Thursday, November 10, 2011

Haiku Monday: ADVENTURE

A lot of our bloggers have had them recently. Fishy and Aunty just got back from forays to France, Pam from a jaunt around jolly ol' England and Wales, and Chickory inadvertently courted one in the mountains of her own backyard. So I thought ADVENTURE would be a fitting topic for this week's Haiku Contest.

I'd like you to tell me: Do you thirst for it or shrink from it? Enjoy it from the safety of your sofa or out in the great outdoors? From the end of a bungee or dangling from a parachute? Atop a mountain or at the bottom of the ocean? Or is your interpretation something more ethereal or elusive, a feeling or way of life rather than an actual action?

The rules are simple:

• 5-7-5 format
• The word adventure does NOT have to appear in the haiku or the title, but if you can incorporate it, awesome
• Submit no more than two
• Visuals always fun but not necessary and won't affect the judging
• Post here by midnight EST, Monday, November 14
• I'll announce the winner by end of the day Tuesday, November 15

Good luck!


Boxer said...

good pick. I'm in.

Master Basho's Ghost said...

Excellent topic.

Anonymous said...

Lost in the Woods

K9 and her dog.
Adrenaline Adventure.
Smoky Mountain Maze.

Boxer said...

dang it, Troll, that's really good.

guess I'll just mix toilet paper glue together this weekend instead.

Anonymous said...


Ghillie suited Troll
beckons female prey his way.
Cupid's weapon cock'd.

Anonymous Ghost of Anonymous said...

The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news. It is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.

Glad to see Haiku Monday has re-found such values this week. Welcome to the other ghosts and anonymities. In Haiku Monday's house, there are many mansions . . . most weeks, anyway.

moi said...

Boxer: Cool!

Basho: You'll be participating, then.

Troll: Nice. I like the way you incorporated "adventure." And the beat of Smoky Mountain Maze.

Boxer: Come on girl, don't give up on your steam!

Anonymous: Clever. Whomever you are.

Anonymous Ghost: I prefer to think of myself as part of the Rhythm Nation, yo:

K9 said...

troll did a haiku on me! what an honor, and what a great theme. Ill have to figure it out between the sappos video, "jurry" photograph and you know whos xmas card. getting a massage too. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aunty Belle said...

@ Troll
Smoky Mountain Maze?

We give up--thas' jes' too good.

Aunty Belle said...

Enough adventure:
Challenged four airports this week-
Bloggin' by the fire.

Fleurdeleo said...

Nice mash-up, Csar. And I say that with authority as a fictional stand-up artiste.

Here is mine:

Tangle-trailed dead-ends,
primal shrieks and steamed silence.
Jungle of your heart.

Curmudgeon said...

Autumn thoughts spiral
with a warm cup of coffee
and I am flotsam.

Curmudgeon said...

My cane and leg brace are gone as of this week. FYI so it makes sense. Should be self explanatory but didn't turn out that way. Hence this note.

Walking frosted paths

Adventure or tragedy?

I used to hold you.

czar said...

Adventuresome Armstrong ‘n’ Andy A 17-syllable mashup of US history and US stand-up comedy

Still . . . dark . . . giant leap:
“Here I come to save the day!”
Mighty man, on Moon.


Note three syllables: parm-eh-zhan

Adventure defined:
Scarfing veal parmigiana at
Maw's Diner's buffet.

moi said...

K9: You should have a well of information to mine, missy!

Aunty: I hear ya. It's what keeps me and S.B. within a day's drive of adventure. Flying sucks and your haiku captures world-trotting weariness perfectly.

Fleur: You and Goethe will meet in the afterlife, I'm sure of it, you in leopard print and stilettos, he in something velvet and rotting at the seams, and collaborate on the world's greatest Romantic Tragedy.

Curmudgeon: Welcome! Congrats on finally being self-mobile. I'm so glad you continue to participate. I always enjoy your wordplay.

Czar: Well done, sir! Man, your first haiku has me over the moon with envy at your ability to do these mashups. The second one, been there, done that. 3am in the emergency room spewing on my shoes.

Fleurdeleo said...

Thank you Moi! That is outrageously flattering.

foam said...

I'm going to try to be in. I like the topic. But, I'm telling ya .. lately I've been posting the haiku that readily pops to mind within the first few minutes .. they don't always follow the rules anymore.

Congrats on your win, btw!! You always write awesome haiku..

Curmudgeon said...

