Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Neither a Cheap Nor an Easy Conquest

Yesterday, I'm sitting in my office pecking away on an assignment, when S.B. comes in and drops one of these on my desk:

I have a candy jones the size of a Humvee dealership, so my initial reaction was, "Heyyyyyyy, you've been holding out on Moi!"

"Nope, uh, uh. It came with this," S.B. replied, showing me the new holster he'd just bought for one of his pistols. Then he showed me the packing slip, at the bottom of which someone had handwritten a loopy "Thanks!" in black ink pen, followed by a quarter-sized smiley face, and a signature.

I like that.

Arming the revolution . . . one Smartie and Smiley Face at a time.


Boxer said...

I like that too. It's nice to see that people appreciate bidness and go the extra step to show it.

S.B. was nice to share. Mr.Boxer hides most candy from me because he knows what will happen... SNARF! Of course, sometimes he forgets and I've found boxes of Red Vines that are ancient.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I like that. Pistols, smileys and smarties - that's a revolution I'm interested in.

Wow, that was awkward said...

It's the wild west down there in New May-he-co. I can do without the weaponry, but bring on the smarties!!

Haiku Master said...

Wrapper. Holster. Sheath.
One holds candy, one a gun.
Or do two do that?

Boxer said...

Candy is dandy, but bullets are faster.

Buzz Kill said...

This is my smartie, this is my gun. This is for eating and this is for fun.

K9 said...

smarties are sweet in the way sweet tarts are not. they are meltier and have a decent fake flavor.

cannot find .380 ammo. not anywhere.

our real strength would be to not participate in this sham anymore. we cannot out firepower the feds, but we can refuse to pump any more dough onto their great ponzi scheme.

moi said...

Boxer: Finding forgotten candy is like finding money under the sofa.

Sandcastle: Viva!

WTWA: And just when it begins to get a little too wild, some trust funder from back east comes along and opens a day spa.

Haiku: I wonder what they send when you order a machine gun?

Boxer: Righto. More flies with honey? Not always.

Buzz: For some reason, Al Pacino in Scarface just popped into my head.

K9: Smarties are the superior candy, most definitely. Shoot, do I wish I'd bought stock in Smith & Wesson.

fishy said...

Your SB could teach these other menfolk a thing or two about fine courting practices!

Doris Rose said...

yup...change is comin'

Milk River Madman said...

Where did S.B. purchase said holster? They need my business. "A pistol in every glove box!" should be a campaign motto.

czar said...

Among the phrases that would never be uttered in the czarist household: "showing me the new holster he'd just bought for one of his pistols." Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just saying.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Maybe the salesperson was just sweet on S.B. or they could be targets.

moi said...

Fishy: Oh, S.B.'s learned, alright. Every time I get a wee bit cranky, he throws candy my way. Or Chanel :o)

Doris: You should know, missy, as you be quite the shot!

Milk: An armed society is a polite society.

Czar: Given your midnight wanderings and some of your clients? I'd say, that's prolly a good thing.

Karl: Hah! I'm imagining them as eensy beensy clay targets. S.B. could probably hit them. Moi, no way. Pssssst: I'm a notoriously bad shot. Then again, I don't ever plan on having to AIM, if you get my drift.

Kymical Reactions said...

all I can think of when I read this is what kind of pistol goes in his new holster??

I wanna play!

Pam said...

Candy and guns? What will they think of next? Meanwhile, come PR Snarking!

moi said...

Kym: One of his 9mm daily drivers. I bet YOU'RE a good shot :o).

Pam: I had to TIVO it last night; so I'll watch it while I'm on the bike and then get back to you later!

Aunty Belle said...

OH! I jumped uo fer joy when I seen yore tag!

Uncle an S.B. an Milk River Madman will git along fine, methinks. Heh.

Bwhahahaha! to Boxer-babe.

Gerhahahaha! to BuzzK

K9, eggsactly!

FIshy, hehehe, yep, A man goes a courtin wif' candy and firepower.

Moi to Milk: Amen!

Aunty to K9, Pappy Cracker come along fer a visit, seen Uncle's 380 (wif' Laser!)an' went off to order same, said he has source fer ammo. Hmmn.

Moi to Kym "daily drivers" --howl!!

Can somebody lyrical write us'uns a good Revo song? THat Ray Stevens one is too polite.

moi said...

Aunty: Oooooo, lasers. That's what I need.