Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can't Touch This

A little gal tried last night on American Idol. And failed miserably. This is why.


Kymical Reactions said...

Moi - No one does Dolly like Dolly.
I totally agree with you, that girl thought she was way better than she was.

And what was with her arm flailing all over the place. It was making me snicker.

I think I may have to be done with AI for the rest of the season. I'm bored with it, and not overly impressed with anyone.

I think I may have to post a Johnny video, to get that nightmare version from last night out of my head.

Jenny said...

Can't agree more - when Dolly sings this, she's not just singing.... she's crying, begging, telling a story, bringing you into her pain and more.

Last night on AI? Pffffffft. It was as bad as Anoop singing Billy Jean last week.

and don't get me started on "Ring of Fire".

h said...

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Like most Parton-Penned tunes, "Jolene" is relatively easy to sing and can be covered in a creative manner or as a note-for-note homage to the original.

The reason dirty-blonde-slut failed miserably was that she's an incompetent hack who totally didn't get the song.

sparringK9 said...

when i heard whitney houstons version of "i will always love you" i thought -thats really good. then i heard dolly - who wrote the song - sing it. then it was heartbreaking. much much better.

she is something else.

surprise! i do not miss american idol. and yes we had an impromtu st paddys day party. it was fun! 3 friends came over and it was low key and very nice. even had a toast of irish whiskey.

*is that my esophogus burning?*

h said...

Curious if Moi has heard the Dolly tribute album featuring Alison Kraus, EmmyLou Harris and others?

Anyhay, here be a list of people who did funky or homage versions of Jolene:

Really curious what the one done by a DANISH band sounds like! Sure it's better than dirty girls!

h said...

Here be Mindy Smith's version. Dolly's actually in the video.

Jenny said...

I was drinking bourbon with my bro Friday night and was saying "fire in the hole! fire in the hole" - the schnizz BURNS, but it's good.

moi said...

kmwthay: I'm bored, too. But I'm sticking around to see what Adam does. Yes, his performance was a nightmare. But it was a spectacular nightmare.

Boxer: Dolly's an original. Which doesn't mean people can't sing her songs, they just can't sing them like she does. Covers are almost always pale comparisons IMHO.

ChefTroll: That was my point. She didn't "get" the emotion of the song. It's like speaking in a foreign language. There's a big difference between just making yourself understood by sounding out the words phonetically and actually learning how to speak the words.

Mindy's version isn't bad at all. I haven't heard the tribute album. I'll check it out, thanks!

K9: I used to like Whitney Houston until she went all whack on crack. Boo. What a waste. Glad you had some fun last night!

Boxer: Get in your hole WITH your fire!

fishy said...

Well, I am not a music buff, just like I am not a movie buff. And I have never watched American Idol.

But I can remember riding down the road listening to Dolly begging that Jolene to please don't take him just because she can. Made me feel what she was singing.
I also agree with whoever said Dolly sang her song better than Whitney sang her song. Somewhere I have that cd cause I loved the music in Bodyguard.

Dolly writes what I think of as essential music.
These days I rarely turn the radio on in the car cause I fear permanent damage to my gray matter!

czar said...

I was not familiar with that song, and have never seen a minute of American Idol ever, but I do know that Dolly Parton is a genius. What has she published/copyrighted, something like 7000 songs?

Wicked Thistle said...

Classic. That girl can do it up right. But what was up with the gray tights?

NYD said...

What is this "American idol" that you speak of?

My School is named after a Dolly Parton song. Can you believe that!

Pam said...

None of the AI group got the emotion of the songs ... it was weak all around. I disagree about this year's talent ...but maybe it is just that a "judge's save" isn't enough to save us from boredom. Get rid of Ryan Secrest, now that might improve my interest, for sure! There is only one Dolly, but I didn't mind the AI performance. It was one of the better ones for me. Which probably just shows how much that show sucked on Tuesday!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Besides...she didn't have boobies like Dolly.

Ok, I never watch that show, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have boobies like Dolly.

Hey, with all the gushing about Dolly's talent (abundant to be sure), I just wanted to get this down to the least common denominator as quickly as possible.

MommyHeadache said...
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MommyHeadache said...

The interesting thing is that the little pink haired girl does look a lot like a young Dolly minus the huge jugs - maybe she could get work doing a Lifetime Original movie - 'The Dolly Parton Story, from rags to riches, from oranges to melons'?

STOP PRESS - Kenley from Project Runway in jail for attacking ex-fiance with a cat, laptop and apples

h said...

Oh. I thought you meant NOBODY should cover Dolly-Penned tunes.Doh!

anyway, I didn't watch but it appears she got axed.

That weird lesbian duo called "The White Stripes" covered Jolene too, by the way.

moi said...

Fishy: I think the song is actually autobiographical. Dolly's been married to the same man for a coon's age and apparently this happened in their first years of wedded semi-bliss.

Czar: About right. Like Bob Dylan, she's written songs that you know but had no idea who actually wrote them.

Wicked: Her fashion choices are, on occasion, suspect. But dissing her wardrobe, well, it's just not something that's DONE.

NYD: As in most things having to do with American culture, the Japanese appreciate it long before we do!

Pam: These kids gotta step up their game. And we need another host, for sure.

Gnome: Well, we can always count on you to cut to the chase pretty quickly!

Emma: I was just thinking that last night. So there's hope for her, at least. In a way, I'm sad to see her go, because several of her past performances were spectacular. Now, off to read about Kenley – thanks for the dirt!

Troll: Dude. That's ONE. And ONE against Jack White is all you get.

Gnomeself Be True said...

That forced me to look up "The White Stripes."
I have to say, I did not know Micheal Jackson had a new band. Who's the chick with him?

moi said...

Gnome: He's white. He's from Detroit. He rocks. The chick is his ex-wife. Or sister. No one really knows.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Wait...are you saying MJ isn't white?

Now I AM confused!

moi said...

And now you're confusing Moi. Run along now, and go comment on my other post.