Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Coulda Been a Killer if I Only Had the Right Shoes

You know what I think we need to do with our dumb ass car companies? Send 'em to rehab. Because, like any other addict behaving badly for their drug, they've got to hit rock bottom before they can begin to stand back up. Pull the plug on their bailout and let 'em sink or swim. They're so smart? They're so innovative? Then they should prove it. Just like. Any other. Business.

Yes, I know people's jobs and lives are on the line. But how is the proposed robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul solution going to be any less detrimental to our economic well-being in the long run? Better to rip the band-aide now than to let the wound fester for decades.

Besides, these jerks fail? Don't you think auto companies who DO know what they're doing will jump at the chance to open plants here and avail themselves of all that free floating talent? Ability, after all, hates a vacuum.


Jenny said...

Those Companies need to burn DOWN and come back as a modern bidness - perhaps without those money-sucking unions and fat cat CEO's.

Pam said...

I think people are starting to treat cars like refrigerators -- just buy one when necessary. They created an industry dependent on people getting rid of perfectly good vehicles to buy new ones, stay in debt with car payments, and then they are surprised when that people don't want to jump back into that cycle. They have over-built for years.

Gnomeself Be True said...

If they go in to receivership...won't that kill all the union contracts?
Sounds like a good deal to me.

BTW, that chick's head looks like an afterthought. Of course, with a body like that, maybe that's all it needs to be.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, let it fall... since I drive mah buggy fer years and years, I reckon they have time to get back up in they new form afore I is in the mood to train a new hoss. Besides, as it is now, $131 of eve'r new buggy from Ford and GM went to pay for the viagra portion in the health care package of retired Union workers. What about the word "retire" do they not understand?

No wonder the country cain't git solvent wif the sexually incontinent of Illinois demanding the state not discontinue their free peppermint patty flavored condoms, courtesy of the state's taxpayers.

As fer Ginger of the Galactic Gams, is that thigh notch in her boots in case of mid life cellulite?

( heh... I like this new gnome thas' poppin' in heah...)

moi said...

Boxer: The unions suck butt, for sure. Let's zap 'em into non-existence with our groovy cool ray guns.

Pamokc: Which is silly, isn't it? Much as I lust for the muscle, we have enough stock to last into the next millennium.

Gnome: Welcome, Señor Gnome. It's a muy strange illustration, for sure, but I'm diggin' the combat shoes.

Aunty: What about the word "retire" do they not understand?

Bwahahahahah! You're in top form today!

Doris Rose said...

oh damn, you mean there are *special* shoes for killin'?? I'm disappointed, but Poppy will be furious!

h said...

Don't forget that federal taxpayer bail-outs of mismanaged cities and states are RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

It would be more accurate to call the current situation a United Auto Worker's Union Boss bail-out.

If they go into Chapter 11, the first thing a competent Bankruptcy Judge will do is eliminate a few hundred Union Management Jobs.

And insist plant-level Union Stewards do some actual work ON cars.

Bretthead said...

I like pamokc's comment. Maybe that is why my truck smells like rotten food?

moi said...

Troll: I know. Things are getting über silly. Albuturkey's dummass major just asked for fifty gazillion dollars for a half dozen dummass projects. When everyone's hand is out, what then?

WTWA: Huh. Somehow, I envision the inside of your truck smelling like freshly baked donuts.

Aunty Belle said...

I took yore name in vain at Fishy's pond.

Wicked Thistle said...

Right on, sista. Necessity is the mother of invention; handouts create slackass idjits who only expect more, more, more. Work for it, boys; work for it.