FLW, I don;t love all of his work, but some of it, definitely genius.

How wonderful to be welcomed home by eager dogs and what could be more relaxing transition than baking something wonderful for SB?

Allison said...


Welcome back. Sun is also my drug (as well as Vodka on sketchy flights), which is why - despite the traffic - I am quite happy to call Southern California home!

PS: What's this I hear about you running marathons? I'm running my first one in May. Any advice?

moi said...

Karl: No doubt, señor. Only now I'm gonna have Annie stuck in my head all night.

K9: My client on this project is based in the ATL and has done nothing but bitch about the weather. I'm sorry. Y'all are supposed to be in the south!

Fishy: Oh, I'd love to go there in the spring! And tour the Meyer May. I just didn't have time. Pout.

Allison: A fellow runner! Cool! I haven't run a marathon yet -just a half and a bunch of trail runs. Best advice? You should check with my buddy at Club Pirate (a triathlete and ultra runner) on this, but the best advice I've been given is: Don't over train. Do 2-3 runs per week of 5-6 miles a run, and steadily increase your mileage via the long run on Sundays, until you're at 20-25 miles a couple weeks before the race. Then taper.

chickory said...

but you know i love the snow! it should never be bitched about because it is rare, it needs to be treated as a holiday. i am merry and warm in my studio drawing st jerome. the trees are shimmering with ice. i love it.

Aunty Belle said...

now is nice, but April is amazin'.

Pam said...

How's your weather this weekend? Would you come get this snow and ice and take it back home with you?

Meanwhile, stop by my last PR posting -- Fishy suggested we all post what we think would be more interesting challenges. Fun.