Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Definition of Insanity


How 'bout something different?

I'm going to make some predictions about Obama's presidency.
Essentially, I'm going to predict that four years from now, an Obama presidency will not look very different from the George W. Bush presidency, or from what I imagine a John McCain presidency would bring.

– Bretigne Shaffer, An Open-Letter to My Pro-Obama Friends


Jenny said...

**reaches for vodka hidden under desk**

sparringK9 said...

remedial video where

a. schools have failed (by design)
b. media has failed (by design)

but maybe the 4 billion to ACORN will set things right! nothing gets me more excited than financing Obama's personal army of corruptocrats.

i WILL be relocating to chickory by summer. i will cease to be K9 the artist and begin my career as K9 the subsistence farmer.

jaysus. read the foreign papers. they are saying straight up now the game plan.

Anonymous said...

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that passing the latest proposed economic stimulus package would be akin to pouring kerosene on an already raging fire.
Paul, who is also a member of the House Financial Services Committee, warned that such measures will cause a recession to turn into a full scale depression possibly worse than that of the 1930s.
During a Television interview with CNN, Paul explained why he believes stimulus funding is such a destructive policy.
“It’s because the government is spending it. If the people were spending it it would be fine, but the government never does anything productive. They have to take money from productive individuals and spend it in non productive ways, so it’s just digging a bigger hole, getting us into bigger debt, and that is the problem.” Paul said.
“This stimulus package is going to cost each and every American $6700 of more debt, so how can that be beneficial? If debt was the answer we would of never had a problem.”
“We are doing exactly what we did in the 1930s, we are taking a recession and working very hard to try and turn it into a depression.” The Congressman added.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Rail all you like.
It's all a done deal.

sparringK9 said...

damn i wish the gnome had a site still.

Bretthead said...

I gotta hope you are wrong.

h said...

I predict Obama's first-term will look absolutely nothing like Bush's first-term. Just on the economy:

1) 14 quarters of robust private-sector economic growth.

2) Record revenues for State and Local Governments.

3) A modest across-the-board Tax Cut and some business Tax Cuts.

4) A record number of new businesses started.

5) Very low unemployment.

6) Non-Military Federal Spending held to a growth rate of 3.3% annually.

7) Non-Military Federal Spending's growth rate NEVER exceeded a Fiscal Year's GDP growth rate.

I predict the growth in Non-Military Federal Spending in the FIRST FISCAL YEAR of the ObamaPelosi Presidency will be at least DOUBLE GDP growth.

Bush's first term wasn't that bad. Especially if you consider the alternative was Fat Albert Gore.

moi said...

Boxer: One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.

K9: And the sky was made of amethysts. And all the stars were just like little fish. He should learn when to go. He should learn how to say no.

Rotty: What are words for when no one listens anymore?

Gnome: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

WTWA: If wishes were horses, I'd have a ranch.

Troll: The lie is our expense, the scope of our desire. The party blessed us with its future
and we protect it with fire.

Unknown said...

I've had to quit watching the news (again). I'm afraid all my apocalypse-waiting friends might be right after all.

czar said...

Today I finally changed my home page to about:blank from the AP news wire, thinking that it would save me from any more unneeded hits on my psyche every time I got on the series of tubes. The best-laid plans . . .

sparringK9 said...

beautiful replies in songs i adore. bravissimo!

and i would SO perform take everything given half a chance. yeah!

moi said...

Pam: They say apocalypse, I say tabula rasa. Bwahahahahah!

czar: One can never escape.

K9: Oh, me, too! Only not in a baby doll dress.

sparringK9 said...

anybody who can conjure up dale bozio has got my vote.

"when no one listens theres no use talking at all"

Doris Rose said...

One week. So easy to judge from the sidelines.

moi said...

Actually, my friend, it isn't. Obama was supposed to NOT be business as usual and this plan is filled with enough pork to fry up and feed Texas for a year. If he were truly on the side of our interests, he'd pull out his little red pen and start slashing.