Saturday, November 24, 2012

Haiku Monday: RESIST

S.B. and I flew down to South Louisiana on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with his family. On the flight both down and back, getting ready to go through security, I witnessed several folks struggling to figure out just what, exactly, was required of them in this Brave New World of Training Submissive Americans.

One, an elderly gent who didn't look like he'd ever flown on an airplane (but at least had the good sense to know that when you step out in public, you put on your very best suit and NOT a pair of flip flops and pajama pants) couldn't quite figure out what it was he was supposed to do in that machine. What? Put my hands in the air? Like a criminal? Did I do something WRONG? At least they didn't make him take off his shoes, poor man.

Certainly, the herd mentality in humans is nothing new. A good deal of it is evolutionary—we survived because like bands stuck to like bands—and a good deal of it has become part of the fiber of our social make up. We all want to feel like we belong, that we're part of a family of like-minded individuals. It makes us feel less . . . exposed. Less isolated. But it's one thing when the herd dictates, say, fashions in food and clothing. It's quite another when it extends to dangerous ideas and mob rule.

My mother told me once—only once—about the day the Nazis took the Jews from her village. The people who ran their shops. The mothers with whom they gossiped over the fence. The kids who played with their kids. Everyone knew why their friends and neighbors were being taken and where they were going. And no one did a goddamn thing about it. Don't think it couldn't happen again, were mom's last words on the subject.

Obviously, my mother forgot about our relatively recent Holiday in Cambodia and the seemingly endless crop of one South American military junta after the other. And she didn't live long enough to watch the Twin Towers come down on morning television or read about the tragedy of Darfur.

With few exceptions, it seems, history tells us that resistance is futile and that even the most unspeakable horrors are bearable if we're all in it together. Just shut your mouth and keep looking down.

Or, am I wrong and simply paranoid? Are we less easily herded today and more capable of putting a foot down and resisting whatever it is that makes a voice inside us shout out: No, this is not right? Is there something, for instance, up with which you will not put—even if it means danger for you and your family?

Let me know, in a haiku of 5-7-5, seasonal reference not necessary. And if you want to deal with the theme in terms of a physical and not psychological or political force, that's fine too. Submit as many as you like, but I'll judge only two. And give everyone an extra day, to boot. Post here and/or on your site up until midnight PST on Tuesday, November 27th. I'll pick a winner by the end of the week.

Happy 'kuing!


czar said...

What a great invitation.

LẌ said...

bread and circuses.
sedated to live in a

PS: Not an entry, just a comment.

fishy said...

Whimperors of Self
ooze through life as parasites.
Do nothings do harm.

Anonymous said...

Put the Nephew on the plane yesterday after a good dose of shooting guns. Borrowed a few for variety so he had "black guns" hunting guns, handguns, and even dueling tree fun with .22 pistol vs .22 rifle.

Then I decided he needed to take home some elk meat for his larder. Heh, heh.

I think they may gave consulted the rule book, but he went home with steaks and burger.

No liquid, gell, shoes!
That’s frozen elk burger, Sir.
Aunt S. said “No rules.”….=D.


Rebecca said...

straight,order,the same
wild, free blowing in the wind
original me

gravitational pull strong
resistance hopeless

chickory said...

it isn't futile
don't feed it, don't fund it; small
revolutions work

I have never gone through the airport scanner. I have encouraged at least one other passenger each trip to also opt out. When I talk to my pat down TSA minion, I tell her there will be no nuremberg defense. I have also been known to say to people: Dont be a sheep. the ones in the scanner, laughing and cutting up - yeah, its fun to be trained to submit. doofuses.

we have a big worry with people who "follow orders"

and damn, whoever thought the man of the little people, the nobel laureate would turn out to be a authoritarian police state lovin drone bombing monsanto blowing puppet?

IT can happen anytime.

remember, if the State ever tells you to go somewhere for safety or free anything; run, fast, the other way and dont look back.

chickory said...

an authoritarian

Anonymous said...

Resist the dark side.
You alone decide your fate.
Rattle your cages!

fishy said...

army of texters
resist wi-fi governance
who will be our Joan?

