Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hard Week's Month

Or something along those lines. I have no excuses. I've been busy, work piled up like dominoes, dog and family duties, and now Maddie in surgery for a series of tendons she busted running hell bent for leather after a coyote a couple weeks back. The surgeon guaranteed us an outcome that will have her back to her lil' ol' pistol self.

But not after 8–10 weeks of recuperation. In a crate.


Shoot me now.

And Louie is certainly not going to be happy.

"Until the day I can once again play Doggie Smack Down with my sister and double team the squirrels with our ferocity, I will lie here in protest and refuse to move. But make sure I still get my snacks, okay?"

Typical Maddie. Always wants Louie's toys, sneaks in to get them, then walks away once she does. He don't care. He just wants her to looooooooooovvvvve him!


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

No excuses needed, life is what is. When going into a period of time commitment to achieve a goal. Having a reasonable expectation of the time it takes to achieve the goal, is good to have. In 8 to 10 weeks, you'll begin to work on the fading from memory process. Until then, just put one boot down in front of the other. All the best on Maddie's speedy recovery

LX said...

Best wishes to Maddie for a full recovery.

czar said...

Gadzooks, is that the legendary SB's legendary voice?

Karl, I need your voice of reason perpetually on my shoulder.

The two times our indoor/outdoor, free-range cat of nearly seventeen years has needed to go to the vet -- both when he appeared to be near death -- the vet said, "Even with medicine, I don't know how long he can last if he doesn't eat or drink." Both times we said, "Well, shit, if he's going to die, we'll bring him home."

Of course, we bring him home, and the first thing he does is eat -- jumping up on a windowsill to his food to do it -- and drink. He's not used to doing it in a cage, especially surrounding by other sick, howling beasts. At least Maddie will be at home.

Maybe you can teach Maddie to levitate. Louie'd probably have a fun time with that.

Aunty Belle said...

Can some body shoot the spammmers???

Aw, Maddie, I feel fer ya sweetie. A crate??

An fer the Moi household too--but at least, she's mend-able.

moi said...

Karl: Right, nothing for it but to do it.

lx: Thanks! She's home now and finally settled.

Czar: Yes. That is S.B. baby-talking. Louie has pretty much become his dog. I had a cat very similar to Elvis. Tough, independent, self-healing. And had Maddie been my family's dog growing up? There would have been no surgery. Only a bullet to the head and a grave out back.

Aunty: She is refusing to settle in the crate. So right now, she's at our feet sleeping. But she'll need to be in there tonight to sleep. With a cone on her head. In the other room :o)

chickory said...

Poor Maudie, poor moi, poor Louie. The cone and the crate. Arrrrgggh

chickory said...

Damn auto correct

chickory said...

Poor Maudie, poor moi, poor Louie. The cone and the crate. Arrrrgggh

Anonymous said...

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foam said...

A pox on scammers.

Here's to wishing Maddie a speedy recovery and the rest of you much patience.

Aunty Belle said...

How's Maddie? And her clan?

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Anonymous said...

Haiku Monday is at Pondering... or
this week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Moi. Haiku Monday is at my place this week. You have been AWOL. Maybe you will resonate with the theme.


Anonymous said...

ps, How is Maddie coming along? S~

Aunty Belle said...

Chanel bags, huh?

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