Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Seems the topic of forbidden love is all over the news these days. But if you want to read something a little less prurient, then hop on over to the Bitches of Fashion and feel the earth stand still as we profess our unholy attraction for . . . plastic shoes.


VintagePurseGal said...

Forbidden love? What did I miss?

Great post on Bitches of Fashion! I gave my thrifty two cents.

Freelance writer question for you... do you know anything about Smashwords? I'm considering it for my second novel.

fishy said...

Running out the door but just wanted to say the photo IS worth a thousand words.

moi said...

Wendy: I'm talking about the Polanski arrest. Thirty years later and he's snagged in Switzerland? I thought they were neutral? Anyhoo, I haven't heard anything about Smashwords or Scribd, which is similar. Looks like on both you can post and sell your books on a "bookstore" – a portion of the sales (15 percent?) goes to the site, the rest you pocket. Sounds interesting . . . By now, there should be some commentary on Writer's Digest and Writer's Weekly.

Fishy: Yes. Unfortunately.

fishy said...

Moi, thank you note for you over at the pond.

pam said...

Polanski should have watched his step. I kind of like that an old skeleton can still disrupt his life. Should have faced the music in the day.

Meanwhile, snarking open on PR at my page!

Jenny said...

Your fashion blog is where I go to escape ALL of the news. Bless you!

(You can also throw David Letterman into the same grouping of men doing dumb things.)

Gnomeself Be True said...

Well, at least the "Staffer" wasn't a 13 yr old girl...right? It's not a hostile workplace if the sex is between liberals..right?

Free DAVE!

h said...

I published my KEYS-TO-THE-GAME for the UF-LSU battle.

Aunty Belle said...

groan...does we all have to admit some secret plastic passion ( Yep, I'se a victim too--cain't do wif'out mah Oka's )

I Aunty's universe, Polanski burns.
Well, okay ya softies, mebbe a good singe...ah, no. BURN)