Monday, February 15, 2010

Mute Monday: Green


TROLL Y2K said...

Grim stuff. "Sound as the Dollar" needs to be replace by "Sound as whatever the Obamanation's Puppet-Master Soros is secretly investing in".

Didja know Dali drew a perfect 5 dollar bill with a PEN while bored at an artist's convention?

The Treasury Department called it "world class counterfeit", seized it and have it on display at HQ.

Dude had talent. Chose to use it in strange ways most of the time, but he had talent.

Happy Mute Monday!

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

They wouldn't print it if it wasn't good. Would they?

Happy Mute Monday!

boneman said...

Don't listen to Mr. Negative over there. Karl's got the right start.
First off, the dollar is as sound as the citizens of the country are.

Personally, and against the rush for abandoning ship, I still believe in America!
(although I do think the new fad of drawing on the money is funny!)

Happy Mute Monday!
Think Positive! C'mon...You can do it!

Pam said...

I love the Sparta one. And figured someone would do greenbacks as a theme, but interesting to see how you went with it! Smells like Chinese Food! Grrhahahaha

ree said...

Considering the home inspector just left, I could use a bunch of those.

Happy mute Monday!

Joanna Cake said...

Greenbacks... You could always swap em for Euros like what we wont :P

Happy MM :)

Buzz Kill said...

Big piles of green gelt. I've heard of cash for guns but your last pick takes it one step further.

Happy MM!

Kymical Reactions said...

in every pot, he said a chicken.
But hopey-changey, he forgot.
Not only don't we have the chicken, we ain't got no pot!

Anonymous said...

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Boxer said...


When I was thinking of Green Mute's, I thought "money" but couldn't figure out a way to convey that... you did! Really good.

Happy MM.


Well, perhaps I should have 'dressed' more for the part for replying?

MinorityReport said...

Great choices. :) Happy belated.

K9 said...

love this.

i recently got a dollar in change that said "this note is a piece of sh*t" in the white edges on the margin. not kidding.

happy MM