Friday, December 26, 2008

New Doors to Different Worlds

Emily Dickenson once said, "My friends are my estate." If that is true, well, I have a whole island in the Aegean. With pool boys serving margaritas.

One of the nicest things about friends is that no one is holding a gun to their heads to make them hang out with you. It's usually by choice, when they brave cross town traffic to meet you for lunch or accept your invite to an early matinee of Sex in the City, or listen to you whine for the sixty-seven millionth time about the latest dumb ass thing your spousal unit did with power tools and some duck tape.

Which also means, no one holds a gun to their heads when it comes to gift giving. In fact, the whole event of friends giving gifts can be a mighty intriguing free for all of fun that has nothing to do with need and everything to do with, well, let's just say, your friends are not likely to look around your home and note: "Gee, I've been over here fifty gazillion times this past year and Bob still has the same set of hand towels out in the guest bathroom. I bet he could use some new ones by now."

Oh no. A friend is the least likely of any individual in your life to buy you anything that comes from anywhere even remotely in the vicinity of Linens 'n' Things. Unless, that is, Linens 'n' Things recently started selling tequila.

So I would love to know: what material object(s) did you receive this year from a friend that either:

A. Made you really, really happy.
B. Puzzled the hell out of you.
C. Made you laugh.
D. Made you rethink your self imposed ban against re-gifting.


Jenny said...

I didn't exchange gifts with any adults this year, so instead I'll tell you about a gift I gave; one of K9's ornaments (with plastic display from my shop) to my artist cousin/law - she LOVED/LOVED it (I think she's stalking K9 as I type this) and sent me an email today that said "it was the best gift she's received this year." I was with her when she opened it on the 24th and I can say this; I rarely have so much fun giving a gift. But this was; less gifts, more impact.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...well, somebody did give me a Christmas hand towel--ya reckon it a hint?

Bretthead said...

Did you write 'duck' tape on purpose?

An employee gave me a bottle of vitamin pills that are supposed to make me exercise better and make me more clear headed. Weird.

Another employee gave me the PostSecret book. Cool.

A buddy bought me a beer. Perfect.

czar said...

Friends? Wait, the image is coming back to me. . . .

moi said...

Boxer: Isn't that great, when you know you've picked out something totally awesome and can't wait to give it?

Aunty: Well, you do have a new kitchen and all. Either that, or your mother-in-law was behind it :o).

WTWA: Um . . . You mean it isn't called duck tape?

Czar: Don't tell me. You're a lump of coal kinda guy.

sparringK9 said...

my favorite gifts were a bayleaf wreath and some pears. my best friend went bankrupt this year and she re-gifted me out of her shop - that is- her house. she gave me a tashen book of just images of crosses on things. its pretty cool. the big dog gave me a nice birthday gift and so was exempt for christmas. i have more fun giving gifts...mainly because making them is fun for me. i never re-gift. bad gifts go to goodwill.

boxer! im excited your artist cousin liked the ornament! which one did she get?

Bretthead said...


Jenny said...

To K9: blue bug! And I LOVE LOVE the Ivanator Ornament. Yay!!!!!

Gnomeself Be True said...

I have no friends in real life. Seems I'm only tollerable to people over the Internet.

fishy said...

I got K9 art from Etsy!!!!!! Also a new tool that is suppose to de-frizz my curls...updates later!