Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Other White Meat

I haven't been around in a long while, but I still hate the government. Even more so, now that S.B.'s accountants sent what amounts to five whole pages explaining the impact of Obamacare on his small business. Near as we can tell? It's not about health care. It's about squeezing more tax revenue out of the middle class. Nice. This go 'round? I'm heeding the advice of several laudable pundits who suggest that if all you ever do is vote for evil and incompetency, that's all you'll ever get. I don't care if my vote won't count. At least it will be meaningful to ME.
Hope y'all are doing fine. I'll be along to visit soon. In the meantime, please, don't get fooled again.


LẌ said...

As I will be out of the country on election day, I recently cast my (meaningless) vote via absentee ballot. I'm totally tuning out all of the subsequent campaign hijinks.

I'm wondering if there are any loopholes so that Texas can become an independent country again.

moi said...

lx: If anyone can do it, Texas can!

BlazngScarlet said...

Considering all the candidates?
I would rather cast my meaningless vote for the dead skunk in the middle of the road! =)

So very happy to 'see' you!
Hope all is going well in your corner of the world!

moi said...

Blazng: Cuz they stinkin' to high heaven!

Karl said...

Good afternoon

First may I say I'm so happy to see you post again. Your crisp and clean outlook on the world is always refreshing.

However a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Obama. Your vote does count and unfortunately, his campaign is to unorganized to do anything, but act as a spoiler for Romney. If he was more organized, I would vote for him. The reality is he's not. And giving Obama another four years will kill small business in this country. You wonder what I do. Much of it is not important to the discussion. Suffice it to say, I'm a contractor. The increases in mandatory compliance issues have expanded exponentially under this administration. There's been a 34% increase in my Health Insurance premiums since the implementation of affordable care. Most of the real hits had not come into effect yet.

Don't throw your vote away. Get Obama out of office. And then start working diligently for an effective third-party in 16. Otherwise voting from the rooftops may become the only viable option.

@lx: Howdy sir, I thought You were moving to someplace cooler.

Sharon Rudd said...

I never comment on political posts, but it is nice to see you back! P.S. For a minute I thought that pic looked like Lyle Lovett.

Hope you are well,

moi said...

Karl: Yes, I have thought about all that. Very carefully. And the fact is, it has to start somewhere. I was talking to my sports medicine doctor about healthcare a couple weeks ago. He said point blank to me: "Look, I'm a New York Jew. They don't get any liberal than I am. But Obamacare is the most wrong-headed, if not criminal, legislation ever passed in this country." He foresees nothing but horror under its mandates and is, in fact, going to retire early because of it. Doesn't think it will even get repealed under Romney.

Eggy!: Howdy! Thanks for dropping by. I'll be around your place soon. Lyle Lovett? Snort :o)

LẌ said...

@ Karl: Howdy! Decided to stay in TX and travel to cooler places more often.

fishy said...

If Obamacare stands then millions and millions of Americans will either see their jobs eliminated or have their hours cut to less than 30 hours a week because the expense to individuals and small businesses is shocking.

If Obummer is re-elected in November then FishyDesigns will no longer exist after December 31, 2012.

I am glad you vote, I agree with Karl that every single Romney vote is needed. Is it likely Obummer will lose votes to the Liberty candidate? Very, very few.

There are lots and lots of docs who will make the same choice as your sports medicine doc. Good docs will move outside government control and have cash only businesses,

diana said...

I stay politically neutral on the blogs. however , I am glad to see you back.

moi said...

Fishy: I think if we continue to become a more and more entitled, demanding society, two things will happen: a violent clash between the perceived haves and have nots in the cities, and a hunkering down into small, tight-knit and self sufficient communities in the rural and suburban areas. Maybe not next year, maybe not even for decades, but it will come. Something will shift, blow up, rebuild.

Diana: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Most people are about as likely to change their political leanings as a mountain is likely to make way for a shopping mall. But I still like to put alternatives to the status quo out there and ask that at folks at least, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum, consider the fact that power, the ability to affect change and make life better, lies within THEMSELVES, not the government.

Jenny said...

Hey! You have to let me know when you post! :-) There was a Gary Johnson van in front of me a few weeks ago as I drove home and I took it as a sign. :-)

Buzz Kill said...

It's sad when you're forced to vote for the guy who will do the least damage to your country and your personal bank account. I agrre with Karl that a 3rd party votr (in this election) gets the president re-elected.

We're having health insurance problems this year too, but not like yours. The Mrs and I are coming into "open enrollment" season for medical insurance. We go thru this every year - and I dread it. I totally don't understand all the different plans, co-pays and savings accounts. I think this is deliberetly confusing too.

This year, because of the anticipated Obamacare, The Mrs and I will most likely have to have 2 separate health insurance plans. Companies (mine included) are now either not covering or surcharging spouses who work for a company that offers health insurance. What a complicated and expensive thing that will be. And we have to spend hours wading thru both plans, run multiple scenarios to see what is the least expensive/least confusing plan to go with. And it will be one of these personal health account plans that have been described to me as a 401k medical plan that I still don't understand.

The only thing that is usre is that it will cost me 10% - 20% more this year. I'm guessing the 30 million uninsured coming into the system probably don't have to go thru this. You think health care is expensive now - wait until it's free. Rant done - for now.

moi said...

Boxer: We're going to a Johnson luncheon tomorrow. I don't know what all it entails, but there will be barbecue and that's good enough for me :o)

Buzz: I only read what you have to go through and I'm nauseous. I'm sorry, dude.

Aunty Belle said...

Glad youse back. Mebbe I can git the hang of it again too.

Karl an' Buzz gits mah ditto--I hear ya' that it has to start somewhar', but not --please God!--wif' the Obamanation.

That doan mean ya need to forgo the BBQ tho. (Sorry SB, them Gators can git in a surprise chomp onc't in awhile)

moi said...

Aunty: Nope, did not forgo the BBQ. Very enlightening, esp. in terms of who showed up. And if change doesn't start now, then when does it? In some ideal "future" perfect time? If you continue to vote for people you can't really back, then THAT'S a throwaway vote. If you truly support Romney or truly support Obama, well, have at it. But, really, there isn't much difference between those two.

Aunty Belle said...

ain't much difference, jes' a play fer time--that 2016 will see a statesman not a politician run fer office.

Bob Dylan on Front Porch. Ain't a party or nuthin', jes' a thang that wandered up steps.

chickory said...

I used to be in the Buzz, Karl and Auntie camp but no more. I will not vote of Obaney - they are virtually identical in who owns them; their differences in foreign policy are minor. The both support the NDAA and the expanding police state. Im sorry to be the one to say this but here it goes:

let Obama preside over the american collapse. If Romney gets in, then a lot of people will go back to sleep thinking the Beast has been defeated. The problem is systemic endemic corruption and the figurehead changes nothing. Perhaps a second term of Obama will spark a much needed push back. I refuse to vote for Satan instead of Lucifer. There has to be a wholesale rejection of this dirty filthy system. I would love to see a tax revolt. we have the power, but we are endlessly controlled by fear.

moi said...

Chickory: Yup. I finally got it just this year. S.B. bailed, too. Death to the two-party stranglehold, baby. They offer up nothing of any use.

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