TSA abuse
These are not bombs! These are breasts!
Profilers by flesh

Island Rider said...

Mine are not as serious as the others but are up with visuals. I have been flying a lot lately and find that the people in Central and Latin America are not as casual when they fly as Americans.Nor is their security. Bag searches and pat downs at the gate as well as entering the airport.

Stop. Hold back. Ban tears.
The other coast is not world’s end.
Youngest son moves out.

The only reason
A puppy sounds appealing
Now. Is empty nest.

And for fun:

Music. Lights. Cool temps.
Christmas before Thanksgiving.
Wrong so many ways.

moi said...

Hey, now! Look at all you 'kuing away! A big welcome and thanks to the newbies, too. Please stop by their places if you get a chance.

Keep 'em coming. You have until tonight and I'll announce a winner and new host tomorrow or Thursday latest.

@Chickory: because all politicians are puppets. The conversation I had with my FIL this past weekend only confirmed it. His stories of the futility of trying to "do good" as a politician because of the way the system is structured are, I'm sure, par for the course.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! I hope it's Monsanto and authoritarian free!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and SB.

The first two are for judging and the last for fun.

New home drone contract
.95 billion / 5 year
For your protection.

Losers take over
What can the whole do for me
Time for rooftop vote?

A grid down collapse
Trigger a massive die-off
Thinning of the herd

@ Chickory: You're so right. Could happen at any time.

czar said...

The Re sist Sist ers.
In the postapocalypse,
Bet on Moi, Chick9.

fishy said...

Is that Czar doing rap?????

Fleurdeleo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fleurdeleo said...

The Csar knows from rap!

Fantastic theme this week.

My entry:

His narcotic scent:
orange groves on a Turkish sea.
Married now! Defriend?

czar said...

[apres deadline]

Weakest elements
Resisting demolition.
Lesson, professor?


Oh, the Ultimate Resistance Proto-Rap (apologies to Gil-Scott Heron):

moi said...

@Czar: Yes. Perfect. I love Dylan. I could kill my brother for selling my dad's pristine copy of Freewheelin'.

chickory said...

Dylan the sage. for resistance rap, I like Paris. But, its not appropriate for a middle aged white woman to love this Black Panther. (is it?)

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Lots of great haiku this week. So hard for the Judge.

moi said...

@Chickory: Of course it is. Paris is great.

fishy said...

@ Karl,
your third is frightening because I fear it is accurate.

@ Fleur,
here I was thinking you were wise.

@ Moi,
Glad I am not judging.

czar said...

That Paris video is nifty. Not something I'd usually see. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

LOL Czar-rap!

Karl had but to see Katrina and Sandy to make that prediction, Fishy.

TSA airpor "security" makes me rabid. I feel soooo much safer after they shake down the 88 year olds! Unfortunately, I am with Moi on the being touched by strangers thing - better I go through the scanner than be pawed by someone I may greet with a roundhouse. I could end up in jail for a long time just because someone crossed my touching flashpoint.

Then there is the "Patriot" Act! What's in a name, anyway?

Good luck with judging, Moi, and thanks for hosting.


moi said...

@Serendipity: Ja, strangers don't be touching Moi unless they come bearing gifts of candy. Or they are Daniel Craig. Holding candy.

Sorry, folks, deadlines are nipping at my heels, but I'll be up with a winner post—albeit most likely brief—this p.m.

Thanks to all for playing. As usual, a tough one to judge.

BlazngScarlet said...

I know I missed the deadline, but i'm still going to post here what I had.

Patriot are you?
Liberty? Freedom?
Faded with a pen flourish

Good luck to all (especially you Moi!)

Aunty Belle said...

Me too-- done missed the deadline despite generous extension. Meant to try--had computer up in the bed wif' me, workin' on work, but wif' Moi's tab open in case of inspiration...then fell asleep afore midnight PST. well drat.

Had I done it, it'd be along these lines:

Freedom to succeed?
South's Piece de Resistance-
Freedom to secede.

Gotta luv "rooftop vote" and the
Resist sisters!

Wicked Thistle said...