Monday, December 23, 2013

Anarchy Does Not Equal Anarchy

Anarchy means chaos. A truism that most folks on both sides of the aisle will gladly agree on. But does it really, or is it, as this gent points out, just a way to shock us all into fear and submission?

Anarchy refers to a society without a central political authority. But it is also used to refer to disorder or chaos. This constitutes a textbook example of Orwellian news-speak in which assigning the same name to two different concepts effectively narrows the range of thought. For if lack of government is identified with the lack of order, no one will ask whether lack of government actually results in a lack of order. And this un-inquisitive mental attitude is absolutely essential to the case for the state. If people were ever to seriously question whether government actions are really productive of order, popular support for government would almost instantly collapse. The identification of anarchy with disorder is not a trivial matter. The power of our conceptions to blind us to the facts of the world around us cannot be gainsaid.

--John Hasnas, Professor of Business and Law, Georgetown University


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

"If people were ever to seriously question whether government actions are really productive of order, popular support for government would almost instantly collapse." This statement is correct. The issue is, the majority of people don't question. They simply accept what they're told and blindly follow along. Complacency and ignorance are the root to much of the problem. Engaging people to think about and construct other options is really the only alternative. If you keep pushing the message, maybe someone will listen. That's how the government's done it.

And with that said, Mrs. Lincoln. I will say, I hope you enjoyed the play. Wishing You and SB a fine holiday together

czar said...

All this stupid social science I'm paid to read tells me that man is a social animal and needs to live in groups. I guess some type of self-governance is going to grow from that, and eventually things get too big and fall apart.

I just don't know how we're ever going to fix the fact that our being human is at the base of every stinking one of our problems. I'd certainly take my dog's life over this one.

czar said...

Oh, apologies. Good evening, Sir Karl.

Doom said...

Yeah, yeah, I see you and raise you three... no... I'll accept your bid, take it for what it's worth, and call it even. Yeah, I get it, too. I sympathize, maybe empathize, possibly agree in ways and at times.

I was just working through some notions here. No... offense meant. I think? I don't know, I just work here! :)

moi said...

Karl: Happy Holidays to you and yours! I hope it's free of gooberment intervention.

Czar: Social plus bossy = government. "There outta be a law!" One of the most dangerous phrases every conceived. Perhaps, however, it's just the way our species needs to end it. Make room for something of a higher consciousness. Like a machine.

Doom: No offense taken. I just want people to rethink what they think has to be the paradigm. All this blah blah blah about hope and change and all that really just amounts to new boss same as old boss. If we don't really change, we get what we deserve. (I really need to quit writing in song lyrics.)

LX!: Always good to see you, sir. Lovely musical interlude. Thank you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Bah Humbug (if one is so inclined), to ALL!

Anonymous said...

Jeeze Moi, I wish you had thrown one like this into Haiku Monday - it would have livened things up a bit.

Nice to see you on a good tear. I hope you have more readers than commenters. Folks need to be better educated on the meaning of words and more sophisticated about politics. When will people wake up to the tyranny of the Executive Order? And the growing power of the EPA? And the intrusion of OSHA into personal lives? And the complete loss of personal privacy with the new health insurance system? Note I did not say Health Care System the insurance laws did not really change the health care system, just how health care is paid for, and approved or not.

Best of the season to you and SB.


moi said...

Hey Miss S! I've been writing so much lately, that all my haikus would come out as rants! But I do need to flex those muscles—I'm sorry I didn't make it over to your place to do so.

Hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday season and I'll catch up with you in the (Brave) New Year :o)

LẌ said...

Happy New Year!

czar said...

Happy new year to you and yours, Moi.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moi,

Where have you been? Come play Haiku Monday at Serendipity's place this week. We miss you.

LẌ said...

Be my Valentine!


Rafael said...

Any chance for a wee 'Ku pop to suckle on? My tongue is hungry for one of your twizzlers....PLEASE?!?

Doom said...

Hey, sexy, trying to drum up some business. No, not money business, haiku. Got a noob judge, an interesting open theme ("trouble", like any of us know about that! :p), and thought I'd advert for her. Give her a... serious contest in which to get her feet wet. So... I'm knocking on doors.

Her post is here

Karl said...

Good evening Moi,

The contest is ending. Please stop by for a visit Haiku Monday: The Finale

Aunty Belle said...

New blog an act of discipline, write, write write.