Saturday, September 25, 2010

Man Versus Wild

Mathews DXT Solo Cam Compound Bow: $1,000

Camo top, pants, hat, and backpack: $300

Draw on one of New Mexico's most coveted hunting spots: $100

Bull bugle, hoochie mamma, and mouth call: $40

Dozens of bugling elk at the start of their rut: 1

Great white hunter able to call in bugling elk for a shot: 0

The fact that there's a grocery store 10 minutes from home: priceless


Pam said...

Grrhaha! But, a man has to go be a man somewhere! Hope he snags one. :)

Aunty Belle said...

MUST forward thos one to Uncle in the woods wif' bow as I type.

Heh. Good one Moi.

moi said...

Pam: Oh, no. He came home meatless. Apparently, calling elk is an art he has yet to master.

Aunty: What's Uncle hunting?

czar said...

So much for elk rellenos.

Big Shamu said...

Yeah, what Czar said. Dang!

moi said...

Czar: And elk chile, and elk stew, and elk enchiladas, and elk tacos . . .

Shamu: Yeah, I'm pretty bummed. Elk's my favorite meat. Pout.

fishy said...

Well my gracious, I see you and SB is both particular about your fashions. Too bad about the elk.

moi said...

Fishy: One day, I agreed to go shopping with S.B. to Sportsman's Warehouse to help him buy some of his gear. I mean, how long could it take to pick out a pair of pants and a shirt? Well. Who knew there are about 50 gazillion types of camouflage patterns out there, each one slightly different from the other, not to mention the different TEXTURES of the material, etc? Go figure. It was like Neiman's, only for men. And with uglier shoes.

Buzz Kill said...

Many years ago I use to go bow hunting for deer and I never got one. It didn't matter because I just liked to be in the woods in the early fall. That for me was priceless as I suspect it is for SB too.

moi said...

Buzz: You are so right. The weather was glorious, they hiked for miles throughout one of the most magnificent sections of wilderness in the U.S., didn't shower for six days, ate food pre-prepared by Moi, shot the shit, and basically had a grand time. Ultimately, that's all that matters. I mean, he could go out there with a high powered rifle and be done in two hours. But what's the fun in that?

P.S. If you ever get the urge to bow hunt again, let us know :o)

Milk River Madman said...

Put in for a permit in the Missouri Breaks in south Phillips County. Have great friends who know that part of the river like the back of their hand. Great big huge elk! Rugged country and good times.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

You realize, with that way of thinking, what the cost per pound of fish would be? No no no, we can't think of it that way.

Fishing boat: $110,000
Fishing tackle: $2000
Electronic fish finder: $1000
Fuel: $300
Beer, ice and sandwiches: $50.00

It's all about the experience.

moi said...

Milk: I'm assuming they can call those suckers in, right? Are they Rocky Mountain Elk?

Karl: No kidding. It's cheaper to go to the store. But not as much fun nor nearly as thumb-nose satisfying.

Bretthead said...

Funny! Reminds me of when I lived in the midwest and I'd go camping with my buddies. Most of them liked to go fishing. All they ever came back with was a largemouth buzz.

Jenny said...


Well. You know who I was rooting for, right?


Elk 1 Dude in Camo: 0

Rebecka said...

Moi, I’m a first time visitor to your blog and what a pleasure to find you today through La Diva Cucina and the Culinary Smackdown Challenge!

I was born in Albuq.NM and have an avid hunting family. I'm not much of a hunter but I can fish like nobody business!! I understand the frustration of coming home empty handed! Thank the heavens for several fish markets, strategically place on my route home after getting "skunked" on a long fishing weekend. I’m sorry Matthew didn’t bag an elk.

I just won the latest Culinary Smackdown, “Battle Chocolate”. I would like to invite you and your readers to my site, where I’ll be hosting and judging the October Challenge "Battle Chile"! I hope you have the opportunity to participate!

moi said...

WTWA: And, most likely, crappie pants, too.

Boxer: Aw, you're such a vegetarian.

Rebeka: Howdy, Miss Rebecka! Always lovely to see a homie show up on my blob. Wow, did I miss the Chocolate Smackdown? Time sure flies these days. But you can count me in for Battle Chile! I'll drop by your place soon.

LaDivaCucina said...

Good luck to your huntin' man! Hope he gets a big one! I REALLY WANT to see if we can talk about some elk prosciutto and after its cured, how to get it to me!!!

Elk rellenos?! bwahahahaaa!!!