Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pigs From a Gun

Liberty is the default. Always. It's just not negotiable.


LẌ said...

Creative protest in Berlin recently.

moi said...

LX: And racist speech is a punishable offense in France. When will the madness end? Funny, but my uncle sends me emails all the time about this very worry the Germans have. And, yet, they allow the government to control almost every other aspect of their lives. "Yes, give us 8 weeks free vacation and childcare and yada yada at the expense of the taxpayers, but don't listen in!"

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

I actually thought the house vote was going to go the other way. I find myself dumbfounded as to how to explain to people what they're giving up. Seriously I talk about this to people and as I do so, I see their eyes glaze over. They have no interest in learning from the past. As long as somebody's giving them free stuff, they're happy." Of the gov't wouldn't do anything to hurt me, only the bad guys"

These folks are dedicated, they will do anything the law allows them to do to achieve the mission. I don't fault them for their dedication. I fault the Congress for not controlling it.

Anonymous said...

The only amazing thing is that we are now learning of it. I am not surprised about what our corrupt government does routinely. They keep making "regulations" to get around not being able to make laws to accomplish their will.

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