Thursday, November 29, 2012

Haiku Monday Resist Results

You haiku ku kuers don't make it easy, do you? No, you do not. There was something to love about each and every one of your efforts to cover the topic—whether from a political, personal, or . . . architectural?—point of view.

Before I outline my favorites, I'd like to once again thank the newbies for jumping into the fray. We've upheld this meme for, what, two years now? I'm not sure. But let's just say it's been an awfully long time, and there are those of us who still miss its founder, wherever he may be (making the world unsafe for Democrats and Black-eyed Peas listeners, most likely).

At any rate, Island Rider and Magical Mystical MiMi, welcome! I hope you continue to play.

Oh, and thank you to Aunty and to Blazng, both of whom arrived late on the scene and yet posted some very resistance-worthy haiku.

So, starting at the top and working down:

von LX declined to be included in the competition (most likely because he is busy swanning about Germany and having a richtiges gutes Zeit mit viellen Bier trinken WITH OUT US!), but, hey, how awesome is the word kakistocracy? Please, y'all, go forth and use it in a sentence at least once this week, okay?

Likewise, Ms. Fishy always conjures up many brilliant turns of phrase. This time around, Whimperors of Self. A great big Bill and Ted's Adventurous whoa to that one.

Serendipity, who must be the most awesome aunt EVER, made me chuckle with the image of her poor nephew trying to explain his cargo of frozen elk to a TSA agent.

Ms Becca always produces such lovely and evocative musings that speak to a rich and contemplative imagination.

As for Chickory, perhaps, as Czar points out, my sistah from anutha mutha. Certainly, there are very few people on this planet who share even a portion my particular (peculiar?) politics and she is one of them, as well as a most excellent example of why the political must be personal, and that true change starts with the individual, not the power structure.

Which is why I also really loved Magical Mystical MiMi exhortation to rattle our cages. Uh. Yes.

Fishy again, with "those are not bombs, those are breasts!" That seriously needs to be on a t-shirt.

I very much enjoyed Island Rider's deftly spun odes to empty nesting—one bittersweet, one humorous.

Señor Karl, someone with whom I could also easily share a foxhole, always hits just the right note of skepticism blended with optimism and can probably MacGyver his way into or out of just about any situation, including under the water and 10,000 feet up in the air.

New home drone contract
.95 billion / 5 year
For your protection.

is a really cool haiku.

Then there is Czar, with whom I share absolutely no politics, but who does understand my love of late 1970s punk vis-a-vis the grit that was once NYC, so we're even. Did he appeal to my vanity this go-round? You betcha. And nearly snagged the win.

But another of his buddies snatched victory from his clutches.

And that would be Fleurdeleo with:

His narcotic scent:
orange groves on a Turkish sea.
Married now! Defriend?

Yes, I know that orange should most likely be judged as two syllables but in some parts of the country, it is one: orn-j. And, besides, if we take out the word "a"—not a significant omission—the haiku still makes sense and we can pronounce the fruit or-ange. Does that make sense? I think I'm on solid ground here . . .

Anyway. What won this for me was that second line. Dang. I'm a sucker for anything scent-ual, and those seven little syllables instantly encapsulate everything I need to know about how this man intoxicates. And the third line of course says everything about how those kinds of memories can latch themselves into our brains like a pit bull with a tennis ball. Sweetie? Yes. Defriend.

And host next week, por favor!

Thank you all for playing, and mmmmmmwah!


Fleurdeleo said...

Oh, Moi! I am honored--and so gratified. This one was from the heart.

Why do women let men talk them into robbing liquor stores, emptying their bank accounts and making home-made porn vignettes on their cell cams? I'll tell you why: that second line in my haiku. It's science. (DISCLAIMER: I have never participated in ANY of the above, but have been talked into wearing lingerie that makes me look like an exasperated Renaissance fair employee.)

So, thanks to my Turk for the inspiration (he really did get married but we have long been out of touch). Stand by for next HM chez Fleur!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that Fleur is always clevah! I say orange as a single syllable, so hey, sounds right to me. COngrats.

Nice recap, Moi, for someone with no time.

(I am a great aunt. I bought him his first real "my very own hunting rifle" while he was here. He has always used loaners from his dad. But the downer was the bolt handle fell off the bolt on a BRAND NEW GUN before he could even fire the first shot. Maker will remain anon until they do the right thing - replace it - or don't. They have at least paid shipping to return it to them. Yeesh! We were all VERY disappointed.)


LẌ said...

Congrats Fleurdeleo!

I had initially read that as "orange gloves." Sorry.

Rebecca said...

Congrats Fleurdeleo!

czar said...

