Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haiku Monday: TREASURE

Amid second hand
shop dust, discards once beloved,
keen eye spots a find.

* * *

This week's Haiku Monday is being hosted by the fabulous Chickory, with a theme of Treasure. For the first time ever, judging will be by popular vote, whose winner will claim a fabulous price. Chickory will also pick her fave, and award that winner a handmade Valentine. Click here to check out all the rules.


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

What you wrote: Amid second handshop dust, discards once beloved,keen eye spots a find.
What I read: Amid secondhand shop dust, discards once beloved,keen eye spots a find.

I expected to see a tool you found in your workshop. I think your way is better. May be time for an eye exam.

Jenny said...

This really happened? Oh! it's truly like finding buried treasure with it happens. *sigh* you know, before Ebay kinda took the fun out of these epic finds. But Ebay has also save me a ton of gas and time.

"discards once beloved." I like that and it has a nice flow.

moi said...

Karl: Oh, no. I am not allowed around most power tools.

Boxer: I've found many vintage perfumes in consignment and junk shops but, alas, not Tabac Blond. Yet.

chickory said...

I love some junkin. I was under the impression that perfume went bad after a time...and i think you told me at your house -aw we perused your fragrance collection that it isnt so...anyway -congrats on the find!

Haiku reads very well - though I read it as Karl i did. Like Boxer - discards once beloved is my favorite part. Good Luck tomorrow. remember -its a body of work thing so if you have time (i know you are way busy) keep em coming.

moi said...

Chickory: You and Karl read it right. Amid second hand shop dust/[and] discards (not enough syllables for the "and" so comma substitutes) once beloved/keen eye spots a find.

fishy said...

Either way you read this
it's good. I LOVE these experiences, I always think of it as my guardian angel having a bit of fun with me.

Anonymous said...

It's not Hai Karate, but it makes a good, 2nd best treasure. bwahahaha


moi said...

Fishy: I started second hand "junk" shopping with my mother when I was in high school. I've found some wonderful things, but she was really eagle-eyed.

Buzz: I'd love to sniff Hai Karate again. Like many vintage scents, it's once again in high demand.

grins said...

I just knew someone would pick perfume. You were my prime suspect. Before I saw the pic my first thought was old 33rpm records.

I just read a page of my sons homework and I have been dying to use these words in a sentence. bear with me. I,m not sure how to pronounce them but he deserves an A for having the guts to use them.

You rescued it from its apotheosis of desuetude.
Cool, huh? I will eschew any further obfuscation.

I like to think all my "treasures" (like my old Brut) my wife gives to Good Will, will find a great home.

Honestly, that haiku moved me more than most.

Anonymous said...


Hmm, honey gold. This is way off this thread, but you were speaking of peanut butter and honey sandwiches in a different exchange. Have you ever tried said combination with raisins? Great nonperishable energy booster.


moi said...

Curm: Vintage Brut is a great, great scent! I like to rescue certain old, finely made things from disuse. It saddens me to think they'll languish without ever being loved again. However, I no longer collect records.

Serendipity: I am now on a quest to learn to eat only real food on my runs. Those Gu things, while easy to get down, make my tummy all twisted. Peanut butter and Nutella is my new kick, but I bet it will taste great with a bunch of raisins mixed in. Thanks!

Rafael said...

Not much into "smellers", as they make ma nose itch sumpt'n fierce, but I love the dusty ambiance of your HUNT.



czar said...

The haiku I didn't write was going to speak of many years crawling through used record stores and used book stores. Back in the day, in NYC -- before the city got safe and real estate too expensive -- the Lower East Side and the West Village were full of used record stores, and 4th Avenue between about 10th and 14th streets had cavernous used book stores. You'd look at the spines, then pull those books down to reveal another set of spines, and then do it again. A lost world.

czar said...

PS to Rafa: When I saw your note, I thought it said


We might be onto something here.

Rafael said...

OH, MAN! Why didn't I think of THAT!

Too quick on your brain chops for me to keep up with--


czar said...

@Rafa: The credit goes all to you, whether you intended it or not.

moi said...

Rafa and Czar: We really should go out for drinks.

Gia said...

Awww I like this haiku. Or maybe I like old things that are secretly treasures, like my Boyfriend. Or maybe both!

chickory said...

damnif there isnt a tie. come back and vote again. short polling window this time. tell your neighbors.