Wow Czar! That nostalgic mash-up struck me physically in the head. I had to go lie down and call for a beer. Clever!

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, off topic, but, you'll enjoy:

moi said...

Fleur: You're welcome!

Foam: But even those "pops" are great. I hope you have time to play.

Curmudgeon: You call for a beer and someone responds? Nice.

Aunty: What a lovely blog and great post! I spy several favorite 'fumes here, including Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger. Anyone who doubts the seductive ability of perfume obviously has not tried this stuff.

Curmudgeon said...

I made and untoward comment and decided to delete it in case someone else reads it. Suffice it to say I have a well trained dog.

Pam said...

Can I just say that I'm disturbed by the trend to have a title for the haiku? That gives you extra syllables and word/visuals that should count but don't count. Just an observation, not a criticism ... but a title works as part of the haiku for me. Anyone else feeling this?

BTW, Adventure is a great subject, and we had a 2.1 days in France also with my first ever trip to Paris. However, the language barrier really does bother me!

K9 said...

good grief. haiku monday comes earlier and earlier each round. kind of like Christmas decorations. grrhahahaha

K9 said...

I think #5 Anon is "Casey".

K9 said...

or is is Czar? what the hey

K9 said...

K2 bragging rights
and Everest socialites;
sherpa's forgotten

czar said...

@Pam: Needless regulation is killing initiative and innovation in this country as it is. We need the freedom to allow the haiku creators to do whatever they think is right without onerous oversight. We should be stepping out of the way of haiku creators rather than impeding their progress. Let the free market decide. If titled haiku don't succeed, then the free market has spoken.

On the matter of disturbing Haiku Monday trends, I think it would be far more entertaining if they were discussed in the form of haiku.

K9 said...

Marco! Polo! A
summertime pool adventure
honors explorer

moi said...

Curmudgeon: My dogs chase, disembowel, stalk, bury, and sleep. None of them fetch.

Pam: I haven't really thought about it until now, but I see your point. However, I don't judge based on titles, so to title or not to title is of no matter to me. The trouble with France is this: foreigners come to this country and speak halting English, we find it charming and help them out. We go to France with a smattering of high school phrases and they freeze us out.

K9: Bwahahahahaha! Yeah, maybe it should be a "rule" that hosters don't post until Sunday night. We are teetering on the edge of a party gone out of bounds as it is.

K9 Part Deaux: Yes! Good one. It's why I long ago gave up the idea of ever doing Everest.

Czar: No snarking on vacation allowed! However, much like the AMA or ABA, we are a SELF-REGULATING body. However, that's a great idea for future Haiku Monday topics.

Anonymous said...

Sucking up to Judge 101

Same-ole, same-ole, bland.
Oh no, not this year pilgrim!
Green chile stuffing!

note: made with authentic peak-season New Mexico green chiles not that pale imitation grown in SoFla.

moi said...

Troll: You betcha. And don't forget, a little bit of sage and pine nuts or pecans, too.

Anonymous said...

Serendipity contributes this. Visuals up at


Thrashing waves on rock,

I disappear in sea foam.

Ah, fresh boiled lobster!

Visuals up at

Anonymous said...

Snow Mistake:

Severe bad weather,

On wrong side of avalanche.

One misstep I die.

This is my second for Monday. Visual up for this too. (Yeah, I really was in that pickle.)


Intuitive Eggplant said...

I'm up with a pic, and a video, in honor of my Scout man.

Uncontained Adventurer

Silence here deafens.
Strut your stuff on heavenly
walkabout, my friend.

moi said...

Serendipity: Thanks for dropping by and playing with two very evocative haiku. I have never dived for lobster, but I have survived a roof avalanche. That was scary enough; I can't imagine the real thing!

Eggy: I left a comment at your place, but one can never give enough condolences in instances like these. I'm just sorry your wonderful haiku was born out of your mourning your furry friend.

Boxer said...

I'm up with visuals but I still think Troll's is fabulous:

Once a death row dog
now each day an adventure
living for the ball

Curmudgeon said...

Hi Red! or serendipity. You win with the outdoor adventures. We'll have to compare scars some time.

I wonder, Troll, if each state in the southwest has the same chile and just changes the name to their state or town, because I'm sure Pueblo chiles are the best, you are right about Florida's toy generic chili though. There's too much water there to grow decent chile. My nephew makes Jalapeno beer.(It sucks)

Eggy,I'm sorry about Scout. I've almost put Poppy down three times this year. The Vets talk me out of it and then she makes miracle recoverys. I've been petting her a lot to get my money's worth out of her. Next time's for real as she can barely walk any more.

fishy said...

