Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recent Junk Shop Finds

A chenille musician elf from the 1950s. She flirts at the edge of weird.

Miniature manger. I love the little lambs.

Part of a package of twelve vintage ornaments, the one on the right was the odd ball out.

Sweet lil' blue birdie.

Bling for the wrist and upper arm.

I had to have it for the cap alone.

Two bombshell orientals for the price of one.

Tell Moi: Do you junk, too?


Pam said...

Ooooh fun finds! I know know KNOW we had that little miniature manger set. If not exact, them seriously similar. Wonder what ever happened to it? And the classic Shalimar? Woot! Now, the question is, still wearable? Because I would think it might be a little overly distilled by this point? We go junking on occasion, but rarely see anything to bring home. We could open our own actually. However, back in the early single mom days, most of my furniture was from those types of shops. Nice quality wood pieces too. And speaking of single mom days, stop by and see Kymmie, she told me to tell everyone she has a new post up finally.

Big Shamu said...

We had that little plastic manager when I was a kid. I bet my mom still has it in the attic along with a buttload of vintage ornaments.

I junk certain things,like bowls and serving dishes. Don't junk too much, just no room in the house. Especially when deciding between junks or books. Books always wins.

Boxer said...

oh, yes, I junk too, but you have won the lottery. I love the vintage decorations and bought some myself recently. REALLY love the bracelets, "Tres Moi". and that Elf? I LOVE IT!!

We have sooooo much stuff that my Biz Parnter and I think we should open our front office once a month and turn it into an indoor flea market.

moi said...

Pam: Are you a Shalimar fan? The vintage stuff tends to hold up really well, actually. All perfumes should theoretically last forever, as long as they're kept away from light and extremes of temperature. Sometimes the top notes are a bit off, but the middle notes and dry down are fine. Both of these are extrait concentrations and they are spectacular.

Shamu: Books are a problem for me, too. When last we moved, there were 32 boxes of them. S.B. was not happy.

Boxer: I really should rent a booth at one of those antique consignment places. But I have such a hard time letting go . . .

Aunty Belle said...

I lijes to go a junkin' meself. Ain't often I bring much home, but the foray is always fun.

I think ya got a good haul, heah.

Buzz Kill said...

My mom had one of those mangers and I have her old ornaments. They look a lot like the ones you have. I don't deliberately buy junk - the Mrs does. I just help store it and bring it out at the appropriate time (when the Mrs tells me to).

moi said...

Aunty: There's a particularly good junk/antique shop about 15 minutes from me on my route to and from town. I stop in every couple months to see if they have certain things I'm looking for.

Buzz: I love the look of vintage Christmas ornaments. Today's average Hobby Lobby bulbs just don't have the same artistry.

LaDivaCucina said...

Love it! Especially the Christmas stuff! Me, I'm the antithesis of junk. After moving around the world and across the country a few times, one tends to get less and less sentimental about "stuff."

Books, papers, magazines are the bane of my existence! Love reading them, hate storing them. I just have no room for them and am constantly giving them away. (and it doesn't help my allergies either!) That's why God created libraries!

My whole attitude about "stuff" these days is: how useful is it? If it's more crap, I'm not getting it. Never been a knickknack kind of gal, just more to dust.