Monday, November 19, 2012

Haiku Monday: Rock Edifice

Once when I was in elementary school—fifth or sixth grade, I can't remember which—my teacher called my mother to discuss my lack of participation in the daily 20-minute group discussions that ended each period of my "accelerated" English class. I remember how my mother's voice sounded over the phone, heavily Germanic and clipped in that way she had when she could tell she was going to have to suffer fools: "I told you, Mrs. Smith, that if she's not interested in doing something, she's just not interested. You'd have greater success trying to move Mt. Everest. Leave her alone; she'll be fine."

So she left me alone and I did, in fact, turn out fine (I think). I also turned out to be quite the chatterbox, eventually going on to become an active participant in my school paper, drama club, and speech and debate teams. I just didn't like that class or that teacher or that particular method of classroom instruction, which seemed pointless and self-indulgent. I also learned that one of the best ways to get my way was not to rant and rave, but to shut up and dig in. As Buster Keaton once said: "Silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter."

I need to remember that more often as an adult. I need to remember why nothing makes me happier than the sight of a mountain looming in the distance or the prospect of hiking/climbing/running/skiing one. Because it takes a literal act of God and Nature—over eons—to make a mountain change.

* * *

No stranger to the beauties of the wild herself, Ms. Serendipity naturally came up with this week's rockin' Haiku Monday theme. Drop on by and see what's shakin'. Maybe even add your own to the mix.

Devil's sacred rock.
White man whack on crack climbing.
Just glad I survived.


Buzz Kill said...

"This means something!" (with appologies to Richard Dryfuss and Close Encounters).

"whack on crack" has many meanings here and leaves it to the reader's (juvenile - in my case) imagination.

Is that you in the picture? If so, you cetainly are whack.

czar said...

I agree with Buzz's closing comment. I hope that's an artist's rendition.

Nice haiku, nice writeup.

I'll bet you didn't take any shit during recess either.

LẌ said...

I walked the trail around Devil's Tower, watched some climbers make their way to the top, and saw lots of chipmunks. A really serene place.

moi said...

Buzz and Czar: Yes, that's me. It wasn't too scary. Just difficult.

von LX: It's a beautiful place, for sure. I love the drive from SD to get there as well. The local Native American tribes have tried for decades to outlaw climbing there. Me, I see a mountain and think: I need to go there. I mean, why not, if one is respectful and doesn't trash the place.

Aunty Belle said...

no challenges left fer ya', I see. Well...mebbe come on down heah an wrassle a gator.

Fun Haiku--good luck!

moi said...

Aunty: Nah, I like alligators too much, although I have to admit they make a tasty meal and a pretty handbag. I spent a lot of time as a kid hitching along on hunts, watching or helping things get killed, skinned, gutted, dressed down, and packaged for the freezer. Done my time in that regard. Not sure I could do it again. But I WOULD come down if you'd like to go to lunch and shop :o)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

We may not have sat in the same class, however we sure had the same attitude.

I've been there, I've never climbed it. A drive by, not on my schedule. You went up or you went down, or both? Either way would be a blast. But down fast as always fun.

moi said...

Karl: Up and down. Yes, I agree: down is always more fun :o) Had you and I been in the same class, we might have formed a little gang and circumvented all authority figures altogether.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the tower on Sunday this week! I have never climbed to the top, but have hiked around it a few times. My rock climbing has been in other places. A rappel down from the top would be a real kick! Yehaw!


fishy said...

Fish do not climb.
They barely even sun bathe on a flat rock in a good stream.

Nice haiku :-)

Anonymous said...

Results are in, Moi.

Rocks all around us.


moi said...

Fishy: LOL. And, as a Desert Rat, I rarely venture into water that is not contained within four walls. But I'm trying :o)