Friday, April 17, 2009

Hair's the Thing

I'm bored. With my head. Which is a constant source of frustration for me. Not that I don't have a good hairdresser. In fact, I have the world's BEST hairdresser – a woman so talented, that if she were to quit the business tomorrow, I'd have to shave my head because, non, no one else will touch zees tresses.

When I leave her salon, sure, my checking account is one-hundred-and-fifty gazillion dollars lighter. But my hair looks like this, all the unruly cowlicks tamed into sleek submission:

However, because I am such a lazy ass and quickly tire of all the work it takes to keep it looking that way, eventually, I just end up doing this:

Seriously, I could have an audience with the Pope or Johnny Depp would have finally returned my phone calls but if I couldn't get in with my genius hairdresser? Meh. Up you go.

So. I am thinking: Why not cut to the chase and just chop it all off again?

My hairdresser thinks I should do this, complete with color. I've given Posh a lot of shit in this blog over the years, but you gotta hand it to the girl, she always has a great cut:

Or even shorter into the ne plus ultra of super short pixie cuts, a la:

Can you imagine how easy this is? Oh, yeah, I forget. I've done this before. It's über easy.

Although, S.B. really likes long hair on me (Ever wonder why all men love long hair? My theory is their Cro Magnon genetics, which run all the way back to the days when they used to PULL us by it.), this is the woman he'd leave me for if she ever returned his calls.

Cute, no?

Or, not?

Tell Moi. What should I do:

1. Go shorter, but leave enough length to still pull up and back.
2. Posh it semi-short and blonde-ish.
3. Pixie it!
4. Leave it alone and go spend the money on a new pair of shoes.


Jenny said...

Number 4 - Leave it alone.

Having witnessed your lovely hair in person, I think it's fabulous. BUT, I'm speaking as a person who grew up with a pixie cut and vowed once I had control over my hair, it would never be short again. You do, however, have the head that could sport a short do, but it's such hell to grow out.

That said, I have an appointment this weekend and I'm going to tell them to do something CRAZY.

Yes, I'm going to have 1" cut and perhaps have 8" bangs cut.

Doris Rose said...

I really like the Posh look-you could really pull that off and look great, but I fear that also requires *work*.So I would say really short.
But I think you would look stunning shaved. I don't think there is a wrong answer.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

ohhh, that's what you meant!

well, you know, I'm a victim of always save the money and go spend it on shoes - and you can see what a mess my hair is. It is an unholy ignored mess.

My bad. Ignore your hair at your peril.

I could do better I suppose - I could get it cut at least once a year...

Anyway. Posh is a bit of trouble to do, I gotta say. I'm a fan of longer hair just because, practically, I'd rather just pull it up and get it the hell out of my way than spend a morning in the bathroom screwing with it. But that's me, the wash and wear pirate.

The pixie looks very easy - but if you hate it, the only alternative is to either shave your head, or wear hats for a long time.

I'm bad at this telling-you-what-to-do thing...

moi said...

Boxer: You saw my child pixie cut. Not a razor, one of those electric barber shavers. What was UP with our mothers?

Doris: Hmmmm . . . I'm beginning to thing short doesn't necessarily mean no fuss.

Pirate: I love your hair! It's totally of the moment – long and beachy-wavy. My bone structure doesn't allow that kind of length at all. Sniff.

Pam said...

I love those pixie cuts but agree you must have the right shape of head to pull it off. Posh is a bit high maintenance (in all aspects) but once it is done for the day it is done. I say go for it. Summer's coming. ANd buy some shoes anyway.

h said...

You owe me a gun post.

Aunty Belle said...

# 4...I trust the BB eye witness account.

...but if yore jes' itchin' fer a Ta-Da! change, go fer # 2 (nix 3, since ya ain't tryin' to be a version of who SB uses in his telephone dream...btw, Moi Cherie, Aunty knows that ya know why menfolks like long hair, but youse jes' too gentile to say )

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I agree with Boxer - it looks lovely as it is (even when gardening)

Just enjoy having lovely thick hair as long as you can (though fingers crossed, you may stay lucky). Some of us have to rely on extensions for the same effect which are cripplingly more expensive than just a cut.

Heather Cherry said...

Moy: Go for pixie or super short. I've had mine that way, too, and I loved it. It was so quick and wash 'n' wear. Guys have it so easy!

P.S. Stop by my place. I'm participating in a new Saturday meme that I think you'll like. It involves SHOPPING without spending any clams.

moi said...

I'm still on da fence, y'all. But, it is only hair. It does grow back. So I think I'll just surprise myself.

Margo said...

The couple of times i've had really short hair, I've gone back and forth between loving it and feeling like the gym teacher... there was never any middle ground. But I loved how it felt short - the feeling of a change. That's why I'd go with number one - maybe taking it up a few inches, keeping long layers and depending on what uber stylist thinks maybe get a few more bangs in the front. With summer coming I personally wouldn't want to not be able to pull it back or have to look like a gym teacher. And maybe get some dramatic highlights along the front and top. I love what you said about the cromagnon pulling his woman's hair!

czar said...

Long hair. Always. Posh Spice looks like someone turned the mower off halfway before the lawn was done, IMHO.

On the czarist hirsutification front, I am delving back into a beard, which is growing in frighteningly white now. Used to be multicolored--red, brown, black, gray. I am turning into an old man very quickly.

At various points in my life, both my mother and my wife have told me I turn into an a-hole when I have a beard. This time, I'm taking a different tack. I'm figuring I'm already an a-hole anyway, so why not grow the beard?

PS: Went to see a play one time with my father and stepmother and family. Both my father and I came out rather enthusiastically raving about the beauty of this one particular woman, who happened to be dancer-thin and tiny -- probably like a size minus-4 -- and my stepmother said essentially we might as well be lusting after 13-year-old boys, because that's the kind of body she had. Didn't have many of the womanly curves, so to speak. Why does this matter? Perhaps the attraction to long hair has something to do with sex differentiation. While men can grown long hair, it just ain't the same as women's long hair.

I don't know about draggin anyone around. It's all I can do to drag my own ass around every day.

sparringK9 said...

psychologically, i couldnt roll with a pixie -way too exposed. i like the asymmetrical posh best -and i think you could wear it well but i looks like gel and flat iron to me. rough duty. reminds me of christian on project runway -oh boy the required "fixin" for that look. i like the look of hair pulled into a neat chignon its lady like and dressed for action all at once.

im no help at all.

in my experience wanting a big hair change was usually really about something else. i could have saved some bad choices by further examination. but that was me.

good luck and be sure to post the outcome.

moi said...

Margo: Remember Madonna circa Sean Pean? That cropped blonde jobbie she had? I had that. I wuved it. But it was very punk and I'm just not THAT anymore. So my biggest dread is gym teacher (!!) and, you know, Church Lady.

Czar: "Sex differentiation." Okay, I'll buy that. I definitely dislike long hair on men.

K9: So maybe I just need a good bottle of wine and a shrink?

Aunty Belle said...

post pic!!!

sparringK9 said...

no, just the tequila ;-)

Kiki said...

I really like pixie cuts, but they really are a bitch to grow out. You've got to get that evened out while its growing out, otherwise it looks like constant bed head.

My vote is leave it alone and buy shoes!

Wicked Thistle said...

a) I could never, ever get bored of your head.
b) Summer's coming. Cut that shit off. Color at will.

fishy said...

Sounds like Spring Fever to me!

And, uh ............. you do realize a big change in hairstyles also leads to a big change in wardrobe and earrings...which leads to a need for an entire closet full of new it's even more expensive than going to the guru hairdresser.