Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Welcome to Moi's Blob.

It is not guaranteed to be smoke free, pet hair free, fat free, nor particularly PC. I assume no responsibility if you are easily offended by any of the views contained herein.

Here are some particulars:

The point of this blog:
None whatsoever. Sometimes I'm funny. Sometimes I'm snot. Sometimes I bitch. Sometimes I moan. I obsess about dawgs and fashion, stooopid politicians and terrorist squirrels. And whatever else pops into my brain. Or yours.

What I do to pay the mortgage:
I write. It is not as glamorous as it sounds. Sometimes it's a lot of fun. Sometimes, I want to dig my .38 out from under the mattress and shoot myself through the eyeballs (eyeball?) what I produce is so lame.

What I do for fun:
I bake. I put one foot in front of the other at a lame-o pace of about 5-6mph, depending on wind conditions. I also run a pit bull advocacy organization.

I am ageless. I plan to be a babe until the day I die. Or die trying.

Single or Hitched:
Hitched. He's a sexy beast, too. If you saw him, you'd agree. Or not.

Religious Affiliation:
Church of CHRISTian Louboutin.

Political Leaning:
Minarchist, Classical Liberal, Anarcho-Capitalist flirt.

Main Fetish:
Other than all manner of baked goods, shoes. I know, it's superficial and all, but I really, truly believe that life would be a much better place if we all wore high heels. Just imagine trying to invade small Arab countries in 3-inch heeled red patent leather Christian Louboutins. Huh, huh? We'd just give up and go have lunch.

Some of my favorite things that aren't S.B., shoes, baked goods, or pit bulls:
My dogs
Shiny objects
1960s Corvettes
Outdoor adventuring
My COWWgirls
My iPod

If, as COWWgirl Mandy recently posited, I could disappear, what would I reinvent myself as?
I would love to move to a small Eastern European town and work as a matchmaker. Or, I'd be a rock star.


Anonymous said...

In view of your banner "Eve was framed," I think you might appreciate this poem that I posted on my webpage recently:

leaving aside the tree itself &
whether it was an act of progress
through rebellion or mutiny to
eat & know good & evil &
leaving aside possibilities of
patriarchal plots the
woman eve succumbing & corrupting
& leaving aside the nutty idea any of it
actually happened i say

isn't the point the
big point that he ratted her out that
he the man adam pointed the finger at
her & if she even the disobedient sidekick is
the true problem the sinner the cause of
the fall is that why it's been decided it
has been preached that ratting out isn't
nearly as bad as disobedience &

in some sermon somewhere the
point should be shouted that adam was
a genuine pussy & i think the lesson is
when you rat out your neighbour's friends
relatives strangers because it's a law-
abiding patriotic thing to do
then the rat &
the ratted are both banished to the
land of nod but only
one of you can hold up her head.

-by Tom Walmsley

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