Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Why this song never became a hit.

What song makes you wonder why?


czar said...

I still wonder at the technology of recording and playback . . . to say nothing of radio transmission. Songs are an added point of wonderment.

One song that makes me wonder "why" . . . I heard the Jeopardy theme song the other day, and I wonder why the czarina and I didn't follow through on our desire to have it played at our wedding, instead of the Wedding March -- the only song in the Western canon that the accompanist did not know.

Jenny said...

Love the opening of the video. She played with Hole for five years. Maybe that's why it never was a hit. This didn't fit the mold of what was being sold. I think one of the best things about YouTube and the Internet is groups that couldn't get air time are able to find an audience without working with the "suits."

Czar's comment made me spit out my coffee. I was told by the church we were married in we wouldn't use the song "You're Having my Baby". Bwahahaha. I didn't even ASK, they gave me a list of banned songs.

czar said...

@Boxer: You don't still happen to have that list, do you? What a keeper.

grins said...

Some how that song reminds me of someone I used to listen to in the seventies. (I never listened to main stream.)
Get huby a copy of Traditional bow hunters magazine. You may have to look around. If he's interested Let me know and I will ship him a bow. The maker of these had a stroke and no longer makes bows, but he used to make the fastest long bow there was. It is 52LBS@27 inch draw He probably has a longer draw so the poundage would go up two to three pounds per inch.(you'll understand if you read some) It has a leopard wood riser )with amboina laminated limbs under clear glass.(have never seen another High gloss, her name is "Gracie." It was custom made for me and I have never seen another.He would probably have to get the equivilant of about a 1916 aluminum arrow and a stringer.
Like I said she doesn't have the power or speed of a compound, but at about 20 thirty yards she would kill and elk just as dead. That's how close a traditional hunter should get, so it takes more skill at hunting.
I also have a 60# bow of the same maker with a carbon fiber and bamboo limbs with a pink ivory riser, too heavy for me.
New bows like these might cost 6-9 hundred dollars, maybe more nowadays. I would charge less than half. I'm not being an opportunist, I just have too many bows and these are heavy. These would put any you could order to shame. Ps. Recurves are a little easier to shoot. I have both but prefer longbows.

Jenny said...

@Czar - sadly, no it was so long ago. BUT, I remember they said NO Show tunes also.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

You find some of the best tunes. Maybe it wasn't a hit because, you can understand the words, there's not some synthesizer distorting their voices. And no huge video production.

This song made me wonder why.

@ Grins: Tempting offer does it apply to members and the crowd?

grins said...
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grins said...

As long as their one of the haiku gang. I put some pics up of Gracie at the bottom of that article.

LẌ said...

I'm not familiar with their work.

That's an interesting question. I will have to think about it for a bit.

PS: Fantastic meet-up with Boxer today!

darkfoam said...

You're having my baby woulda been the perfect song for our wedding. We finally got hitched after 8 years of living together and a surprise on the way.

Anyway, I can't really think of a song since all the tunes I like are hits for me regardless of how they rank in the music world. The only one that perhaps comes to mind is Tom Waits 'heigh ho' song .. His rendition of that Disney classic.

Very cool song you picked!

moi said...

Czar: Me, too. I'm so technologically 'traded, everything seem miraculous to me. Planes in the air? Oy.

Boxer: In addition to her work with Hole, I think she's had a successful bass-for-hire career as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the album off of which this song came is kind of dumb. I'm with Czar: that banned list would be fun to see! (If I ever have a wedding song, it would have to be George Michael's "Faith" :o) )

Grins: Thanks for the info and the offer. I'll do further research and get back to you.

Karl: Clever :o)

lx: She told me you all had fun. Yay!

Foam: Hah! Good story. Eight years and nature loves her little surprises. Which, I believe, would also make a good wedding song.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Moi!

Doan know much about music history--but Curmudgy--how many Gracie sisters does ya have?

grins said...
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grins said...

About thirty, between my brothers house and mine. (I kinda started hiding them to avoid beatings) Most are too heavy for me to pull any more and very hard to sell. (I had muscles ten years ago as opposed to the Jello I have now.) Others are collectors from pioneer archers from the 40's even though they made them new for me Like Fred Anderson, one of the very first Saxon brand bows and etc. They are for sale too, but I'm in no hurry to get rid of them. I'll try to put some pics up this week.

Pam said...

I would comment except I can't get past laughing at Karl's link. Hehehe.

grins said...

I put up some pics on that article. I bet he could get a not so fancy schmancy used bow at @ 100.00 on line or at a bow shop. I'd be happy to advise if he needs it.