Monday, June 11, 2012

Haiku Monday: OZ

Draped in winter white,
sun-scorched or monsoonal lush.
No place like mountain.

Childhood's magic film.
Watched a thousand times.
Fetishized those shoes.

* * * 

This week's Haiku Monday host is the supremely electrifying Rafael (whom I hesitate to called Rafa because then I start thinking Nadal, and I then I start thinking of his little habit in spite of his tennis talent and then . . . oh, never mind. Boys are so weird. But Rafael's a kick.) At any rate, great, great theme, one close to my heart and probably yours. Head on over there to play, won't you?


darkfoam said...

Absolutely! No place like mountain. I love the use of monsoonal lush.
I remember wanting the good witch's dress!

Jenny said...

I love them both and the last line of the second made me laugh because I've often wondered how many young girls learned to love shoes because of those sparkely ruby slippers!

I'm at A.B. this week. Happy Haiku Monday!

Rafael said...

I love your first one...beautiful how you dressed up your mountain like only you could.

Shaking my head on your second one...sorry, I'm a BOY! I just don't get the fixation. Girls...


Rafael (a.k.a. Ralph the Nose and, of course...Horse)

P.S. I LOVE it the butt picking? Somehow I don't mind that...hmmm.

moi said...

Foam: Yes! I would have given anything for that dress. Where WOULD we have worn the darn thing, though?

Boxer: It all started for me, right there. With those shoes. They seemed unbelievably glamorous and magical. To this day, there is little that can go wrong in life that a good pair of shoe-gazing can't fix.

Rafael: You would think his handlers would have said something about the butt-picking by now. Or, maybe he's just such a meal ticket that everyone whistles right on by about it.

Buzz Kill said...

Fetishized? I will endevor to use that in a sentence this week.

moi said...

Buzz: But don't forget to drink first.

czar said...

Butt-picking? This wouldn't be happening if Rod Laver was still alive.

Oh . . . wait.

moi said...

Czar: Kids these days . . .

grins said...

did my comment come through?

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