Imagine. Judging
Kitchen Stadium battles.
Bring it Forgione!

Skiing False River,
jumpin' wakes and catchin' air!
Full frontal smackdown.

Pam said...

Green Chile Stuffing!!!!! Troll, you might need to share that recipe. I do a spicy broccoli/cheese casserole thingie on Turkey Day and everyone always loves it because most of the other food is so bland.

Here's my two entries:

Still missing and missed;
Adventure Cat M.G. left
and never came home.

See what the day brings
is adventuresome enough
in my life these days!

(P.S. Don't see how anyone can top a Troll this week!)

moi said...

Boxer: Dogs make life adventuresome, that's for sure! I'm so glad Coco continues to be a source of fun and inspiration for you.

Curmudgeon: There IS no chile like New Mexico raised chile. End of story :o) Sorry to hear about your Poppy. I got an old feller that is literally on his last legs as well, but he just keeps rallying. So hard, to know when to send them along . . .

Fishy: Ouch! I felt that last one. Well done.

Pam: Those wandering kitties! I had one, too. Every spring he went on a walk-about for up to two weeks. I lost him to a hawk or coyote when I moved up here to the mountains. Broke my heart.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Wow, you guys are really good this week. Must be the choice of topic.

Unfamiliar ground.
Creatures strange and bizarre.
Holiday shopping.

High exit, crisp, calm.
Freefall frolic. Winds change, blow.
Backward bean field ride.

moi said...

Karl: So glad you could play again this week! Is that last one about skydiving? That makes my tummy churn just thinking about it . . .

Karl said...

Yes it was. It had been a great jump till I opened my chute and started flying backwards (normally I fly forward between 40 and 45 miles an hour) A dry front had come in, lots of wind no rain. I started a hard spin to bleed off altitude and still I was blown out of the dropzone. Soon as I landed, I was lifted off of my feet and began dragging backwards in about 15 miles an hour through the bean field I'd landed in. Plowing dirt and beans along the way, much to the amusement of all viewing my situation. I stopped after releasing the parachute. Anyway the only thing hurt was my pride and bunch of bean plants.

K9 said...

Karl is James Bond.

Karl said...

@ K9: Would James Bond ever get ass dug through a bean field?

Boxer said...

I bet Karl jumped with skies on his feet and a AK40 on his back.......

moi said...

Karl: Now my stomach is aching because I'm laughing. That's a great story. Hey, you can't control the wind, right?

K9: Yes. He will be most useful if I can ever get off my ass and start the revolution.

Karl: The Roger Moore Bond, no. The Daniel Craig Bond, yes.

Boxer: See comment above, to K9.

foam said...

glaciers icy slope ..
wee tots kamikaze run...
meeeee? slooooooow snoooooow ploowwww ruuuuuunnnnnnnn.

moi said...

Foam: Yay! You're in! Oh, to have back the no fear and bounce-back-edness of childhood.

K9 said...

cheer up, Karl. at least you didnt get the "chair treatment" from le chiffre. grrrrhahahaha!!

i see a new meme!

Karl is such a badass, that his parents renamed themselves after him.

When Karl bleeds, vampires run to the saftey of their crypts.

Karl is so electric, that he shorted out NYC on his last visit.

lets play!

moi said...

Karl is so cool, he can make snow cones in the desert.

foam said...

icy glacier mist ..
downhill ski ace swooshes by ..
i skid on my bumm.

K9 said...

Karl is so smart that Steven Hawking gave up on physics and started working at Goodwill.

Pam said...

Is there ANYTHING that Karl doesn't do? Someone should follow him around with a video camera, seriously!

Boxer said...

Karl is so suave George Clooney quit acting and is now working at a Starbucks.

K9 said...

Karls magnetic personality renders all credit cards in his vicinity useless.

Boxer said...

Karl is so sweet, Hershey, PA named a street after him.

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. Karl can replace Daniel Craig and Roger Moore, maybe even Brosnan.
But Karl is sooooo smmart he would never be foolish enough to attempt a Connery trump!

Rafael said...

Black Diamond Adventure:

Snow capped majesty
High above the weightless clouds
Freestyle aerial


P.S. Who's apple am I biting and is it tart or honey'd crisp?

Once bit, shame on me
Twice bit, shame on you
Thrice...??? I'll need an extra set of loin cloths. Can I have mine in fashion colors, PLEASE?!?

