Sunday, January 29, 2012

Haiku Monday: RAIN

Cacophonic skies
unleash God's torrential tears.
Damn my metal roof.

* * * 
Appropriately enough, this week's Haiku Monday hostess and perennial PNW denizen, Miz Boxer, has chosen RAIN as her theme. Head on over to her blog for another spirited contest and puppy porn to boot.


Anonymous said...


You brought back a memory from when I was a very young kid visiting my grandmother in an old stone store. Up in the top floor where everyone slept (the old warehouse area) we were just under that very antique tin roof. Little insulation. With the occasional violent thunderstorm that built at the edge of the big lake, we would get torrential downpours that sometimes included small hail. Deafening!

Your haiku gave me a flashback to that simple time. Thanks.


Jean said...

I love metal roofs but never slept under one, so maybe something to rethink.

Excellent haiku.

Jenny said...

"Cacophonic skies" - I've visited the intense weather you can get in your world and love that phrase. Great picture too. Also enjoyed Serendipity's flashback. Here, metal roofs serve as a way to keep moss at bay. Happy Haiku Monday!

BlazngScarlet said...

Ooooooooo ... I love the sound of rain on a metal roof!
Thunder storms though? Not so much!

Love your Haiku ... "Cacaphonic skies"

czar said...


Yours works much better. "Cacophonous" doesn't get that metal roof rat-tat-tat.

Aunty Belle said...

What a great an' clevah visual to match yore Haiku--which is chicken, which is egg?

troll said...

Great haiku!

Buzz Kill said...

I have a galvanized steel cap on my kitchen exhaust fan and when it rains, that's all I hear. The cap is only 8" in diameter. I can't imagine what a whole, uninsulated roof sounds like. Cacophonic I guess.

Aunty Belle said...


does anybody know why google doan seem to be updatin' mah blog? On y'alls side bars where it shows whose been visitin' it indicates Aunty's last post were a week ago--looks as if I ain't updated in a week, but I has had two new posts since then--but it ain't showin' up on yore sidebars. What gives?

moi said...

Aunty, I have no idea. Blogger is a mystery to me. Hope you get it solved soon!