Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mute Monday: Red


Pam said...

He looks strangely like K9's Mexican wrestler. Happy MM to you, and no we are not de-iced yet. I haven't been out of the house in 4 days. And dreading tomorrow, I understand the roads are still awful.

Buzz Kill said...

I must admit that I never followed Captain America and didn't know about his apparent arch nemesis until now. That is some pretty cool art.

Happy MM!

TROLL Y2K said...

Comic book art absolutely rocks. Great choice!

happy mute monday!

Boxer said...

When I was in S.F. last summer the Nephew and I went to the comic book museum and it was pretty freaking amazing. I get why you like it. They cranked out some amazing things over the years and the ones you have here are classic.

Kymical Reactions said...

Woah! Ok, these totally rocked. Slightly scary, but ya gotta appreciate what some people can do with a pen. ah-maze-ing.

Happy MM, miss Moi. x.

Aunty Belle said...

awesome! I love comic book art too--it is akshully extremely precise, controlled and requires attention ter detail.


Happy MM!

Big Shamu said...

Look at this, something I did not know about Moi. I lived on comic books back in my theater techie days. Axel Pressbutton. The Flaming Carrot. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...before the movie or tv. Of course it was the women in the comic books I loved. Hehe.

Great choice.

fishy said...

Wow! Quite the contrast when you've just come from Aunty's. Over here, RED is the color of the bad guys. Over on the Porch, RED is the color of the Babes.
I think I might posess some of that prejudice. I have owned a fabulous red silk suit but would be horrified if Blowfish donned one! Have a great Monday ... are you thawed out there yet?

Red Rottie Renegade said...

Yeah! pop! zow! crunch!



Joanna Cake said...

Dont really know much about Captain America but his nemesis certainly looks pretty evil :)

For those that are interested, Ruf is visiting and my flat smells of cooking beans as he plans his assault on the ThrowDown. I blame Karl if the rest of my night is gassy!

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

The precision that went into comic book art is really amazing. Of course if you look at the money involved they can afford to pay good artists. Marvel Publishing in the 6 hundred mil. range, with 57 employees.

@ Joanna, I'm just helping to prove that it's really true love;)

boneman said...

Holy Moly!
Red isn't a nice station here, eh?
Marvel made some of the most dramatic advances in comics than any other, and then, later in the early 80s, the comics made a new advancement.
The manufacturers realized that us comic buyers had money.
(not now so much as then, for me) but I see now that the kids evidently can borrow enough money from their parents to buy some...what are they called...
I'll think of it.
Just doen't come to me right now.
Er...about saying "happy mute Monday"?
Maybe more to, watch out for red on mute Monday?
Happy MM

boneman said...

They actually have their own section in book stores, now.
And at $5-$12 each...they should have their own section!