Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Chicken in Moi's Pot

My latest obsession: Polish Crested Chickens.

It's always been there, albeit lying dormant, revealing itself only in September when I troop over to the New Mexico State Fair for my annual communion with championship livestock. I can hang with the chickens all day. Last year, I spent a full fifteen minutes chatting up these dudes, but, given they're the super models of the poultry world, they were all, talk to the hand, lady, talk to the hand. Plus, S.B. thought I was a leetle bit C R A Z Y, having a full blown convo with what is, essentially, Sunday Dinner.

But having spent three point six seven days in the company of K9 who is kookoo for her chickies, my obsession is now renewed. Now, the only trick is, how to get Ivan on board.

"Mmmm . . . tastes like chicken."

What's your latest obsession?


Doris Rose said...

the Kindle2. major.

EmmaK said...

My latest obsession is my holiday to Buenos Aires in August.

Wendy said...

I'm so boring. My obsessions never change. Latest, which is ongoing: Victorian mizpah jewelry, especially rings.

CHEF TROLL said...

Step1 Create a safe home for your hens. Build a secure coop and an enclosed outdoor run for the chickens, which is important before you introduce your family dog to them. Simple chicken coop plans are available online at You can also purchase a coop from a feed store or the website Henspa (See Resources below).

Step2Make it clear to the dog that you like the chickens and they are part of the family; this is key to training a dog to live with chickens. On the first day of the introduction, release your chickens into their secure run. Then, put your dog on a short lead and walk him over to the run area. Allow your dog to sniff around the coop and enclosed run and to investigate the chickens through the fencing. If your dog lunges or barks at the chicken, reprimand him with a firm “No.” Repeat this step twice a day for three to five days.
Step3 Doggie TV Allow the dog to investigate the chickens (still safely enclosed in their run) off leash. Supervise the dog closely and do not allow her to bark, growl or lunge at the birds. Praise the dog profusely when she acts calmly around the birds and give her a treat (or two). Repeat this step twice a day for an additional three to five days, or until the dog displays consistent calm behavior around the chickens.
Step4After a week to ten days of separated introduction, it is time to allow your dog to get up close and personal with your chickens. Invite a spouse, family member or neighbor to help with this step. Put your dog on a short lead and take him out to the coop. Have another person hold the dog while you pick up a chicken. Pet and talk to the chicken in calm, gentle tones for a few minutes while your dog observes.
Step5Using a calm voice, invite your leashed dog to approach the chicken and sniff the bird while you are holding it. Again, do not allow the dog to act aggressively towards the chicken (and be prepared to move if he does so). Heap praise on your dog and give him a treat if he investigates the bird gently. Then, walk a few feet away from the dog, put the chicken down and let your dog observe the bird wander around the yard for 5 minutes or so. Repeat this leashed interaction twice a day for 5 days or until the dog displays consistent calm behavior around the chickens.
Step6 Once you feel confident that your dog understands you love the chickens (and her), you can try letting the dog interact with the chickens off leash. Stay close to your dog and keep a leash handy. Praise the dog for interacting positively with the chickens and pet her occasionally so she doesn’t feel jealous. If the dog aggressively approaches or barks at a chicken, reprimand her with a firm “No.” Repeat these supervised encounters daily until you feel comfortable leaving the dog and chickens out together unattended.

Step 7) Bury chickens deep in firm rocky earth so Ivan is unable to dig up their bones.

K9 said...

latest obsession? i think you already know! more chickens. a vegetable garden. lots and lots of space and no noise.

how is Ivan with other birds? if coves are in your yard does he charge them? as a trainer and dog whisperer, i think you could work it out. if i can get trout the autistic dog on board surely you can get ivan.

of course you can start them in a coop and run. i van will see they are your pets and then you can begin to socialize them gradually.

you wont be sorry. chickens are amazing creatures so curious and chock full of personality. dont delay your happiness. if a chicken makes you happy, then go for it. times a wastin!

K9 said...

coves = doves

grrrrrherhahahaha to troll. *not helpful*

Boxer said...

Wow, great info from Troll - it almost seems possible.... so DO IT!!!

You know my obessions too: movies starring my dogs (worked on one last night) and driftwood. And soon, when the weather is warmer it will my backyard and the installation of my driftwood trees.

Heather Cherry said...

Inventing a perfume that smells like Puppy Breath. I would seriously wear it.

moi said...

Doris: Have you read off one? I'm wondering how hard the screen is on the eyes?

Emma: Holy cow! That's a big one!

Wendy: That's not called boring; that's called FOCUS. Which I have a decided lack of.

Troll: Bwahahahahahahahah!

K9: You know, he has a HUGE prey drive, but he has always seemed indifferent to birds. So I'll have to test him out.

Boxer: When you become a famous filmmaker can I be part of your entourage?

Heather Cherry: Howdy fellow pibble wuver, welcome to Moi's Blob! Hmmmm . . . I've got a lot o' funky smellin' perfumes in my collection, but that would definitely be a new one. Go for it.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Ivan is the giver of wisdom on this one.

I have no new obsessions...just the same old.

K9 said...

i dont think boxer read all the way through trolls comment. grrerhahaha

WHO is trying to outbid me on my farm truck!?grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah! (today's obsession: ebay motors)

Wow, that was awkward said...

Besides you? I dunno, what else is there (don't say donuts).

Boxer said...

I didn't!! I went back and read #7. BWHAHAHAHAHAA. It's what I WAS thinking when I saw the picture of Ivan and then remembered the Squirrels.

moi said...

Gnome: If I had a magic wand, I'd time machine Yvonne Craig for you, I would, I really would.

K9: Crikey, I know. Only I'm looking for El Camino's.

WTWA: Ooooo, way to pitch for a Next Day Air from Top Pot.

Boxer: That is Ivan's squirrel substitute. It does in a pinch when he's feeling the need to kill something.

kmwthay said...

Wow. These chickens are really cool. My latest obsession is not fun. It is trying to figure out Microsoft Access 2007. My hair is falling out.