Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Fresh Hell is This?

Oh for CRYING out loud! Enough, already. The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 is criminal, no matter which way you spin it. It's like federalizing CNN, MSNBC, BBC, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and every single newspaper, weekly, television, and radio news outlet in the United States and allowing them to operate solely at the discretion of the Gubmint.

Just two of the troubling implications:

1. Under this bill the President can order all non-government U.S. networks to shutdown from the Internet, based soley on some ill-defined notion of a "cybersecurity emergency" (whatever the heck fire that means – the bill doesn't define it) to United States security.

2. Even outside of periods of a White House-declared "emergency," this bill mandates that private-sector networks be managed by government-licensed "cybersecurity professionals.

Free press? Fuggedabout it in the New Obamanation.


pam said...

Only lyrics come to my mind. I have no words of my own in this instance. They are beyond me. The more things change, the more they stay the same. P.S. Come PR snarking.

Ball of confusion:

People moving out,
People moving in,
Why, because of the color of their skin,
Run, run, run, but you just can’t hide.

An eye for an eye,
Tooth for a tooth,
Vote for me and I’ll set you free,
Rap on, brother, rap on.

Well, the only person talking about loving thy brother is the preacher,
And it seems nobody’s interested in learning, but the teacher,
Segregation, demonstration, intergration, determination, aggravation, humiliation,
Obligation to our nation.

Ball of confusion,
That’s what the world is today, hey.

The sale of pills is at an all time high,
Young folks walk with their heads in the sky,
The cities aflame in the summertime,
And oh the beat goes on.

Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul-shooting rockets to the moon,
Kids growing up too soon,
Politicians say, "more taxes will solve everything,"
The band played on.

So, round and around and around we go,
Where the world’s headed, nobody knows

Oh, great googamooga,
Can’t you hear me talking to you,
Just a ball of confusion,
That’s what the world is today, hey.

Fear in the air, tension everywhere,
Unemployment rising fast,
The beatles new record’s a gas,
And the only safe place to live,
Is on an indian reservation,
The band played on.

Eve of destruction, tax deduction,
City inspectors, bill collectors, mod clothes in demand,
Population out of hand, suicide, too many bills,
Hippies moving to the hills,
People all over the world are shouting, "end the war!",
And the band played on.

Great googamooga,
Can’t you hear me talking to you,
Just a ball of confusion,
That’s what the world is today, yea-yea,
Just a ball of confusion,
Tell ya that’s what the world is today, yea-yea,
Just a ball of confusion, oh!

chickory said...

and then, there is "internet II" and the FTC investigation of talk radio.

i only thought i was depressed before. hearing Obama accept the Nobel peace prize was the final straw for me. i can not express the feeling i have in the pit of my stomach.

h said...

Prediction: The Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth will agree to some cosmetic changes in the language of the bill to appease the EFF and other groups. Then they'll pass it.

Then Obama will appoint an unaccountable Czar to run it who will completely ignore the cosmetic language changes made.

That Czar will not be a "cyber-security expert" but rather a hard-left "community organizer" of some stripe or a party hack.

Jenny said...

I'm on the ferry dock using my phone so this a brief comment: what.the.fuchy?

moi said...

Pam: I like the song, but I disagree that our situation is too confused and complicated to deal with. That's what those in control want us to believe. "Poor widdle, simple sheeple. Don't worry; we in Big Gubmint will take care of it all for you." Bull.

Chicory: PEACE Prize as in: We're still in Iran and Afghanistan? Huh. Doing what? Distributing love beads?

Troll: Or, a hooker.

Boxer: What the forky is right. Tyranny creeps in on little pig feet. It rolls in silent like the fog. And it bitch slaps you before you have the chance to rub the sleep from your eyes.

Kymical Reactions said...

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." (I don't remember who said this... it's been a while since US History)

Anonymous said...


AuntyBelle (unsigned in)

Anonymous CHOMPER said...

Who dat? Who dat? Who dat talking about beating dem Gators?

CHOMP! Chomp! Chomp!