Monday, February 11, 2013

Haiku Monday: Business

Creed: Hands off. Ask first. No one’s
business but our own.

* * * 

The ever enterprising Czar is hosting this go-round. The theme is broad, the possibilities endless. So give it a thought and a go.


czar said...

"Au H20": One of my favorite political slogans. That and McGovern's 3 As: "Acid, amnesty, and abortion."

Well, that second one wasn't exactly official.

LẌ said...

His other tag line.

darkfoam said...

Ah ha ha! Just had to come by to see the visual.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Foam. Had to come look. Congrats on the "show" (Czar is *fast* in judging!) You always have a contender.


moi said...

Czar: My (now) conservative father actually campaigned for McGovern.

lx: He had a lot of good ones :o) And he predicted the downfall of the Republican party due to religious zealotry to a tee.

Foam: Nice avatar!

Serendipity: Czar's on fire!