Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Haiku Monday: Class

This week's host, Señor Karl (aka: the most interesting man in the world), has come up with a fun topic for what I'm beginning to think is one of the longest running Blogger memes in the history of the universe. So drop by his place to chime in on the topic of CLASS.

* * * 

Youth’s sartorial
slips forgiven. At fifty?
Girl, put it away.

* * * 

If you still got it, at least flaunt it with some . . . class



darkfoam said...

I agree!

czar said...

I wonder if those are some NBA glasses on whatshername.

BlazngScarlet said...

There is definitely a way to still show it off AND be classy! :D

czar said...

PS: In a rare admission, I must say that Michelle Pfeiffer makes those heels look mighty nice. That's about all you'll get out of me.

Fleurdeleo said...

Moi! Fantastic! And, a bonus: you made Csar confess a secret love of high heels. (Looking at them, not wearing them...though I am not judging.)

moi said...

Fleur: I suspect all men harbor a secret love of high heels. After all, it was for them that they were originally invented.

czar said...

I'm not sure about a love of high heels at all. If the look of her leg that's still in the street could be achieved by her heel propped up on a six-pack of Frescas, I could easily ignore the Frescas -- as I can the shoes here.

It's the arch, the calf, the straight line . . . if the shoes help it, that's great. But the shoe itself? Not for men at all, I don't think.

Not that you can walk around in a six-pack of Frescas. But I'm not sure how women walk around in those things anyway.

czar said...

PS: Isn't she also breaking Moi's rule of hair length vis-a-vis age? Or does that kick in later?

moi said...

I don't particularly like long hair--like Demi Moore-long--on a woman after a certain age. It tends to look desperate and inelegant. Still, nothing is fast and furious. If one can get away with it, great. Most of these gals are sporting shoulder length or slightly longer, which always works.

Actually, it's the way a shoe is made, rather than its height, that determines comfort. I cannot wear flats--they'll wreck my feet faster than any heel. And I have a pair of sky high booties that are so comfortable, I can stand in them for hours at a time at a party with no aches or pains. A 2" pair of kitten heels, not so much.

teti said...

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