Monday, August 5, 2013

Haiku Monday: Reflection


Sentimental gaze
conjures too much woe. Dylan
nailed it: Don’t look back.

* * * 

Serendipity is our hostess with the mostest this month.
Drop on by and play, why don't you?


fishy said...

"conjures" .... perfect!

Did you notice, even then there was a signboard with " leaders ???"
Yeah, don't look back.

darkfoam said...

I ought to watch that movie.
Would that be looking back?

Doom said...

I don't know if that is truly sage advice, but it might be safer and easier path. Although, like when on high, if with vertigo, it is all some can do? Don't look down or back... Well, and one should spend most of their time looking back, or forward, just living? There is that.

Yeah, I wonder sometimes.

Uhrm, thanks for the link. I've added you, here, to my haiku sidebar collection. If you ever lose links, and I'm still drawing breath, there you go.

moi said...

It's a neat trick, isn't it, to navigate the tightrope between looking back to learn or enjoy and looking back to mourn. The older I get, the more wobbly my feet.

Doom said...

Yep! Dancing, but instead of with youthful feet a hopeful soul?