Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fuzzy Math

Gary Johnson's statement regarding the Obamanator's State of the Union Address:

"What we didn’t hear tonight was a President telling the truth about the real state of the Union: that we are broke -- and that he and the Congress are succeeding only in digging us deeper into a financial hole that is, in reality, the single greatest threat to the nation’s well-being.

“Rather, we once again heard the tired argument that the challenges we face can somehow best be met by more government that costs more and taxes more. We’ve tried that. In fact, we’ve tried it so hard and so long that we have a debt totaling more than $90,000 for every worker in America.

“And while he spent an hour laying out a mind-boggling list of things the government should do, from ‘investing’ in infrastructure, technology and energy to helping parents pick the best college for their kids, he assured us his plans will not increase the deficit by ‘a single dime’.

“That is absurd on its face, and could only be based on the same arithmetic that has given us a $16 Trillion debt.

“Once again, we witnessed a great political performance wrapped around promises that shouldn’t be made in the first place, and that we certainly cannot afford to keep.”

'bout sums it up, I'd say. 


Buzz Kill said...

Ya know, when the part of the state of the union speech that gets the biggest applause is about gun control, then you know you're doomed.

And the whole "fix-it-first" program won't cost taxpayers a "single dime" - doomed again.

"That’s why Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, and economists have already said that these cuts, known here in Washington as the sequester, are a really bad idea. Now, some in this Congress have proposed preventing only the defense cuts by making even bigger cuts to things like education and job training, Medicare and Social Security benefits. That idea is even worse." I'll be out of a job by the end of the month.

LẌ said...

Given the choice of the State of the Union puppet show and the witless news coverage of the Southern California gunman roasting on TV last night, I watched the Westminster Dog Show instead.

moi said...

Buzz: Which gives me a brilliant idea: A Doom Party!

lx: Me, too! Loves me some dog shows. The commentary is off the chain. Good job to Banana Joe. I do hope that one day, a Sharpei or an Am Staff will take it, though. Of course, I was very happy the year the Bull Terrier won.

LẌ said...

PS: I always hope for a win by a hound.

Karl said...

Good evening Moi,

We could solve this entire problem for $241.20. 536 x .45, however I think most people would consider that solution a little extreme.

moi said...

lx: I had Beagles for a few years, or as I called them: Buglers.

Karl: I don't get it, but I'm sure it's clever :o)

LẌ said...

Moi, be my Valentine! [mmmmwhaaa!]

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think your anon with the loan shark business is in the right business. Pretty soon we will all need payday loans because the taxes take it all - assuming we hang on to our jobs with the sequester -- which will steal the rest to the tax money that was supposed to be returned to my state for the work I do -- environmental restoration of very old damage. Maybe I won't be in the ranks of the unemployed that will be created by he 'Bominator's jobs program. I don't see how furloughing federal workers, firing federal contractors, and destroying other jobs is going to increase employment. The math is way more than fuzzy.


moi said...

lx: But of course! Mmmmmwah!

Anonymous: Which is why we're in trouble, duh!

Ser: The math isn't math. It's voodoo.

Gorilla Bananas said...

So you're saying Barry Obama is talking out of his butt? I don't believe that. The debt may be big, but the interest on it is small. That's why I'm not buying US Treasuries.

moi said...

Bananas: Nope, Bam-Bam talks out of his mouth just like everyone else. What comes out, though, is poo-poo.

Aunty Belle said...

Ok ok ok, Moi, youse right, but ain't the REAL question why do the people stand around suckin' they thumbs??? What is it wif' our fellow 'muricans???

chickory said...

You know my plan: chill; grow a garden; doan work too hard; keep a low profile; support monkey warfare; dont waste any time trying to talk to Obama people. they are lost to us.