Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scarecrow's Only Scaring Himself

To paraphrase the Beatles: So what does that world look like, then? Come on, we'd all love to see the plan.

Oh, right. Socialism. That "economic" system where we all tithe 50 to 80 percent of our income to a big ol' Treasury Department kitty and the idiots on both sides of the aisle get to decide which schools our children go to, where we can live, what we can buy, and if we are allotted medical treatment for everything from a cold sore to cancer.

Or maybe they're thinking of barter? Of eliminating that nasty lil' disparity-inducing thing called currency in favor of trade? Actually, I've done my fair share of barter and it works up to a point, mainly as a way to flip the bird to the IRS every now and then. But an entire economy built solely on barter is as clunky as a pair of Crocs at a disco.

Let's try it on for size anyway: Say Family A is seeking a babysitter for their two children and Family B, who has no children to look after, needs housecleaning services. The two families get together and agree to provide those services for each other. No money is exchanged – just the services. Everything is fine for about six months. Then the wife in Family A starts doing a crappy job with the toilets. What recourse does Family B have? They can either accept half-assed work, or terminate their agreement and go looking for another toilet scrubber. But what if they can't find anyone who needs babysitting? And what if Family A, who is lousy at scrubbing toilets but aces at sewing clothing, can't find anyone who needs clothing?

Wouldn't all this be much easier if everyone agreed to establish a CURRENCY which would represent labor of ALL KINDS and which is accepted EVERYWHERE for just about EVERY good and service?

In a nutshell, that's what gets the ball of capitalism rolling, so I simply do not understand why the word itself sets everyone's teeth on edge. Would it make people feel better if we named it instead: "An economic system based on the mutually or unanimously agreed upon value-for-value exchange of goods and services between two or more parties"?

No? Well then, linguistic brevity aside, until someone, somewhere, can quit their whining and present to me an economic system that works better AND doesn't require that some gub'mint official shoves a gun in my face to enforce, well, then, "capitalism" will just have to do.

Janet Daley from the Telegraph explains it pretty well.



h said...

Euro-Trash can dos.
Dope, porn, whining, aborting.
They think that's freedom.

Doris Rose said...

sigh...I knew it was too good to last.

Jenny said...

So standing in line all day for a loaf of bread is BETTER?



moi said...

ChefTroll: Haikus for everybody - free!

DorisRose: I was never really gone.

Boxer: Point number one on the Anti-Capitalist Party Platform: "Guarantee every one a job, a house, and a future." Hmmm. They must have some kinda magic wand. Bunch a maroons.

h said...

Cracker with cheesy
production value movie.
Feast for eyes and ears.

Ghost boy sees Euros.
Wills Willis to understand.
They don't know they're trash.

Thanks for the treat, Moi.
Hadn't heard it or seen it.
My band will cover.

Kymical Reactions said...

In some weird sick way, the idea of never having to make a decision again seems somewhat releaving. But only things I don't want to decide anymore. Never mind my nonsense. I must be drunk.

moi said...

ChefTroll: Cracker is highly underrated IMHO. I love their alt-country twang and snarky humor.

kmwthay: Ah! That's what tipped our election – booze!

Jenny said...

p.s. love the video you put up.

NYD said...

That was an excellent article!
I get awfully tired of folks knocking the capitalist/ free market system and blaming the evils of the world as well as heaping the blame for all their problems upon it.

Money is the sincerest of all flattery.

fishy said...

I don't really understand the economists moneyspeak.
I do get the phrase "global economy"
........ means they don't want international TRADE, they want international PARITY.

To achieve that...
the USA standard of living must be lowered,
to do that, the value of the dollar must be lowered, to do that the system which generates those dollars must be destroyed.

I think we all are disinclined to continue being their disposable pawns in the never ending chess match.