K9 said...

Karl doesnt use a leaf blower or a rake. he tells the leaves to get in the damn bag.

Boxer said...

Karl's teeth naturally bleach themselves.

moi said...

Rafa: Thanks for playing! Wonderful haiku. I haven't been skiing in years, although I'm not sure I miss it. Oh, and you're biting Eve's apple. So that she doesn't feel so all alone. And it's a Gala.

K9 & Boxer: We keep this up, Karl's gonna go all Indiana Jones on us:

K9 said...

grrrherhahaha okay okay.

Aunty Belle said...

Aw, now troops, to do Karl justice, write them meme lines in HAIKU!!

well now...Connery would be purty proud I reckon to count KF as one of his understudy buddies.

Aunty Belle said...

( I can see Karl blusin' from heah.)

Anonymous said...

Geesh, Karl, what did to deserve all this man?

Pam said...

I think Karl might be that guy on the Dos Equis commercials ... the most interesting man in the world. Or, at least the role model for that guy in those commercials!!!!

Boxer said...

I think Karl is like the man in the Old Spice commercials.

and with that,



chickory said...

Ian Fleming was a hack writer...until he was seated next to Karl at a dinner party.

Anonymous said...

When the Law-of-Gravity gets cocky, Karl reminds it of the Karl Supremacy Clause of the Universe Constitution.

Boxer said...

oh, so, we're not done?


Karl is so cool, he's ruined Al Gore's position on global warming.

Jim Croce's Mustache's Ghost said...

You don't pull on Superman's cape.
You don't spit into the wind.
You don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger.
Unless you're Karl.

Johnny River's Ghost said...

When Karl calls Long Distance Information to find a girl named Marie in Memphis Tennessee, they put him right through to her.

Ghost of an Old Joke said...

When Karl says "Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later" this actually occurs.

Anonymous said...


Fortunately, I have avoided being caught in a real avalanche myself. There is always the next opportunity, though. The time described was one of my scariest experiences. The whole day was hellish (in the Nordic sense). There were several ways to die that day.

There are some good ones here from chile adventures chilly ones.

What a lively group!


chickory said...

when Karl was just a baby?
He led the Tapioca Revolution.

Anonymous said...

When Karl was courting Mrs. Karl he didn't go to Jared's for an engagement ring. Jared's came to him.

CoreyJo said...

Blue Stocking Dreams:

Twain, Dickens, Hemingway.
Leather bound pages flutter,
Boundless adventures.

Will try to get visuals up soon.


CoreyJo said...

Visuals up at Monkeys & Windex for Blue Stocking Dreams.

moi said...

Jim Croce: Good one.

Serendipity: I've discovered that one doesn't have adventures without risk. Be careful out there . . . The photos on your blog are beautiful, by the way.

Chickory: And then petitioned for solid food. "We don't eat no stinkin' whirled peas!"

Troll: Or, he just laser focused his gaze on a bunch of sand until it formed into a diamond.

Corey Jo: Welcome, Miss Corey Jo, and thanks so much for playing this week! I adore the sentiment in your haiku, but dahlink, the first line is one syllable too long! Can you fix it?

@Karl . . . I hope you're taking this in the spirit of great good fun with which it's intended. Not AT your expense, but because we think you're the bees knes.

moi said...

All: Haiku Monday competition is now closed. I'll be out and about today so probably won't announce a winner until this evening. Thanks to everyone who played; I'm going to have a tough time judging.

chickory said...

yes it should be clear that the Karl meme is an acknowledgement of his overall awesomeness. that said:

when aliens come to earth, Karl takes their livers.

chickory said...

how did you see serendipitys photos? hes not linked. I want to see beauty.

Anonymous said...


I am not on a Google blog. You can find me here:

It is a brand new site, but I'll be adding to it.


CoreyJo said...

Yes Yes Yes I can fix it if it's not too late! Thank you

Blue Stocking Dreams:

Twain, Dickens, Austen.
Leather bound pages flutter,
Boundless adventures.


moi said...

If Karl were a rock song he'd be Cheap Trick 's "Gonna Raise Hell."

Karl said...

Bwahahah! You guys are Hoot! I've even been set to music.

Aunty is right about the blushing.

moi said...

Corey Jo: Much betta, thank you!

Karl: Oh, good, you're not pissed. Cause a pissed Karl . . . um. Never mind :o)

Anonymous said...

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