Fleur, does exasperation come with the costuming?

Moi, great week.

Ironically, my second haiku was late because I finally gave up on a four-day attempt to write a "resist" haiku on the topic of writer's block.

fishy said...

Congratulations Fleur!
I love the heady scent of oranges. Add that to a Turkish hunk in a romantic locale and there's no telling what I would, or wouldn't wear! I'm with is rare for someone to smell the ku.

Moi, thanks to the funny nod to my
" Whimperors of Self". It is a term I have used for years about those with extremely narrow horizons.

@ Czar... LOL your blockage.

moi said...

Fleur: The silly thing about lingerie is that it eventually ends up on the floor, right? Or the lampshade. My point being: why not save money for shoes? Also, I once spent 7 days at a Turkish seaside resort just outside Istanbul, its grounds planted with every imaginable fragrant flower and shrub and tree. That part of the world is indeed intoxicating. Luckily, I was married at the time.

Serendipity: Bummer! And, dangerous. I hope the maker makes good.

von LX: There's something Freudian lurking there, but I'm darned if I can figure it out just now.

Czar: Your second one was very good. And your writer's block is understandable, given your life lately.

Fishy: I am easily, and quite literally, led around by my nose. One of my favorite scent combos is orange/citrus, sea salt, sweat, and skin. Several perfumes on the market manage to duplicate this mixture to great effect: Serge Lutens Fleurs de Oranger, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Hermes Eau des Merveilles, to name a few. All worth a sniff.

Buzz Kill said...

This Thelma and Louis race off the fiscal cliff is kakistocracy at it's best.

Congrats to Fleur. When I think "Turkish" anything, I think "prison" - and all the "aromas" that go with it. Maybe some orange, but I doubt it. Karl can back me up on this, I'm sure.

And I miss the Troll too.

moi said...

Buzz: I saw Midnight Express, too :o) But I'd go back to Istanbul in a New York minute. It's SUPER. And the food is awesome.

Aunty Belle said...

Whoo hoo Fleur!!

Best tomatoes ever were in 'stanbul.
An' fish. An' apple tea.

BTW, new cookery star on Front Porch.

@ Czar--well good. An editor oughta know first hand how it is fer those he edits. Not excusin' the hapless folks, jes' sympathizin'.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

A most entertaining right-up. Thank you for hosting this week. On the floor is right. If you want to spend the lingerie money wisely. Buy a sarong and a pair shoes, you can run in. The former is as sexy as you can get and the latter, let's you get away if it didn't work out. I know we will butt heads on this, but there's nothing sexy about women's shoes. If they aren't practical. You want to be sexy. Take the shoes off. IMHO.

@ Fleur: Congratulations on your win! " but have been talked into wearing lingerie that makes me look like an exasperated Renaissance fair employee." As long as it achieves the desired effect. why not?

czar said...

@Karl: As Moi and I have found agreement away from politics on the matter of 1970s' NYC depravity, it appears that you and I can unite on the matter of women's shoes.

moi said...

Aunty: I drank so much of that ding dang apple tea, I was in and out of bathrooms for 7 days. Everywhere you go, they press it on you.

Karl and Czar: Well, I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that neither of you guys are going to go all shoe fetishist on this blog. But I'll defend a good high heel to the death.

fishy said...

@ Buzz & Czar,
It occurs to me men are divided on the importance of women's footwear. While in Charleston's open market, I tried on some shoes. I was still evaluating the shoes when a very bored man, sitting on a bench, waiting for his wife spoke up and said,
"Are you a married lady?"
" Me? Yes, I am".
" Well then, if you will take advice from a stranger I offer you this; don't go home without those shoes". For some unfathomable reason, Blowfish acts a fool every time I wear them.

moi said...


Hiking shoes are for hiking. Running shoes for running. Nursing shoes for nursing. But an elegant heel with a great dress out to dinner for a wonderful meal is for . . . seduction.

And Crocs just need to be burned.

chickory said...

congratulations Fleur de Leo - it was a great haiku. You are the undisputed queen of romantic and wistful haiku. I was smitten with Karl's - all of them - for the obvious reasons. Another stellar write-up; ive grown to look forward to them as much as I do the contest itself. Thanks Moi, my sister from another mister, its always a comfort when somebody groks your strategic life planning.

Fleurdeleo said...

C'mon Karl and Csar: I can see that you'd be impatient if your wives walk slowly in heels and thus put a hitch in your stride. But don't tell me you don't like LOOKING at ladies in heels?

Crocs should be burned--but they'd only melt.

Haiku Monday theme up at Chez Fleur!