Monday, October 14, 2013

Haiku Monday: Bare

It seems like years since I've played. But Rafael called, so who can help but heed his requests?

Prada platforms flung,
toe curls extrude warmth and wet.
Mud stuck pedi cure.


Anonymous said...

Moi, so nice to see you jump in - to a mud puddle barefoot no less.

Makes me smile. Bare feet and mud do seem to go together sometimes.

Glad to see you stop by now and then.


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Sorry, I have no idea what Pranda platforms are. However, warm and wet is always appealing. Well done.

Don't let the sophomore in me, put you off.

Rafael said...

You do make me SMILE, Moi! LOVE THIS! HaHa!

Perhaps I was a pig in another life (can pigs be svelte?), but there's nothing more freeing than romping and rolling in a bit of mud. (Mom, of course, hated that part of my nature).


moi said...

Serendipitity: the only time I like to be without shoes is on the beach and in the mud. I love to squish.


I'm never put off by sophomore. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any men in my life! Bah-duh-bum.

Rafe: I was a mud child, too. Also, I loved making mud pies, castles, and huts. Where we lived, it was clay-like.

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh. I had to go look at those Pradas myself. Makes my feet hurt just looking at them. Somehow I found it amusing that they call the pointy toe pump a "pointy toe pump" - truth in naming for a change ;-). No way I could get my foot into one of those! I appreciate your thing for shoes, even if I can't share it. There are a bewildering variety, with more all the time.


moi said...

Serendipity: Believe it or not, Pradas are way comfy. I gave up on Louboutins--I no longer tolerate discomfort for fashion. That was fine in my younger days. These are now my new obsession. However, I do not wear heels every day. That's why I can wear 'em :o)